Rewinding electric motor

Electric motor rewinding is not the best solution when the electric motor needs to undergo repairs.

The electric motor rewinding is not the best solution when the electric motor needs to be subjected to repairs, it because even if the price of electric motor repair is lower than the purchase of a new electric motor, expenses that appear with the use an inadequate electric motor not offset the initial savings.

Even performing the electric motor rewinding does not mean that the old electric motor will have the same electric motor which performance had before it damage because the workshop will not be able to use the same materials that were used when the electric motor has been built and the result will be losses for various reasons, excessive heat, power outage, and also the increase in electric power consumption which in times of crisis is not a good deal.

Understand what may lead to an electric motor with a lack of strength or speed

When a motor bike 2T symptoms like lack of speed or strength; spent fuel excessively or even presents difficulties for starting the electric motor the problem may be in excessive carbonization of the electric motor.

The engine is carbonized still suffers from lack of strength and electrical motor overheating. With coal residues, the diameter of the window hole decreases as the residues impede the passage of air and thus form hot gases that come in contact with the piston and causes it to overheat.

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For the electric motor to operate well, it is important to scrape the coal residues, making use of a steel blade or a thin spatula. The channels of the rings to be shaved because coal could weaken the displacement of the ring toward the shirt and so the electric motor can lose compression.

Rotor, covers and fan integrate the electric motor squirrel cage

Both the three-phase electric induction motor with wound rotor and squirrel cage rotor work the same way, but the electric motor with squirrel cage rotor is constructed to be simpler and has a lower cost.

Besides having a housing and a stator, the electric motor squirrel cage rotor has a composition that is made with steel plates very similar to the stator. The rotor may also be coiled, having a shorting ring or bus having a copper and brass.

The covers incorporating the electric motor squirrel cage were made with aluminum that has been injected under pressure or also cast iron and this ensures that the electric motor having a mechanical strength increases.

The ventilator that integrates the electric motor squirrel cage can be made not sparking aluminum, cast iron or nylon and is manufactured so that the electric motor is cooled better and make less noise during operation.

What to do when the electric motor operates

Understand what to do when the electric motor operates at an altitude of one thousand meters

The electric motor is designed to operate in environments that present conditions considered normal ABNT NBR 17094 and these ideal conditions are: temperature from 0 to 40 degrees; altitude up to 1000 meters above sea level, and also lack of atmosphere and materials that are dangerous or aggressive.

If some of those considered normal conditions no longer exist, the situation should be analyzed so that the best electric motor is chosen for such a situation.

As the altitude prevents the heat to be dissipated and the result will be an electric motor working at high temperature, the best way to combat this electric motor heating will: make use of a power less than nominal; the electric motor should have a higher insulation class; the engine must have a service factor greater than 1.0, but its rated power should not be exceeded.

Electric motor for serving

It is common for people to have doubts about the functionality of an electric motor. Many people do not know what it’s for. This machine proved to be very important since its inception and is now booming in the market, so we can find in many different segments.

The electric motor serves to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. There are several types of engines on the market and they are there to be implemented in very different segments. The engine proved very important so that it has grown so significantly.

Due to the fact that the electric motor has many different models and types, the price also varies according to their characteristics. At the time of making the purchase of the electric motor you should choose one that is more feasible for the desired application. Be sure to analyze this detail before making a purchase of it.

Single-phase electric motor provides common problems with those presented by the three-phase electric motor

The single phase electric motor MagPowr TS, as well as the burning phase also presents when a short circuit occurs between the main winding and the auxiliary electric motor having a starting capacitor or is an electric motor which has not the starting capacitor.

Typically, this problem is caused in the electric motor when the fault was defective glaze application that isolates the wires, the varnish was applied with fault occurred and when contamination of the inside of the electric motor.

The electric motor also fails in the material that insulates the main winding and auxiliary engine internal contamination, degradation of insulating material driven by dryness because the electric motor operates at high temperature when there is burning due to short between the main winding assist in electric motor enable permanent.

Meet the evolutionary process of the electric induction motor

All inventions over the years have been improved and this also happened with the electric induction motor.

So that the electric motor T2535183S evolve induction, some factors were taken into consideration and they are: electric induction motor uses materials that have better magnetic properties are iron that has low carbon content and steels that are special and steel silicon.

Another factor taken into account in the evolutionary process of induction electric motor is thermal processing to which the blade so that there was reduced hysteresis loss, and also by parasitic currents.

It was also developed the use of new insulating materials that caused the electric induction motor to be able to withstand high temperatures so that the insulation capacity is guaranteed.

Finally, has developed a refrigeration system which allows the electric motor induction perform the exchange of heat more effectively and calculating with the computer-aided allow the performance, optimization and cost reduction also improve the electric induction motor.

Will our leaders address the nation’s growing traffic headaches

One annoying things about presidents telling us they feel our pain is that they don’t. They don’t drive.

They may create heavy traffic jams, but they don’t have to drive in them. when he tries to get member of Congress to stop ignoring him, says he knows all about crumbling infrastructure.

Nationwide, we waste an average of two days of our lives mired in traffic. The cost: $160 billion.

But you knew that. Cheap Jerseys from china You have probably said you will go mad if you have to sit for five more minutes behind that blue Honda.

There are good developments that go along with all this time on the road, of course. We spend incessant amounts of time listening to the radio or audio books. We have informative, educational conversations with our children about whose music should be playing. Hopefully, we get out from behind our digital devices (please, please, please don’t text or use a hands on cell phone while driving it’s causing more collisions and making us even later) and see what is going on in the world around us.

You won’t be surprised to learn, officially, that traffic in America is getting worse. The Urban Mobility Scorecard Annual Report finds that we spend 6.9 billion hours in congestion and 3.1 billion gallons of fuel while not spinning our wheels.

The really bad thing is that engineers have no idea how to accommodate millions more cars in already overcrowded areas.

The federal government says Americans drove 40 billion more miles in the first six months of 2015 than they did in 2007.

Engineers hope that as technology improves and cars automatically stop if they get too close to the vehicle in front, there will be fewer collisions and more people can use the same road. area, Los Angeles Long Beach Anaheim, San Francisco Oakland, New York Newark, San Jose, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Chicago and Riverside San Bernardino, Ca. But even small cities and towns are experiencing more traffic tie ups.

The scorecard concluded: “The increase in traffic congestion serves as a call to action for greater investment in infrastructure and technology to slow the growth of gridlock on our roadways and the economic toll it exacts on individuals and businesses.”

The good side of more construction delays is that slowly but surely more roads are being repaired or rebuilt. Also, there’s hope that as more young people flock to city life, they’ll walk, ride bikes and take mass transit to get to work.

Maybe our vacationing legislators, being driven from county fair to fundraiser to town meeting, will see how bad traffic has gotten and return to Washington to do something. Maybe.

El clima húmedo puede ser un cambio de juego para

El clima húmedo puede ser un cambio de juego para los cazadores de reserva anticipada

Pero el día antes de este año ‘comenzó la temporada s, gran parte del estado absorbe las lluvias torrenciales y Allen’ s tono cambió.

‘El viejo dicho para la caza de la becada es,’ cuando ‘es seca, cazan alto’, ‘Allen, canada goose jacka dam canadagoose15 líder del grupo de aves para el Departamento de Pesca Continental y Vida Silvestre de Maine, dijo.’ Eso habría aplicado hasta [el martes]. Y que la becada habría hecho la caza difícil ‘.

Ese adagio, según Allen, doesn ‘sentido t make a primera vista. Woodcock se alimentan de lombrices de tierra, y uno podría pensar que durante un seco hechizo que el último lugar de los pájaros encontrarían gusanos serían lo alto de una cresta. Hace agua, después de todo , correr cuesta abajo.

‘Cuando se’ es seca, que ‘pensaría que el valle más bajo sostendría un poco de agua. Pero lo Woodcock haces cuando’ es muy seco es encontrar algunas coníferas, debido a que la humedad del suelo debajo de un árbol de abeto o el abeto es considerablemente mayor que en una clara o una zona de secado ‘, dijo Allen.’ Esta lluvia hará que la humedad del suelo unilateral, y no debe haber abundancia de lombrices de tierra a una pulgada de la superficie ‘.

Allen dijo que los cazadores que normalmente son capaces de encontrar la becada ganado ‘t tienen que cambiar nada respecto a años anteriores.

‘Sólo tienes que ir a los refugios que sabe que por lo general, en un año promedio, mantenga Woodcock,’ dijo.

Woodcock son sólo una de las aves que los cazadores empezarán en octubre de orientación. Otro favorito es el urogallo superado, a menudo llamado un ‘perdiz’.

Kelsey Sullivan, biólogo ave de caza con el DIF dijo que la reciente lluvia ganó ‘t molestan urogallos, pero puede cambiar su comportamiento durante el primer par de días de la temporada.

‘Se ganó’ t afecta al número [de las aves en un área], porque ‘vamos a capear el temporal, agacharse y estar tranquilos’, dijo Sullivan. ‘Pero [los cazadores deben] buscar ese primer día soleado, y que’ cuando s [urogallos] van a estar fuera de esos orificios. Ellos ‘estaré tomando el sol y entrar en calor. Eso sería cuando’ d desea cronometrar su caza ‘.

Allen, que ‘siempre s prestando especial atención a los datos duros urogallos y reportes anecdóticos, dijo que espera que los cazadores de urogallos tengan buena suerte este año.

‘I’ he tenido mi oído en el suelo durante todo el verano, mirando a los números de urogallos a través de nuestro proyecto de investigación y mediante la escucha de aficionados a la caza de aves que viven en diferentes partes del estado ‘, dijo Allen.’ I ‘m pidiendo el urogallo promedio año. I ‘m la esperanza de que podría ser un poco menos de la representación de la población. I don ‘t quiere que la gente piensa que’ vamos a tener una cosecha récord de urogallos, pero creo que va a ser bueno. ‘

Allen explicó que algunos de la radio collar urogallos femenina en el proyecto de investigación con experiencia ‘fracaso de los nidos’ durante la primavera temporada de eclosión, pero la mayoría de esos pájaros acabaron re nidificación y cría cierne un poco más tarde en la primavera.

A finales del invierno probablemente contribuyó a esas primeras luchas, dijo. Y mientras que los observadores dejase ‘t ver muchas crías en el suelo a principios del verano, esas crías que llegan tarde probable que reforzaron la población en general.

‘Las personas que estaban viendo urogallos temprano, un pequeño número de crías, podrían haber subestimado el verano era para la perdiz’, dijo Allen. ‘Creemos que es’ Va a ser bastante bueno [esta temporada]. Ligeramente por encima de la media ‘.

Sullivan dijo que acaba de regresar de Aroostook County, donde la temporada temprana de ganso de Canadá recientemente envuelto. Un largo invierno y primavera secos probable que afectaron a la población de gansos, dijo.

‘Creo que las aves entraron en la época de reproducción no tan en forma, por lo que don’ t saber si tenían la capacidad para reproducirse que lo hacen normalmente ‘, dijo Sullivan.’ Creo que algunos gansos cambiado y dejase ‘t siquiera intento [ para reproducirse] porque tenían un invierno tan duro ‘.

La temporada de pavo salvaje caída se ejecutará del 1 de octubre hasta el 30 de octubre, y Allen dicha actividad reciente cerca de su casa le ha dejado animado.

‘Yo no era’ t seguro de qué tipo de producción que teníamos para pavos este año hasta 10 gallinas se presentó en mi casa con unos 48 jóvenes ‘, dijo Allen.’ Fue increíble. Así que para la caza de otoño, hay una gran cantidad de pájaros que hay y una gran cantidad de jóvenes ‘.

Hay un factor que complica, sin embargo: la comida es en todas partes.

‘Este es un año hayucos y bellotas, por lo que [pavos] no van a estar concentradas [alrededor de las fuentes de alimentos escasos]’, dijo Sullivan. ‘Usted no puede ver las aves en lugares distintos, porque allí’ S tanta comida en todas partes ‘.

‘Eso’ s clase de un año emocionante cuando eso sucede, ‘dijo Allen.’ Hay una gran cantidad de alimentos que hay para las aves de caza.

Will New Mexico become 15th state to allow it

Lawyers on both sides of the contentious debate over same sex marriage urged New Mexico’s Supreme Court Wednesday to take bold action and issue a definitive ruling ending the legal confusion over whether gay men and women enjoy a right to marry in the state. “We have county clerks who are clearly struggling on this issue,” he said.

The high court hearing thrust New Mexico onto the center of a national stage on the issue just days after New Jersey became the 14th state to recognize same sex marriages.wholesale nfl jerseys from china

Supporters of gay marriage are hoping that the New Mexico high court will soon make their state the 15th to embrace equal marriage rights regardless of sexual orientation.

The hearing took place before a gallery packed with members of the media and observers. It was also live streamed over the Internet, allowing observers across the country (including this reporter) to watch the proceedings on line.

Chief Justice Petra Jimenez Maes said at the conclusion of the hearing that the justices would deliberate and announce a decision “at a later time.”

Questioning from the bench was vigorous and at times pointed, particularly in response to arguments presented by a lawyer representing state legislators opposed to recognition of same sex marriages.

James Campbell, a lawyer with the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom, said the state could rationally exclude same sex couples from marriage because the government had an interest in “channeling naturally procreative relationships” into marriages.

Justice Edward Chavez asked which state statute set out that goal. And he noted that fertility is not a requirement to obtain a marriage license in New Mexico.

Mr. Campbell said the court should look beyond the statute to a common understanding shared by other states.

Justice Charles Daniels also challenged the assertion that the ability to procreate was a justification to maintain marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution.

Most of the statutes involving the benefits of marriage have nothing to do with having children, he said. They involved being permitted to file joint tax returns, inheritance rights, and ownership of homes.

He added that they were “all kinds of things that aren’t pegged to whether or not they have children.”

Maureen Sanders, a lawyer for same sex couples seeking marriage licenses, urged the court to use its power to end discrimination against her clients and thousands of other same sex couples in the state.

“Today is an historic moment in the history of New Mexico,” she said. “This is an opportunity for the court to protect important civil rights previously denied to residents of this state.”

She argued that the justices should find that the state constitution requires that gay men and lesbians have an equal right to marriage.

Justice Chavez asked why it was the responsibility of the state Supreme Court, rather than state lawmakers, to make such a determination.

Ms. Sanders told him that the court was the guardian of the people’s rights and that the substance of those rights should not be subject to a vote.

The same sex marriage issue accelerated into a statewide legal battle last summer after eight of New Mexico’s 33 county clerks began issuing licenses permitting same sex couples to marry. More than 1,450 same sex couples have been issued licenses.

Several state judges handed down decisions supporting the same sex couples, and the issue was appealed to the state Supreme Court.

State lawmakers have been divided over how best to proceed. Gay marriage bans and a constitutional amendment recognizing same sex marriages have both failed to pass the Legislature.

Konst och underhållning

Men som med alla filmer, är detta barn film bara så bra som dess skriva skämt, den söta bitar, hjärtat. Och det är där “Alfa och Omega” kommer upp kort.

Det handlar om vargar gratis lever i vildmarken i en park i Kanada. Förpackningen är uppdelad i alfa ledarskap och jakt klass, som föder bara med sitt slag och omega, gör långbent galgar på som inte riktigt dra sin vikt i förpackningen.

Humphrey (röst av Justin Long) kan Caper om med sina vänner hela dagen. Det är vad de omega, byrackor förpackningsstorlekar, kan göra. canada goose victoria Men det är ingen idé att ha en fruktdryck på Kate. Kate (röst av Hayden Panettiere) är en ledarhund. Hon förutbestämd att jaga och att para sig med sonen till en rivaliserande pack att skapa fred i deras dal. Hon vet det och accepterar att tull från sin pappa (Danny Glover) och mamma (Vicki Lewis).

Hon ifrågasätter denna skyldighet bara när hon inser hon tänkt, Garth (Chris Carmack), har ingen tjut. Som i “Happy Feet” vargar locka kompisar genom crooning ordlös scat sång, verkligen. Garths tondöv. Och precis som Kate undrar vad de ska göra, viltvårdare tranquilize henne och knölig Humphrey och transportera dem till en Idaho park där de är att “återbefolka” platsen med vargar.

“De vill du stora vargar att göra massor av små vargar” är hur golf caddy anka (Eric Price) förklarar det.

Kommer Kate och Humphrey göra det tillbaka till Kanada, kanske med hjälp av en golf kanadagås (Larry Miller)? Kommer de att få det i tid för att förhindra krig mellan pappas pack och en leds av Tony (Dennis Hopper, i hans sista framträdande)? Kommer alfa och omega korsa den klassen barriär och hitta valp kärlek?

Chris Denk Steve Moore manus har en klassisk odyssé struktur, men alltför få incidenter för att aktivera resan. Det finns roliga rader och situationer. Vill förolämpa en varg? Kalla honom “prärievarg.” Det finns inte tillräckligt skämt och tecken inte konkretiseras i tillräckligt för att göra dem intressanta. Alltför många animerade filmer hyra namn aktörer (Christina Ricci bland dem, ger uttryck för Kates omega syster) och förväntar sig att deras “prestanda” att piggna till tråkig skrift. Det gör aldrig.

Endast Vicki Lewis, som Kates söta tonande men ferociously skyddande mamma, landar konsekventa skratt.

“Gå till halsen och inte släppa förrän kroppen slutar skakar”, säger hon spinner till sin lilla flicka, bör en annan varg komma ur linje.

Och 3 D här är slående endast under snöbollskrig och caribou stampedes.

Ändå är budskapet godartad och humor ofarlig. Ja, har ribban höjts för animering är också rans, och det är en ganska snygg film. Om du går på att du inte ser Pixars nya versionen av den senaste tekniken, om du berätta för dina barn inte att förvänta sig att sista ordet i animerad underhållning, “Alfa och Omega” inte kommer att svika. Mycket.

New hours are Thursday Saturday from 10:30 pm till late

Maybe a Cat Stevens hit. There are still toddlers in the audience. His old fans, after all, are now bringing their kids. “It’s all been adrenaline.”She’s been on the move since, especially during the long month of March that each year sees a succession of Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan.(Photo: Special to the Citizen Times)Models typically start young, though age 18 is most desirable since the young women can travel without chaperones.It’s not just glitz and glamour, Candace points out. Modeling at that level is hard work. The sights of major European cities pass by from car windows on the way to long hours of fittings and shows.”There’s a lot of pressure.

NV 89119LAX Nightclub LAX is launching to new heights featuring interactive entertainment, bottle specials, and two private party rooms for up to 50 guests each. New hours are Thursday Saturday from 10:30 pm till late. Don’t miss Top 40 on Fridays and Saturdays, along with Throwback Thursdays, featuring music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Ditto has become a regular at fashion weeks performing, sitting front row and even occasionally walking the runway. [WWD] A Pakistan apparel factory that caught fire, killing almost 300 workers this month had been certified as safe by a Western monitoring group just weeks before the tragedy. “The enormity of this tragedy points to endemic issues in the apparel industry for decent working conditions,” the monitoring group, Social Accountability International, said in a statement..

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cheap christian louboutin uk shoes The auctions are set to take place in October. They will be followed by a retail bag sometime this fall, and there will be a monthlong daily handbag giveaway to contributors to the Purple Purse Challenge. The 2015 campaign raised more than $3 million, and a spokesperson for the Allstate Foundation says the charity is aiming to best that with the 2016 campaign.. cheap christian louboutin uk shoes

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cheap christian louboutin The Lindsay Wildlife Museum, 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek. “It’s just a fabulous place to take the kids or simply yourself to learn about all creatures great and small. Their separate rehabilitation hospital is open long hours each day to receive wounded wildlife from the biggest to the smallest such as the baby finch found on my patio that I once hand carried in.” cheap christian louboutin.

LePage makes final New Hampshire swing for Christie

Gov. Paul LePage has a full slate of events in New Hampshire today, where he campaigning with Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie, who has stakedhis hopes on a strong showing in Tuesday primary.

The New Jersey governor campaign probably depends on Maine neighbor, especially after Christie 10th place finish in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. He polling in sixth place in New Hampshire, according to RealClearPolitics averages.

But he have to do better than that to remain viable: Sources in New Jersey toldPolitickerNJthat Christie may drop out if he doesn finish in third or fourth place in New Hampshire. Cheap Jerseys from china Prior to the Iowa caucuses, Christie campaign said his goal in that state and New Hampshire was to finish ahead of other governors and former governors in the GOP nomination race, specifically Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

That part of the reason he enlisted LePage as part of a full court press in the state. Christie campaigned in Maine five timesduring LePage 2014 re election race. LePage has returned the favor, campaigning for Christie in Iowaand New Hampshire so far.

On Friday morning, LePagespoke at a town hall event in Dover with Christie and will make three stops without the candidate at a restaurant in Sanbornville, a firearms store in North Conway and a dinner in North Woodstock through the evening, according to LePage spokesman Peter Steele.

LePage political adviser, Brent Littlefield, said the governor has no events scheduled in New Hampshire after Friday and that he return to Maine to attend the Saturday funeral in Auburnforformer Republican legislator Lois Snowe Mello, who died last month.

LeBron James reveals struggles with prep fame in new book

CLEVELAND struggled with sudden fame after appearing on Sports Illustrated’s cover as a 17 year old and admits he smoked marijuana during his junior year in high school.”We had become big headed jerks, me in particular,” James said, “and we are to blame for that, but so are adults who treated us that way and then sat back and smugly watched the self destruction.”In the book, scheduled for release in September, the NBA’s reigning MVP recounts the media circus that enveloped his final two years at St. Vincent St. Mary High School following his SI cover appearance. James said he and close friends Dru Joyce, Sian Cotton, Romeo Travis and Willie McGee nicknamed the Fab Five became “rock stars” and took advantage of their celebrity.”I was arrogant, dubbing myself “The Chosen One,” James said. “In hindsight, I should have kept quiet, but I also was what I was, a teenager where every reporter in the world seemed to be rushing toward me at once.”James also revealed he and his teammates smoked marijuana one night after getting access to a hotel room in Akron.James feels he was unfairly targeted by the media, which he described as “excited spectators at a car crash” after it was learned that his mother, Gloria, obtained a loan to buy him a $50,000 Hummer for his birthday. wholesale nfl jerseys He said the scrutiny was humiliating for his mother, who was living with him in a rental assistance apartment.”Was the vehicle excessive, with its bank of three televisions? Maybe. Probably. Of course it was,” James said. “So were the BMWs parked in the St. V lot, belonging to fellow students. But nobody ever questioned those.”James also recounts being suspended by the Ohio High School Athletic Association for accepting two throwback jerseys as gifts from a Cleveland area clothing store. He describes the OHSAA as “ravenous” and is highly critical of former commissioner Clair Muscaro.James said Muscaro, whose suspension of him was later reduced in court, wanted to put James and his school “in our place. . “this was a witch hunt, one man posse’s attempt to humiliate me, subject me to ridicule, rip open rumors that I was corrupt and ruin a dream.”

Total setup time was under 10 minutes.In UseThe Belkin Netcam smartphone app might be pretty basic

The CEO of Kit Ace, Darrell Kopke, worked at Lululemon as a senior executive from 2001 until 2009. On LinkedIn he describes himself as that company’s “key architect of the organizational culture.” It took a little persuading to recruit him, Shannon says, “but he wanted to get back involved with the Wilson clan. He couldn’t resist,” she adds.

On August 1, after waiting weeks for a window of good weather, some 20 to 30 climbers from separate s set out for the summit. While Dren Mandic, a Serb, and Jehan Baig, a Pakistani, fell to their deaths during the ascent, at least 18 made it to the top. cheap michael kors Descending after dark, most were in the vicinity of the Bottleneck when the serac that had hung in place for decades suddenly collapsed and sloughed off the mountain..

Another of the evening’s standouts: Jenna Dewan Tatum in a midnight blue ball gown with a plunging neckline and a pattern of embellishment evoking a starry sky. It was Zuhair Murad Couture. Viola Davis also looked starry in a Marchesa tulle ball gown with a plunging illusion neckline and fluttery full sleeves..

Total setup time was under 10 minutes.In UseThe Belkin Netcam smartphone app might be pretty basic, but the upside of this was that even I managed to get my head around it pretty quickly. Its main screen lists all connected cameras (to which you can handily assign different names as part of the initial setup process).Once set up, you simply click on the camera’s name to go straight to its live video feed. From the app you can toggle the camera’s microphone and/or infra red mode on or off, choose different video quality settings and even setup email notifications when the camera detects motion.While watching live video view in the apps, you also have the option of taking a snapshot, or recording the video feed, all of which could prove pretty handy.Thanks to a wide angle lens the Belkin NetCam was also able to give me a full view of my lounge.

Their intent is to immediately jump on any perceived gaffe or mistake. A single careless comment or image can change the storyline and momentum for days.This makes it imperative that the nominees follow some rules. The first of which is that their social media must sound authentic.

You have two weeks to nominate your favorite people, places and things in Western Washington. Please keep nominations to businesses that are locally owned and operated, and to people who live here! Sorry big box stores, international superstars, franchises and chains. We love you too, but this year we want to honor the little guys!.

Suerte ganso Sobrevive Hit

Después de la División de Pesca y Vida Silvestre capturó el ganso, el veterinario Dr. Bernard Levine extirpar quirúrgicamente la flecha, y el ganso se recuperó.

Un ganso de Canadá con un cazador de 26 pulgadas flecha que sobresale de su pecho escogió el lugar adecuado para aterrizar.

“Este es un ganso inteligente ”, dijo Bernard Levine, el veterinario se retiró en cuya Toms River patio trasero del ave herida se presentó hace unas semanas.” Él pasó a entrar en el patio de un veterinario que podrían hacerse cargo de él. ‘ ‘

Animales en las noticias

Así Levine, de 82 años, alimentó a la gallina, ayudó a capturarlo, realiza la cirugía para salvar vidas y se transporta a la mayor instalación de rehabilitación de aves del estado, el Raptor de confianza.

Todos los parches después de una estancia de tres semanas en el Raptor Confianza, la gallina fue lanzado la semana pasada en una corriente en una zona boscosa en la propiedad de la confianza con Levine testigo de la recompensa por su bondad.

“Se siente muy bien verlo libre y liberado, disfrutando de la vida como un ganso debe ”, dijo Levine, como la gallina se pavoneó y se metió en sentido descendente.

A pesar de que los observadores de aves en general, destacan los esfuerzos de Levine, algunos dicen que el ahorro de los gansos no es un imperativo debido a que las aves han sido durante mucho tiempo una molestia excesivamente abundante, según Peter Bacinski, director del Observatorio de Aves de Sandy Hook y un miembro de New Jersey Audubon. canada goose jacka herr Peces y vida silvestre biólogos estiman la población de gansos de Canadá en 2009 ascenderá a unos 1,1 millones en el este de América del Norte de Quebec a Carolina del Sur, una disminución del 11 por ciento desde 2008 debido a que los gansos construyeron menos nidos. Más frías temperaturas de mayo en 2009, y el agua de deshielo se retrasan la migración prolongada a zonas de anidación, los biólogos concluyeron.

Estanques creados en parques, campos de golf y propiedades corporativas han atraído a los gansos, que contaminan el agua y los jardines con sus excrementos, detener el tráfico en las carreteras y hacerse cargo de los parques públicos, dijo Bacinski.

“Un pájaro vez Regal se ha convertido en un grano en el trasero de la sociedad ”, dijo Bacinski, un observador de aves durante 40 años.

Pero el fundador Raptor Confianza Len Soucy, que se auto financia la instalación con su esposa en la década de 1960, rechaza tales opiniones negativas de los gansos.

“La diversidad en este planeta que nos mantiene sanos ”, dijo Soucy.” Decir que un ganso no importa, o un águila no importa, o un ser humano, no importa, no estoy suscrito a ese . Que todos los asuntos ”.

Levine, que trabaja en el Hospital de Animales de Toms River fundó en 1955, eliminó 6 pulgadas de la flecha alojada en la carne de ave, así como varios gránulos de un rifle de aire. Levine dijo que cazaba patos y gansos hace 30 años, pero un cambio de corazón también cambió de opinión sobre el deporte.

“Con la civilización invasora y la pérdida de una gran cantidad de hábitat, estas aves son presionados por la supervivencia ”, dijo Levine.” Yo prefiero no disparar y matar a ellos. Prefiero comer a ellos y sponsorThe ganso, que pesó 8 libras después del rescate, se pesaron 12 libras en su último pesaje antes de que fuera puesto en libertad. Raptor Confianza técnico veterinario Kristi Ward dijo que no se determinaron el sexo y la edad del ave.

normas de gestión de la fauna de Nueva Jersey no permiten la caza de aves acuáticas con las flechas como el retirado de la gallina. Con los permisos apropiados, disparando gansos es legal durante la temporada de caza, que no se abre a Nueva Jersey hasta septiembre. El ganso Levine rescató recibió un disparo fuera de temporada.

Levine, incluso como un cazador, siempre fue ferozmente compasivo con los animales, dijo que su hijo Richard Levine, que trabajó como veterinario junto a su padre durante 22 años.

“En una ocasión tuvo un accidente de coche para evitar que se ejecuta sobre una tortuga ”, dijo Richard Levine.

Los vecinos de los Levine informaron que habían visto a la gallina lesionada hasta dos semanas antes de que fuera capturado. Levine informó por primera vez a un equipo de rescate de animales local, que no pudo atraparlo. Levine pasó a asistir a una reunión de rescate de animales de esa semana, y un presentador demostró una pistola neto de lanzamiento para la captura de aves.

“Todo cayó en su lugar después de eso ”, dijo Levine.

Su hija, Sandy Levine, dispuestos para la División de Pesca y Vida Silvestre de Nueva Jersey para usar la pistola red. Poco después de la cirugía, un amigo estableció contacto con el Raptor Trust, que rehabilita a cientos de aves de todas las especies cada año.

Alachua eSchool coming to a screen near you

Alachua County middle and high school students will be able to take classes with local teachers from their computer screen as part of the Alachua eSchool.

Alachua County middle and high school students will be able to take classes with local teachers from their computer screen as part of the Alachua eSchool,wholesale nfl jerseys from china a partnership between the school district and Florida Virtual School.

The Florida Virtual School allows each school district to create its own in which the curriculum is the same as the virtual schools but all the personnel are local and paid by the school district.

According to the statewide online school, more than 28,368 Florida students were enrolled in franchise schools during the 2010 11 school year, more than 11,000 more students than the previous academic year.

Ed Stefansen, who has worked for Alachua County Public Schools for 18 years, is the eSchool coordinator. The eSchool will begin in January and is open to all students public, private and home schooled students.

been a work in progress, he said on Monday.

Stefansen said students will be afforded local technical support and teachers. Four part time teachers will instruct students in middle and high school math, science, social studies and English.

Stefansen said the district hopes to cap class sizes at 30 students.

One positive for the district, officials said, is that money paid by the state for student enrollment, also known as full time equivalent funds, will come to the district instead of going to the Florida Virtual School. The $50 course registration fee will go to the Florida Virtual School.

State FTE funds come in at $3,400 for a student enrolled in six courses, Johnson said. If a student took an eSchool class who would have otherwise taken a Florida Virtual School class, the district would receive that $566, which is one sixth of a full time student’s funding.

According to Florida Virtual School, 1,639 Alachua County students took 3,241 courses during the 2010 11 academic year.

The partnership also will help the district alleviate some of the pressures from class size requirements, said spokeswoman Jackie Johnson.

Home schooled students who enroll in the Alachua eSchool have the chance to earn a high school diploma from that school, and home school parents will have local resources to enhance their lessons, Stefansen said.

have the opportunity to become part of the school system by signing up for an Alachua eSchool class, he said.

Stefansen said it will help usher home schooled students into being part of the greater education community.

New state legislation requires all high school students to take one virtual course as a graduation requirement.

2014, there’s not going to be any more textbooks so they’re going to have to know how to maneuver digitally in their education, Stefansen said.

ESchool courses on the high school level will be treated as dual enrollment, Stefansen said. Students would be able to use that class period to go to a computer lab or media center to work on their virtual course.

Marion County Public Schools have owned their franchise since 2006. Spokesman Kevin Christian said 650 students are enrolled in more than 1,250 courses from kindergarten to 12th grade. The district employs 11 full time teachers and seven adjuncts. one tool we’ve used in these budget cuts to give kids more opportunities that don’t cost as much, he said.

Room for laughs in election

HALIFAX Somewhere between straddling a giant, flying a Canada goose and slaying a dragon, self described serious person and patriot Wyatt Scott makes his political intentions known.

Scott, who is seeking election in the riding of Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon on Oct. 19, is among a number of candidates using humour in hopes of snapping apathetic voters out of their election daze.

And while he’s quick to point out that he’s a serious candidate running on a serious platform, Scott says Canadians in the home stretch of the longest and costliest campaign in 143 years could use the chuckle.

“If we take everything too seriously, we’re kind of missing the point,” says the 38 year old businessman and father of one.

Besides, he asks, who takes politicians seriously anyway?

Political scientist Jim Bickerton offers up a simple answer: politicians. Politicians take themselves seriously.

Bickerton says there was more room in federal politics for humour and fringe parties such as the Marijuana or Rhinoceros parties in the 1970s and 80s when the main parties were centrist oriented and shared more similarities than now. Today’s political landscape is more polarizing.

“It’s mainly fear that drives politicians fear of making mistakes, fear of not being taken seriously, fear of being ridiculed by their opponents,” says Bickerton, a professor at St.

“I think that largely explains why they’re reluctant to make fun of themselves or take themselves less seriously than they appear to, although I think the public would enjoy it.”

The satirical Rhinoceros Party has made scattered appearances on the campaign trail since the early 1960s. canada goose outlet This year, under new party leader Sebastien Corriveau, the party is running candidates in at least four provinces including about 18 in Quebec.

“Right now in 2015, it’s really important because we have some people who say and do whatever they want in Ottawa, and at the same moment, we have a lot people who really don’t care about politics,” says Corriveau, 30, who’s on the ballot in the Quebec riding of Rimouski Neigette Temiscouata Les Basques.

Voters have grown disillusioned and the Rhinoceros Party knows it.

“Someone cares that you don’t care,” says Corriveau.

But, he adds, Canadians seem to like it: “Most people laugh, most people really encourage us.”

In Halifax, one of the city’s most unlikely parties has used humour in municipal, provincial and federal elections to bring attention to the issue of animal welfare.

The Tuxedo Party’s Earl Grey isn’t your average candidate. Firstly, he’s not actually on the ballot. Secondly, he’s a cat.

But don’t count him out. When Earl Grey “ran” for premier of Nova Scotia in 2013, he successfully convinced the government to beef up the Animal Protection Act and revise it to include the word “cat.”

When his litter mate, Tuxedo Stan, ran for mayor of Halifax in 2012, he got endorsed by American celebrities Anderson Cooper and Ellen Degeneres and was a key force in establishing a low cost spay and neuter clinic in the city.

The Tuxedo Party, which has successfully capitalized on the Internet’s obsession with cats, has more than 24,000 likes on its official Facebook page. By comparison, the actual MP for Halifax, New Democrat Megan Leslie, has about 11,000.

Hugh Chisholm, Earl Grey’s owner and campaign manager, says there’s fun to be had at campaign headquarters, but the five year old feline has a serious mission.

“Some people have said they will vote for him,” says Chisholm. “I suspect some people will be spoiling their ballots and really we don’t want to see that happen, that’s not our mission here.

“Really the thing we want to see is people vote for the candidate who they think will take Earl’s message and work with it.”

For his part, Scott says he also had reservations about his own humour filled campaign, but ultimately figures voters are smart enough to recognize the sincerity within.

U2008 switch brings a taste of 10GbE to enthusiasts

Content creators and other users longing for more LAN bandwidth than the long in the tooth Gigabit Ethernet standard has to offer can look towards the XG U2008 hybrid 10GbE switch from Asus for some reprieve. pandora necklaces The new switch combines a pair of 10GbE ports with eight GigE ports to allow up to ten times the bandwidth of a Gigabit Ethernet connection for a couple of machines without the dizzying $700+ price tag of an eight port 10GbE switch. Instead, the XG 2008U is available from Newegg today for $250.

Asus latest allows two machines with high local bandwidth requirements to tap the full capabilities of 10GbE networking while allowing the machines to talk with additional legacy devices. The switch is unmanaged, so those needing business class management features like VLANs should look elsewhere. Multi colored LEDs for the 10GbE ports illuminate in blue for 10GbE connection, white for GigE connection, or red if the user cabling isn up to snuff.

The 2008U has an all metal chassis with a silver brushed aluminum finish. The manufacturer claims the stylish case makes the switch suitable for display, though it might not be so pretty with ten Ethernet cables sprouting from its backside. An optional 19″ rack mount kit allows easy deployment into a networking closet.

Funny Quotes Graduation

Vous ne votre chapeau de mortarboard et robe brillante pour marquer votre mars sur le podium de départ. Votre famille, les enseignants et les amis vous regardent avec une lueur de fierté dans leurs yeux, comme cela est le jour vous diplômé de la haute haute ou au collège. Ceci est un jour que tous les parents, les étudiants et même les enseignants attendent, comme ce jour vient après beaucoup de travail acharné et de sueur déployés par tous. canada goose womens Un air de somberness sera présent. Vous pouvez désamorcer la tension en incluant quelques citations drôles dans votre discours de fin d’études.

Je ne l’ai jamais été jaloux. Pas même quand mon père a terminé cinquième année une année avant moi.

Une cérémonie de remise des diplômes est un événement où le haut-parleur de commencement dit des milliers d’étudiants vêtus de casquettes identiques et robes que «l’individualité» est la clé du succès.

Robert Orben

Vous avez le cerveau dans votre tête. Vous avez les pieds dans vos chaussures. Vous pouvez vous orienter dans une direction que vous choisissez. Tu es tout seul. Et tu sais ce que tu sais. Vous êtes le gars qui va décider où aller.

Dr. Seuss

Mon école était si dur le journal de l’école avait une section nécrologique.

Norm Crosby

Vos familles sont extrêmement fiers de vous. Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer le sentiment de soulagement qu’ils éprouvent. Ce serait un moment le plus opportun pour demander de l’argent.

Gary Bolding

Il est en effet paradoxal que nous passons nos journées scolaires aspirent à obtenir un diplôme et de nos jours restants épilation à la cire nostalgique de nos jours d’école.

Isabel Waxman

Je ne l’ai jamais laissé ma scolarité interférer avec mon éducation.

L’éducation est une découverte progressive de votre propre ignorance.

Will Durant

discours de fin d’études ont été inventés en grande partie dans la conviction que les étudiants ne devraient jamais être libérés dans le monde jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient été correctement mis sous sédation .

Will Maine share in health reform’s success

Will Maine share in health reform’s success or follow Old Confederacy

For the last five years, never ending Obamacare battles have been accompanied by quiet progress in implementation.

Maine has been front and center in ideological warfare and quiet progress. But the state’s final health reform chapters remain to be written. When disputes in Augusta reach an end, will all the state’s people and businesses be able to reap the full benefits of reform? Let’s review the state of play.wholesale jerseys from china Meanwhile, serious challenges to the health law worked their way through the federal courts to twice reach the Supreme Court.

Through it all, the Affordable Care Act has survived. In its latest ruling on the law last month, the high court preserved subsidies for purchases on Obamacare insurance exchanges and even made it clear it is unlikely to entertain any more challenges. Health reform is here to stay.

For Mainers, this is excellent news, because on the state’s exchange. A higher percentage of eligible Maine customers signed up more than 60 percent than in any other New England state except Vermont. Had the court ruled the other way, the majority of these Maine customers probably would have lost their coverage, because nine out of 10 including rural people and lobstermen and their families in coastal communities need the federal subsidies to help pay their insurance premiums.

Across the country, health reform surprisingly is working well. More than 10 million Americans have gained new coverage as a direct result of the law, another 9 million are newly included in employer plans and still others have better insurance for the price they pay. Of course, the health law could be improved for example, by reducing regulations on small businesses but that can happen only after Republicans stop pushing for repeal and join with Democrats to enact changes with bipartisan support.

Dozens of new insurance companies started offering plans on the state exchanges in 2015, creating more choices and keeping prices down. New Hampshire went from one to five insurers on its exchange, and Maine . Depending on how regulators respond to insurance company requests, premiums may go up more for 2016 than they did this year, but consumers would be able to switch plans if they want to pay less. We need to remember health insurance premiums were rising fast before the Affordable Care Act, even though millions of Americans were losing coverage and had no recourse. Things are better now. Still, health care providers must keep looking for new ways to deliver quality care at reasonable prices. Maine hospitals and community health centers already are participating in experiments encouraged by the health reform law.

But the state of Maine is still not reaping the full benefits of reform because Gov. Paul LePage refuses to expand MaineCare. Tens of thousands of low income Mainers remain in the “coverage gap,” and according to neutral researchers the state will lose more than $26 million in revenues it could enjoy in 2016 and may lose a whopping $294 million through 2022. The private sector also is losing jobs and revenues it badly needs. As matters stand, Maine taxpayers are sending dollars to Washington to subsidize health care and boost economic growth in other states, not their own. states have accepted the Medicaid expansion, with Indiana, Montana and Alaska the latest to sign on. Republican governors often have led the way, including LePage’s blustery friend Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Maine is the only holdout in New England, following the lead of southern ultra conservative and racially divided states that refuse to cover all their poor residents.

As a student of history, I admit to finding LePage’s insistence on imitating the Old Confederacy bitterly ironic. After all, in relation to the state’s population back then, Maine soldiers and families made the greatest sacrifices to save the Union in the Civil War. A century and a half later, why does it make any sense for the Pine Tree State to refuse to take full part as the United States moves to extend affordable health insurance to all its residents?

Theda Skocpol, a summer resident of Maine (and, yes, a taxpayer), is the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard University and the director of the Scholars Strategy Network, whose Maine chapter invited her to contribute this OpEd.

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A young Jose Mourinho translating for Bobby Robson

So just how gross do festival wristbands get?The moment a woman parked a Mercedes on top of a FerrariBride asks man with father’s heart to walk her down the aisleDownload our app

By Stephen Barry

It’s hard to imagine Jose Mourinho being anything but the boss.

Which is what makes this video of him translating for Bobby Robson during their time together at Barcelona all the more intriguing.

Not that Jose wasn’t in control,Cheap Jerseys from china often helping Robson to deal with the Spanish press in his own inimitable manner.

The archive footage starts at 0:40

Mourinho and Robson enjoyed a close and successful partnership in the nineties, with Mourinho marking Robson’s death in 2009 by saying:

“I will keep with me always the Bobby Robson of every day, a person who had extraordinary passion for life and for football, with an extraordinary enthusiasm.”

KEYWORDS: Jose Mourinho, Bobby Robson, Barcelona, translator

Most Read in Sport

Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten posts image of facial injuries following Rio horror crashShe says it was hard to deal with the disappointment but added she was proud about her team’s performance.

Some people get quite offended by this Canadian swimmer’s pre race ritualSanto Condorelli has a unique way to bring himself luck before he swims.

Whoops! This Chinese swimmer celebrates his gold medal but doesn’t nail itSun Yang tries to throw his cap into the crowd, but things don’t exactly go to plan.

WATCH: Everyone loves the O’Donovan brothers after this brilliant interviewUp Skibb!

American swimmer Lilly King wasn’t afraid to share her views on Olympic drug cheatsKing had already “stirred it up”, in her own words, in the build up to the race by wagging her finger at the “cheating” Russian.

Irish swimmer blasts ‘cheaters’ after losing out on semi final place”Who are you supposed to trust now? They have signs all over the village saying we are a clean sport, and it’s not. And I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly out of Olympics after he admits taking supplementIrish middleweight boxer Michael O’Reilly has this evening admitted taking a supplement that may have contained a banned substance, writes Daniel McConnell, Political Editor.

Joy and despair for Ireland at Rio Olympics; Appeal means Ireland’s equestrians drop a placeIt was an action packed day for Team Ireland in Rio today, with two winners, four qualifiers in total but one devastating disappointment, writes Daragh Conchir.

A raucous Iowa caucus

Notoriously centrist Iowa tipped in favor of Bush in 2004 by the slimmest margin in the nation and was Gore territory in 2000 the Hawkeye state derives its disproportionate political pull from being the first step in the presidential nominating process. Its caucuses didn’t enter the political lexicon as “all important” or “crucial” until after 1972, when an obscure South Dakota senator named George McGovern used an Iowa win to circumvent the Democratic Party establishment and secure the nomination a strategy Jimmy Carter winningly replicated four years later.

Since then, candidates invest preposterous amounts of time and resources in Iowa. John Edwards has been campaigning here for so long, his children likely qualify for in state tuition at Iowa’s three regent universities.

With this year’s pissing match so close and so wide open it’s the first presidential election since 1928 devoid of a presidential or VP incumbent there was no shortage of political stagings and rhetorical circle jerks for Iowans to attend.Cheap Jerseys china The anxious weeks leading up to the 2008 caucuses saw droves of candidates crisscross the most obscure corners of the state with a barrage of outlandish advertisements at their disposal. The mad dash was not without reason: Exit polls conducted by CNN in 2004 revealed that nearly half of caucus goers (42 percent) made up their minds in the week leading up to the caucus.

Since the Republican National Convention is coming to St. Paul later this year, I decided to get a preview of the GOP field.

With a few exceptions, the general ambience on the Republican campaign trail is dire and hopeless. You can sense this in the hackneyed, uninspired applause lines the candidates regurgitate repeatedly and the half assed cheers they elicit in turn. You get the feeling these candidates aren’t so much mounting virile campaigns as they are going through the motions in the name of electoral posterity.

Iowa conservatives, just minutes before saddling up Fred Thompson and riding him around the room like a show pony

And who can blame them? Recent Gallup polls have every Democratic front runner besting their GOP counterparts in head to head match ups (although a hypothetical Hillary Clinton John McCain bout yields a razor slim one percent edge for the Dems). Barring the imposition of martial law or the revelation that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards share the same Amazonian DMT dealer, it is unlikely anything resembling a Republican will inhabit the White House come January 20, 2009.

This feeling was palpable on a foggy, bitterly cold day two weeks before the caucus. About 75 people packed the tiny Webster County GOP headquarters in Fort Dodge. The air buzzed with. something. Not anticipation, but the possibility that something worth anticipating might present itself sometime in the future. It was like standing in a nursing home recreation room and not remembering why you came. Senate between 1994 and 2003. He was also wearing an empty holster. He told me it had contained a 1911 model, ivory handled Colt .45 not 15 minutes earlier, but he was told by organizers that he had to disarm himself. He had begrudgingly done so and placed the weapon in his canvas bag.

“This is the first time I surrendered my damn gun!” he said ruefully.

“Our youth are being bombarded with terrible things these days,” said Rasch, whose definition of terrible things evidently doesn’t include Baby’s Day Out, the 1994 John Hughes flick featuring Fred Thompson. “But this man has strong values. He reminds me of the kind of values Ronald Reagan had. He stands up for the right to life and he’s for the Second Amendment so people can defend themselves. I think he’s a real good conservative.”

The conversation was cut off by hushed murmurings indicating the event was about to kick off. Far right Congressman Steve King (R Iowa), a xenophobic Golem look alike who once unironically called Joseph McCarthy “a hero for America,” slithered up to the podium and introduced the man of the half hour. When Thompson finally took the stage, a blue tarp draped behind him proclaiming him to be “The Clear Conservative Choice,” he wasted no time in reiterating that he is indeed the Clear Conservative Choice.

“I read that the Des Moines Register wrote about me, ‘Conservatives now have a horse to ride,'” he said. “Well, my response to that is, ‘Saddle me up!'”

The standing room only crowd suddenly jerked out of its slumber and burst into wild applause. Over in the corner, a gaunt man who looked to be three yee haws! away from suffering a stroke bared his teeth in feral approval. I half expected the ravenous mob to produce an actual saddle and take turns riding a manically bucking Thompson as part of a bizarre second tier candidate photo op, but they did not. Instead, they fell silent and gazed slack jawed toward the podium, eagerly awaiting the next crumb of bunkum.

“Our principles are under assault from the society we live in,” Thompson continued in a courtly Southern drawl. “And we’re not going to turn over the keys of this country to these folks.” Once again, the crowd cheered. I distinctly heard someone whoop, “Amen!”

It was quintessential Thompson. Often criticized for possessing the work ethic of a welfare cheat and the charisma of a dead oak tree, the gruff 65 year old managed to subtly fan the flames of Old White Male Rage by lulling his supporters to sleep, then jolting them awake.

When it came time to field questions from the audience, a middle aged white woman with close cropped dark hair asked him the following question:

“I appreciate your tough stance against illegal immigrants. But what about the babies? Those that are born here? Are there policies you could make to deport them?”

Mike Huckabee preaches to the converts days before his Iowa victory

To understand how Huckabee a candidate with scant ties to the party establishment or the Wall Street set could elevate from a distant fifth in Iowa (polling under 5 percent in August) to clear front runner status (up to 35 percent by mid December), you have to understand the unique campaign dynamics of the state.

Iowa is the Lost World of campaign politicking, a nostalgic bastion where meet and greets in town halls and diners can sway more voters than can TV spots or radio ads. In other words, personal charm trumps campaign spending here in Iowa. Or at least it can when deployed effectively.

John McCain eyes his antagonist as a pack of voracious scavengers await fresh meat

And Huckabee pulled it off. Despite being outspent 20 to 1 in the state by arch nemesis Romney, Huckabee ransacked Iowa by wooing the evangelical base and fiscal moderates with a potent elixir of prairie populism and Judeo Christian skullfuckery. It was a sight to behold.

A microcosm of this phenomenon was on full display on December 22 in Orange City at Northwestern College. Orange City is a sterile little town inhabited by noticeably depressed Dutch Calvinists. It’s the county seat of Sioux County, which, in 2004, turned out 84 percent in favor of Bush. Not a single county in either Mississippi or Alabama turned out in such high numbers for Dubya. In short, Sioux County is the perfect habitat for a fundamentalist snake oil salesman such as Huckabee.

Standing before the packed college theater, the Baptist minister held the microphone close to his mouth and eyed his flock. His aw shucks affability and colloquial earnestness more than compensated for his underwhelming stage presence. (If you took Richard Nixon circa 1973, sheared his jowls with a meat cleaver, and filed 1.3 centimeters off the tip of his nose with a synthetic grindstone, you’d be left staring at a creature physically identical to Huckabee.)

Reassuring populism: “We are all equal. We are not made unequal by our net worth, our IQ, the labels we hold, the cars we drive, or our ancestry. And I, for one, take comfort in that.”

Blood lust: “No more ‘light footsteps doctrine’ foreign policy. I, for one, advocate a ‘both foots [sic] in your face’ doctrine.”

The Truman wasn’t originally set to deploy until next year

Mound House (Photo: File Photo)Stay: On Fort Myers Beach, there is a range of upscale options, from DiamondHead, with gulf, beach and pool views from private, screened balconies and in room kitchens, to Pink Shell Beach Resort Marina with its kids centric pool and adult centric amenities. Learn about the island’s history during the past millennium at the Mound House, home to an immersive Calusa exhibit built into a mound, as well as the island’s oldest home, built in 1921. michael kors handbags You can also step back in time at the 60 acre Matanzas Pass Preserve featuring 1.25 miles of trails with interpretive signs that explain the importance of the ecosystem the last maritime tropical hammock on .

The Truman wasn’t originally set to deploy until next year, but the Navy had it switch deployments with another Norfolk based carrier, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ike required an additional 10 months in the shipyard, preventing it from deploying on time to relieve USS Theodore Roosevelt when it left the gulf in October..

She called the scene “controlled chaos” one that caused her the night before to have the runway’s lead hairstylist cut her hair and give her bangs. “I wanted to do fringes on the girls. I wanted to do the whole 60s thing, and she said, We should do it to you.’ And I said yes.”.

Lee Robert Moore, 38, made his first appearance Tuesday in federal court in West Palm Beach on allegations. Secret Service officer who was fired after investigators said he sexted with underage girls while on duty at the White House has been moved to South Florida to face criminal charges. Many of those online and text chats occurred while he was at work and some of the photographs he sent were taken in a White House security booth where he was sometimes stationed, according to court records..

Originally from South Africa, Naidoo is the Women Foundation program manager. Board member Debbie Jessup; Comcast community relations manager Ruth Rohs; Xcelente Marketing chief Toti Cadavid; and Ana Kemp, who chairs the foundation PEP (Power of Extended Philanthropy) Club also took turns on the runway.The 100 guests also enjoyed passed hors d courtesy of Whirled Peas Catering, and Barefoot wines.Attorney Mary Stuart, who chairs the foundation board, explained that the WFCO began 21 years ago by Dottie Lamm and Swanee Hunt in an effort to improve the economic self sufficiency of women and girls throughout Colorado. Its next fund raiser, a luncheon featuring Joy Behar of View, is to be held Nov.

All the dysfunction you didn

Since taking over as the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association last fall, Michele Roberts has done everything she could think of to unite her new constituents behind her. She’s attacked the concept of max salaries, the salary cap, the age limit, and even the presence of the media all things players are happy to agree with.

It was supposed to lure players to Las Vegas for Monday’s union meeting and to prove the players don’t have any need for the media. Judging by how the event turned out, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Right from the start of the red carpet, it was clear things were going to be a jerseys Just seven of the 29 29 players and coaches billed as attending the event at the Penn Teller Theater at the Rio showed up, and only some of thosebothered to do the red carpet, with the rest slipping in through another entrance.

Only two star level players union president Chris Paul and Paul Pierce, new teammates with the Clippers deigned to do the red carpet. Stephen Curry and John Wall also attended; nominees like Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler were nowhere to be seen.

Chris Paul and rapper Lil WaynePhoto: Getty Images for BET

The most glaring absence was LeBron James, who was up for several awards and was supposed to be a presenter. But the union’s vice president in town since at least Friday, when he attended a Cavaliers summer league game, and later attending the union’s meeting on Monday was kept from appearing because of a “prior engagement,” according to the Northeast Ohio Media Group. It wasn’t a ringing endorsement for an event heralded by many players as a chance to take ownership over the awards process.

you really think about it, who really knows us players better than our players? Paul said. to take away anything from [the media], who get the opportunity to vote on all the different awards, but I think we sort of know each other we know who are the guys, who guys like, stuff like that. This is the first year, and I think next year we have an opportunity to make it even better.

Things remained rocky once the event began. Jay Pharoah from Night Live hosted, and hegot big laughs with hisimpersonations of Drake and Stephen A. Smith. But a couple of his monologue jokes notably fell flat: Tim Duncan “is so old he picked the cotton that made his uniform.” Yikes. ABill Cosby impersonation was edited out of the televised broadcast.

There also was an incredibly awkward segment with white comedian, Gary Owen, joking about how there were no white players nominated for any awards and how white players are “nearly extinct” in the NBA.

One unintentionally funny moment came when girl group Fifth Harmony performed, with the five women wearing NBA jerseys: oneKobe Bryant, one Tony Parker, a Dwight Howard (Rockets) and two James jerseys from his Miami Heat days, one black and the other red.

The awards themselves had issues, too. On a night that was supposed to be all about the players, the introduction of the nominees for several of the awards were a bunch of kids on a playground talking about how great each of the nominees are. More interesting would have been to hear from other players. Paul was named the winner of the “Oscar Robertson Visionary Award,” accepted another and presented a third; Curry was part of a winning award three times and Harden came away with the biggest win of the night claiming the MVP trophy. All told, they were part of seven of the nine trips to the podium.

The other two winners James (“Player You Secretly Wish Was On Your Team”) and DeAndre Jordan (“Best Defender”) didn’t show up. Now that funny.

When the Warriors accepted the award for “Best Homecourt Advantage” for Oracle Arena, Finals MVP Andre Iguodala took the stage with teammates Curry, Festus Ezeli and Harrison Barnes. Hemade sure to credit both Curry and Ezeli while ignoring Barnes who just so happened to take Iguodala’s spot in the starting lineup this season.

Harden selection asMost Valuable Player notably diverged from the mediapickingCurry after a tight back and forth race. When he was announced, Harden shuffled out from behind the stage after being nowhere to be seen during the entire show.

Three awards didn’t make the broadcast:”Coach You’d Most Like To Play For” (Gregg Popovich, who didn’t attend), “Rookie of the Year” and “Global Impact Player.” A spokeswoman for the NBPA said the latter two awards would be shown as part of the broadcast, but they were not. Who won the rookie or global impact awards? And why weretheyleft out of the two hour show? Viewers never found out.

Then there also was confusion over the future of the show. Paul said he thought it could become a “staple” on the NBA calendar, Roberts expressed confidence it would be more than a one year show and BET CEO Debra Lee said there was a three year contract with a fourth year option. NBA run production would not have more resources behind it and could require attendance by the game’s stars.

With all of that said, the production did have its high points. BET did a good job booking musical guests (thumbs up for Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Jason Derulo). It was impressive of the NBPA to get President Obama to deliver a heartfelt video message for Ray Allen, who was named the organization’s Man of the Year, and give an equally heartfelt speech about the responsibilities players have to the fans.

Not surprisingly, Iverson stole the show with his speech after being named the winner of the “Game Changer” award. In many ways, this whole production was made for someone like Iverson, who would have been named the players’ MVP for several years in a row in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and was ahero of a good number of the league’s current stars.

The most glaring issue was how few players were in attendance, particularly of the league’s true stars. Roberts said she thought around 150 players would be at Monday’s NBPA meeting in Las Vegas, but it seemed no more than a third of that number quite possibly fewer managed to make it to the show.

If this event is to continue in the future, that will be the biggest challenge for Roberts and the NBPA: If the players stars like James, specifically don’t care about these awards, why should anyone else?.

million Powerball prize

LOS ANGELES A couple came forward to claim their $528 million prize from a record setting Powerball jackpot, more than six months after they bought their winning ticket in Chino Hills, California, lottery officials said Tuesday.

There were three winning tickets in the nearly $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot in January, the largest lottery prize ever offered in North America.

The holders of two of the winning tickets came forward in Tennessee and Florida within about a month of the drawing, wholesale nfl jerseys but the third share of the winnings in the multistate lottery had gone unclaimed until Marvin and Mae Acosta stepped forward.

“We finally know who our mystery winners are!” California Lottery Director Hugo Lopez said in a statement.

Lopez said the couple, who bought their ticket at a Chino Hills 7 Eleven convenience store less than 50 miles east of Los Angeles, had followed advice by taking their time to assemble a team of legal and financial advisers.

The Acostas have opted to take the cash payout of $327.8 million, instead of the higher prize of $528 million that would have been paid out in 30 annual installments, lottery officials said.

California lottery officials did not release details about the winning couple, including where they live or their ages.

“While many decisions are still to be made, we have committed nearly all of this new resource to a trust and to charities that are important to us,” the Acostas said in a statement provided by lottery officials.

“It is not our intention to become public figures,” they added.

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but officials tell hunters to be patient

Waterfowl hunters used to count on the season best duck hunting to occur this weekend the popular MEA weekend but not anymore.

No one knows this phenomenon better than Dave Trauba, the Department of Natural Resources area wildlife manager at Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management.

His office oversees Canada goose hunting at popular Lac qui Parle, but Trauba and other DNR managers have struggled to align the goose season with ever late flocks of geese migrating from Manitoba.

The season opened last Thursday with only 2,800 Prairie Population geese at the Lac qui Parle refuge; during the peak of the migration, 100,000 or more geese can show up at the refuge on their way to Missouri. Last week, the geese were still in Oak Hammock in south central Manitoba.

migration is easily a month later than it used to be 10 years ago, Trauba said. looked back at my calendar last year, and the first cold front we had was Nov. 5 6. We should be hunting these EPP geese right now. Canada Goose sale what is going on? Waterfowl biologists can offer a definitive answer.

But they point to two key factors that drive waterfowl migration: the availability of duck food, such as grains, plants and aquatic insects, and weather.

It is no mystery Minnesota has had recent warm autumns. But are these warm autumns a trend? Are they affecting migration?

At the request of the Pioneer Press, assistant state climatologist Pete Boulay charted Minnesota average temperatures for September and October going back to 1895. Boulay research shows that since 1993, Minnesota has had more warm September and October days than cool ones. Those same months in 2004, 2005 and 2007 averaged more than 54 degrees. That is a relatively long string of warm autumns.

this tells me is we haven had a lot of cool autumns lately, Boulay said. have had some easy starts to winter. such trends have happened before. Boulay said Minnesota experienced numerous warm autumns during the 1940s through the 1960s; in fact, in 1963, September and October averaged a steamy 58 degrees.

In contrast, 1993 had two exceptionally cold months of September and October, averaging 47 degrees. Remember the famous Halloween Blizzard in 1991? September and October in that year averaged 49 degrees.

Boulay thinks a lot of waterfowl hunters remember the cold autumns of the 1970s and 1980s and, perhaps, the early duck and goose migrations associated with them.

In 2004, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began a research project to track mallards in the flyway using transmitters. It was a response to Arkansas hunters frustration over late migrating ducks. The project has expanded to include other states in the Mississippi Flyway, with cooperation from the nearby Central Flyway.

This year, GPS transmitters were put on 60 mallards, and flyway states, including Minnesota, have been monitoring migration patterns as part of the study.

big question hunters want to know, and what biologists want to know, is how birds move through the flyway in the fall, said Luke Naylor, waterfowl program coordinator for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Naylor also heads the Arkansas mallard study.

The problem, Naylor said, is there isn much tracking data on ducks prior to 2004, which makes it difficult to compare today trends with the past. Moreover, two studies looking at late migration have come up with contradictory conclusions.

know a whole a lot about ducks; we just don know a whole lot about fall migration, Naylor said.

He added, though, that the late migration issue is real for a lot of Arkansas hunters.

not going to tell a duck hunter he is crazy for thinking ducks migrate later now, he said. we still trying to get a handle on how we get at answering these questions. week, Naylor said many of the mallards he is tracking were in Saskatchewan and North Dakota. There hasn been any cold weather to make them move considerable distances.

have started to move down the flyway, but there are still a lot birds on the Canada prairies right now, he said.

On the same day Naylor reported the mallards were still in North Dakota and Saskatchewan, Minnesota officials at Lac qui Parle reported 350 mallards at that refuge. In a typical fall, that number would be in the thousands by now.

Assistant area wildlife manager John Wollenberg said Wednesday the mallards seem to follow the same pattern as the late migrating geese.

doesn look like we going to have any migration this week, Wollenberg said. kind of embarrassing, but we don have any control over it. added that fishing is picking up. AT RICE LAKE

Confounding the migration picture are the thousands of ring necked ducks that flock every fall to Rice Lake National Wildlife Refuge near McGregor, Minn. In mid October 1994, the refuge Rice Lake drew 1 million ducks mostly ringnecks the most ever observed in a single lake in Minnesota. In October 2004, the refuge attracted 200,000 ringnecks and mallards.

spring trends from London Fashion Week

LONDON They came, they saw, and now they’ve jetted off to Milan for another round of catwalk shows.

Fashion insiders got a taste of spring style trends at London Fashion Week. Here’s a round up of some of the hottest looks, from girly ballerina skirts to sporty sandals:

London designers have collectively rebelled against the high heel. Sensible flat shoes be they sneakers, sandals, rubber boots or brogues were everywhere on the London catwalks.

Burberry Prorsum favored lace up sneakers and flat, Birkenstock like sandals in colorful leather. Christopher Raeburn models sported similar sandals with Velcro straps.

Christopher Kane, who led the trend for plastic slippers or “pool sliders” this summer, updated them in black and burgundy leather.cheapnfljerseysfreeshipping And Temperley, the queen of ladylike glamour, launched her own sneaker line.

Even front row VIPs were sporting Nikes and flats although Vogue’s Anna Wintour is unlikely to succumb to the trend any time soon.

Sporty chic

The rise of the sneaker is just part of fashion’s ongoing obsession with sportswear even if none of those clothes are meant for the gym.

The past year has seen neoprene and scuba inspired designer clothes fly off the shelves, and dressed down chic is still going strong for spring.

Preen took inspiration from cricket, while at Topshop Unique, supermodel Cara Delevingne looked sassy in a frilly hemmed tennis dress. The latter brand also featured cycling jerseys, shorts and bowling bags.

Hunter Original, the rubber Wellington boot maker, filled its runway with Boy Scout style shirts and shorts, rain jackets and hooded parkas, many in fun colors like lavender and yellow.

Tulle and tiers

Not the sporty type? Feel free to unleash your inner princess.

Few dresses are more romantic than those at Burberry, which came in tiers of soft tulle and often sported a ribbon tied around the waist with a big bow.

Bows fun, giant ones, worn on top of the head like Minnie Mouse were the highlight at Sibling. Elsewhere, tiered or pleated skirts, frilly hems and ruffles were everywhere on the runway.

Too Barbie? Just pick something edgier a leather jacket, a chunky heel to tone it down.

Return of the denim jacket

According to Burberry, the humble jeans jacket is the cover up of choice come next spring.

While the luxury brand’s famous trench coats highlighted its grand finale, Burberry opened its show with a dark wash, slim cut denim jacket with a white sheepskin trim.

The brand also showed many other cropped jackets in a myriad of colors and details, worn over delicate cocktail dresses.

Invasion of the nerds

Tech fashion is not quite a trend yet but it created more buzz than ever before at London Fashion Week, which this year partnered with Google.

Several editors were seen sporting Google Glass, the Internet connected eyewear. Even Net a Porter, the luxury online fashion retailer, was selling the glasses a designer version with the Diane von Furstenberg brand at a hefty 1,250 pounds ($2,042) each.

league team to be called Northern Arizona Suns

The Phoenix Suns have a little brother in their basketball family the Northern Arizona Suns.

The Suns exercised an option to buy their D League affiliate in Bakersfield on Friday and will move the operation to Prescott Valley, where they will play next season at the 5,100 seat Prescott Valley Event Center.

Suns president Jason Rowley said the franchise aimed to move the minor league team to Arizona and considered options in the Phoenix metro area and Tucson before settling on Prescott Valley, a site the team explored several years ago with the 10 year old arena.

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The Suns were affiliated with the Bakersfield Jam since 2011 and entered a hybrid affiliation for the past two seasons, financing and controlling the Jam’s basketball operations while the rest of the business was left to Bakersfield ownership.

“Our long term plan was to eventually acquire a team to have full control,” Rowley said. “If you’re going to have control of people on the court, it only makes sense to control everything else. wholesale jerseys from china Just like you’re able to develop people on the basketball side, you can do the same on the business side.

“That cohesiveness and proximity is very important from a development standpoint. It makes a lot of sense to put ourselves into that market and move into a facility that’s been underperforming.”

ON FACEBOOK:Got a better name for the team’s D league affiliate, Suns fans?

The Prescott Valley Event Center, which is 92 miles from Talking Stick Resort Arena, lost its minor league hockey tenant in 2014 after also playing host to three second tier arena football seasons in 2008, 2011 and 2012. The arena, which includes 22 luxury suites and two party suites, searched for a tenant since filing for bankruptcy in August. The Suns initially will be a tenant but are considering taking over management and operations of the arena, as they do for city owned Talking Stick Resort Arena.

BUY TICKETS FOR OUR LIVE EVENT:Dan Bickley Show with the Four Bosses of Arizona pro sports

“We have a lot of experience in arena management and operation,” Rowley said. “We’re not used to being tenant and we can bring a lot of value.”

The basketball value in the relationship changes the dynamics of player assignments for the Suns, who had shuttled players on flights last season but did not assign a player to Bakersfield this season. A young player can practice with the Suns regularly but get game time on a short round trip drive to Prescott Valley, where players on assignment also can return easily to Phoenix if an injury situation arises. Previously, the Suns’ D League affiliates have been in Bakersfield, Calif., Des Moines and Albuquerque.

The Suns also use the affiliate to develop staff, like former Jam coach and present Suns assistant coach Nate Bjorkgren.

The basketball and business operations will be headquartered in the Prescott Valley Event Center.

“The ones that have succeeded in the D League are the ones owned by a NBA team and benefited by from the efficiencies of the NBA team,” Rowley said. “Just like how we’ve done a great job of integrating the operations of the (WNBA) Mercury, we’ll do the same with this team.”

NBA teams can carry a roster of up to 15 players, who stay on the parent team’s roster even while on assignment. The remainder of the D League roster is comprised of players they develop but who can be called up by any team, like when the Memphis Grizzlies called up Bakersfield guard Xavier Munford this year.

The Suns could have four selections in the NBA draft’s top 34 in June.

MORE: Download our Suns XTRA appiOSAndroid

“There might be some real chances for people in Yavapai County to see NBA level talent in their early years,” Rowley said.

There are 22 teams slated to be in the D League next season with 19 of them now located in a NBA city or a short drive away, like Prescott Valley, which is near where the Suns held training camps in the 1970s and 1980s at Yavapai College in Prescott.

The Northern Arizona Suns will be one of six D League teams to use their parent team’s nickname.

“It makes sense to connect it to our brand and have that continuity,” Rowley said. “We wanted to give something to the northern part of the state that they can own and have more connection to at a micro level.”

Free throwsTo burn off frustration of Monday’s Suns home loss, Watson played overnight, one on one basketball against former UCLA teammate Billy Knight in a neighborhood gym. He said he won.”It’s a good way to put myself in position to never forget the mind set of these guys,” Watson said.

Accusations in officer’s trial tax officials’ relationship

BALTIMORE A judge gave himself until Thursday to decide the fate of an officer in whose van the neck of a young black arrestee was somehow broken.

It could take much longer to repair the tense and uneasy relationship between Baltimore’s prosecutors and police, now that they’ve traded accusations of sabotage, misconduct and dirty dealings during the third trial of an officer in the death of Freddie Gray.

The betrayal of the symbiotic relationship police and prosecutors maintain in most cities has been particularly unwelcome in Baltimore, where murders reached a 40 year high last year and some neighbourhoods have yet to recover from the riots that followed Gray’s death.

“The citizens of the city have to wonder: If the two agencies can’t work together to investigate and prosecute crime, where do we stand?” said Warren Alperstein, a prominent attorney in the city.

If Circuit Judge Barry Williams acquits Officer Caesar Goodson, who also is black, of “depraved heart” murder, manslaughter, assault and misconduct in office, prosecutors may have to reconsider trying officers who were less involved in Gray’s death.

Whatever the verdict, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby may have decisions to make.

Her allegations that six officers intended to fatally injure the resistant prisoner prompted five of them to sue her for defamation.Cheap Jerseys china Her chief deputy, accused of withholding evidence, told the judge that the lead police investigator had pressured the coroner to falsely declare Gray’s death an accident.

“It is extraordinarily rare to hear a prosecutor accuse a reputable, prominent lead detective of sabotaging the state’s case,” Alperstein said. “Calling into question a detective who the commanders appointed to lead the case sends a clear message. It breeds distrust.”

Fissures had formed even before Mosby vowed last year to deliver justice to an outraged citizenry. She said the charges resulted from a “comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation,” even though police investigators said they had felt pressured to hand over their evidence prematurely.

“I don’t know anything about this case,” the investigator in question, Dawnyell Taylor, told the Baltimore Sun shortly after the officers were charged.

Mosby and everyone else involved in the trials are prohibited by the judge from commenting.

Since Gray’s death last spring, Baltimore police have been under a microscope. Justice Department has been investigating allegations of widespread abuse and unwarranted arrests. The mayor fired her police commissioner Anthony Batts and promoted his deputy, Kevin Davis, but decided against a re election bid amid criticism of her handling of the riots.

And Maryland’s legislature updated the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill Of Rights, in the law’s first significant overhaul since it was established 1974.

Still, many feel the changes didn’t go far enough. Police supervisors must still wait 5 days before questioning officers suspected of committing crimes; it used to be 10. And officers still can’t be fired without an internal review or a felony conviction, even if, like Goodson, they refuse to talk with investigators.

Mosby’s office has made other decisions that frustrate police: In March, prosecutors dropped charges against nine people charged after a sweeping raid found drugs, guns and ammunition; two suspects were soon charged in new crimes, including a quintuple shooting on Memorial Day.

Davis responded carefully, saying that while police and prosecutors have a “working” and “healthy” relationship, more must be done.

“There’s a hyper focus on the police: What are the police doing, what’s the plan, what’s the strategy. We have those strategies and we’re making progress,” he said. “There are other pieces to that law enforcement puzzle I believe need to be held to that same standard.”

Baltimore attorney Steve Levin praised police for their reforms in the past year.

“The police are now wearing cameras on their uniforms, and even have cameras in their police vans,” he said. “But I think it’ll soon be time to talk about reform in the prosecutor’s office. As the judge himself said, if the most senior attorneys in the office don’t recognize exculpatory material, that’s a problem.”

Current Features

If our financial area is out of balance, we will not be able to focus adequately on our professional goals, etc. As in the medical profession, it is said that you cannot be sick and make other people well. In Time Management, then, we have to keep ourselves healthy first, in balance first, or it won’t matter how many or how important o! ur priorities are, we will not be able to properly handle them..

She does do a lot of indie films and will be seen in next year movie version of “Entourage,” reprising her role from the TV series, and she appeared in something last year that totally slipped under the wire. It sounds quite amusing. Titled “Return to Babylon,” it a satire about silent films..

“She’s an African American woman from Compton, California, who has won 17 or 16 Grand Slam titles. Like, who would have thought? Anything is possible. She’s paved the way for me and not only African American girls but girls in general, people in general,” Townsend said.

Even so, earnings overall are expected to be down 2.1 percent, dragged down by the energy sector, which has been struggling with a steep drop in oil prices. Oil stockpiles last week weighed on the price of crude, reversing an early gain. Crude fell $1.06, or 2.5 percent, to close at $41.71 per barrel in New York.

Bathing suits: Trust and believe, there’s still time to swim, and even if it’s not for long, there’s always next year. The sales on swimsuits are just too good to pass up right now. Old Navy, for instance, has bikini bottoms and tops for $5 and $7, respectively (both originally $20), and one pieces for $13 (originally $40).

Or get the look for less with one of the frocks in our edit below. We love Le Salty Label version at Revolve but Missguided has a bargain buy that hard to beat. Oh and if you were worried, Katie heels are by Isabel Marant, so she hasn forsaken her favourite just yet..

9 Current Features. Ability to forward multiple phone numbers to one phone number. Voicemail messaging service. As we all known air Jordan named after Michael Jordan who is a basketball player enjoys a good fame. In his basketball professional career, countless records were broke through by him. Therefore people all over the world recognize him as the best basketball player.

Thank you, Mr. Hilton will donate the majority of his wealth to the humanitarian work of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. When you buy a bike at a shop, you also entering into a relationship. Many local shops offer a complimentary 30 day tune up and free adjustments for at least the first year, not to mention advice and expertise. Don know how to change a flat or properly lube your chain? See if the shop offers any maintenance clinics, or ask the shop wrench to show you how.

A stonger voice needed

Mark Strahl. I have been meaning to write this letter for some time in response to Mr. Giesbrech’s letter to me dated Dec. 17, 2012.

As a life time Conservative and one of the original members of the Reform Party I am quite concerned about some things that are happening and others that are being ignored by the Harper government. Please understand that I am in contact with veterans all across Canada almost on a daily basis through the NATO Veterans Organization and that thoughts I am about to express are shared by most of them.

Governor General’s Volunteer Service Medal or GGVSM: The letter of Dec. 17 advises that I should contact the office of the Secretary of the GG for any discussions around new medals. All veterans know the procedure for new medals.Cheap Jerseys china What we do not understand is why, after having the GGVSM brought up in the House of Commons many times, that only a few MPs supported the proposal.

How do you think you would feel if you have joined the military, served 10 years in Canada, then returned to civilian life, and have nothing to show that you were ever in the armed forces. Don’t you think you would feel hurt by not having one medal that showed you volunteered to serve your country no matter why or where Canada sent you. But, because you stayed in Canada, this country does not thank you for your volunteered service. I notice that the Governor General wears military medals yet never served in our armed forces. I have no respect for a commander in chief who wears medals he did not earn but even he should have a volunteer medal now that he is the head of our armed forces.

Mark Strahl, coming from an area populated with many military personnel, should have been one of the first to stand in the House and promote the volunteer medal. By not doing so, he let us all down badly. Supreme Court to compare veterans injured or wounded in action to that of WCB claimants. What a sorry state that veterans have to go to court to fight for the same equality and fairness that other Canadians are granted without question. Can you believe we have a Provincial Supreme Court being told of the discrimination within the New Veterans Charter for Canadian Veterans who must challenge things that were supposed to assist them and their families. This “insurance” mentality of deny, deny, in hopes they die, must stop. Lump sum payments to wounded veterans also must stop. What “brain” in government came up with that scheme? I guess anyone dealing with Veterans Affairs should take a lawyer with them. This is so sad and will cost the Conservatives in the next federal election.

Veterans Bill of Rights: It is ludicrous that our government is willing to “send in the troops” to specific missions in support of our civil powers but, when the troops return some maimed and permanently injured that our government spends millions of taxpayers dollars trying to tell veterans that their rights mean nothing. That is no way to treat veterans because that same government has a moral and social obligation to Canadian veterans.

Fairness: After serving eight years in the military I now wonder why I had to put in many, many hours of overtime but received no pay for that overtime. If you tried that with a government civil servant you would have a strike on your hands. Military personnel sacrifice a lot for Canada but get no extra pay for extra work and then get little respect from their employer once their job is done. Does not seem fair to me.

There are a few things passed by the Harper government that are good and appreciated. Things like the Community War Memorial Program and the expansion of the Veterans Independence Program. However, even this falls short because it is only for Second World War and Korean veterans. You never hear our government mention peacetime veterans. For example, I served in France from 1956 to 1960 which was dangerous because France and Algeria were at war with one another and there were about sixty thousand Algerians living in our area. I witnessed many shootings and, in fact, one evening while driving home from work, had bullets hit my vehicle. There has never been any consideration given to us “peacetime” veterans and veteran’s organizations do not give us a second thought.

Conclusion: When we vote an MP into office we expect him or her to consult with the people who voted them in and then to make their feelings known in the House of Commons. However, far too many MPs do virtually nothing for the majority of taxpayers, but a great deal for a number of select lobbyists, and for themselves. Far too many elected officials, by sheer methodical persistence, complete lack of initiative, and not stepping on the toes of others, get promoted to ever higher levels of incompetence. After spending six months working in the East Block on Parliament Hill, I came to the conclusion that the best way to save money would be to leave the MPs and senators in their home ridings and never bring them to Ottawa.

I am not suggesting that Mark Strahl fits this pattern, but so that he never sinks to that level, should be reminded that people like myself often think this way. I had expected Mark to be more forceful when it came to serving veterans and am sad this has not happened. Perhaps letters such as this might compel him to have a second look at what an MP should be.

a flippant occasion for Zags

SEATTLE You could see it when their eyes locked Gary Bell Jr., Kyle Dranginis and Kevin Pangos in the final 90 seconds, and broad smiles instantly creased each of their faces.

You could see it in the hugs coach Mark Few laid on Pangos and Kyle Wiltjer, which surely left bruises if not vertebrae damage.

You could see it, well, you could see it posted online in a video of a raucous postgame celebration behind closed doors. wholesale jerseys You could see it in Eric McClellan’s backflip and the encore, something approximating a handstand by the giddy, silly coach.

Mark Few. Doing handstands. Really.

The only bigger break in character would be if he headed to the fishing hole with a Folgers can full of nightcrawlers.

Gonzaga’s 87 68 romp over Iowa at KeyArena on Sunday in the NCAA tournament wasn’t the biggest basketball victory in Gonzaga history.

But it quite obviously removed the biggest weight.

For now the Zags are on their way to Houston and a date against UCLA on Friday their sixth such trip to the NCAA’s Sweet 16, but the first breakthrough to the tournament’s second weekend in six years.

Like any of them needed reminding.

“If anybody said they weren’t tired (of hearing about it), they’d be lying to you,” said Bell. “I know I had a chip on my shoulder because I’d never been to the Sweet 16.”

To outsiders, the joy might have seemed a shade over the top there is yet another weekend to play before the tournament’s ultimate destination, after all. But when you’ve been Hoop America’s punching bag even while winning 27, 29, even 32 games in a season, surely a few whoops are in order.

“This is the best feeling I’ve had in my life,” said Dranginis, “so far.”

Timely caveat, Kyle.

For Few, the exhilaration was in the Bell Dranginis Pangos recruiting class, with Przemek Karnowski who arrived a year later, experiencing what other Zags have tasted.

“They’re so worthy and so deserving,” Few said, “and I wanted them to have this. Everybody was kind of banging on them that it was the one thing in their careers they hadn’t done.”

And they even did a little more. For in none of the school’s previous round of 32 wins did the Bulldogs come out and dominate a legit opponent and if not step on their throats, then keep them at arm’s length.

These were the Zags of November against SMU and St. John’s doing everything right. And it wasn’t just the shooting though at 62 percent, no GU team has ripped the nets like that in the NCAAs.

It was Byron Wesley D ing up Iowa’s Aaron White, giving away 5 inches, so Wiltjer could better work his magic on the offensive end. It was Karnowski sending dimes around the horn to his teammates would you believe a no look to Bell for a 3? It was Domantas Sabonis inside working over the Hawkeyes, whose size was supposed to be a new challenge for the Zags.

“They were just playing,” Few said. “They were balling.

“We weren’t calling a lot of sets they didn’t need help with any sets. Which is what I always want them to do. I don’t want them to need any help.”

When they stumbled three turnovers in the first four minutes of the second half, as Iowa cut a 46 29 halftime lead to 11 Pangos threw in a deep, early, screw this nonsense 3 that told the Hawkeyes there wouldn’t be any real comeback.

And 14,091 in the Key were digging it except for a few hundred Iowans. The Hawkeye band voiced its displeasure late with a grumpy chant of, “Neutral site! Neutral site!”

“It was great to give them something to cheer for,” Pangos said because, you know, the previous 33 wins weren’t enough.

Asked if there was a sense or signal such a catharsis game was coming, most of the Zags demurred. Dranginis said the bus and locker room seemed a little quieter, as if to say, “We’re not going to let this happen to us again.”

And Few?

Well, after fretting about the roll the Hawkeyes were on especially the Friday blitz of Davidson and the offbeat smalls on bigs defensive plan assistant coach Tommy Lloyd put together (“a great scout”), he was all in with the challenge.

“I woke up this morning,” he said, “with a great peace about it.”

So the first weekend flameout is this no longer a thing?

“It’s not like we were stressing over what people were talking about,” Pangos said. “We just wanted to do it selfishly for ourselves and our fan base. Because we believed that we were good enough and we just wanted to experience this. So it feels awesome.”

seriously injured in NY boat accident

One person has been killed and six other people have been seriously injured after their 40 foot boat ran aground in marshland south of the New York hamlet of Wantagh (WAHN’ tah). One person has been killed and six other people have been seriously injured after their 40 foot boat ran aground in marshland south of the New York hamlet of Wantagh (WAHN’ tah). Coast Guard says that rescuers were working to evacuate all the people injured in Sunday’s boating accident. wholesale nfl jerseys At least one person was airlifted to a hospital by helicopter.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

The roadway runs north and south between Ocean Parkway at Jones Beach State Park and Westbury.

The Nassau County Police Department, Wantagh Fire Department and New York City Police Department were assisting in the rescue efforts.

7 Sandusky Family Members to Testify at Trial

BELLEFONTE, Pa. About 100 more potential jurors showed up for questioning Wednesday as attorneys continued to select a jury for the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach charged with child rape.

Nine jurors have been chosen for the panel. The five men and four women include an engineer, a high school teacher, a doctor, a retired Penn State professor, a retired school bus driver and a Penn State student who works part time for the university athletic department.

About 220 potential jurors reported for duty Tuesday, after the court whittled the number to about 600 based on answers to questionnaires sent to prospective jurors homes. Of those, about half were sent home and asked to return Wednesday.

Sandusky, 68, has been under house arrest since being charged with sexually abusing 10 boys for at least 15 years. Prosecutors say he met some of his accusers through Second Mile, a charity he created for underprivileged children. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Letters written by Sandusky to one of his alleged victims, identified only as Victim 4, can be described as love letters, a source familiar with the case said Wednesday. One letter describes love between a man and a boy, the source said.

The letters are expected to be entered into evidence during the trial, two sources with knowledge of the case said.

However, the letters, as first reported by ABC News, may be given a different interpretation by the defense. They expected to argue that the letters and notes that Sandusky sent are benign and illustrate his love for the children he helped over the years through Second Mile, according to a source familiar with the case who asked not to be named.

The attorney for Victim 4, Ben Andreozzi, said Tuesday that he expects that letters from Sandusky to his client will be introduced at the trial, but he declined to comment on their content.

Gifts that Sandusky allegedly gave to Victim 4, who is now 28, may also be introduced as evidence by prosecutors, according to a source close to the case. Those gifts could include golf clubs and football jerseys, a source said.

A source close to another alleged victim, Victim 1, said that Victim 1 received birthday cards and notes from Sandusky but that they were not sexually explicit in nature. They included statements such as love you but did not contain anything overtly sexual, that source said.

The prospective jurors were quizzed Tuesday and Wednesday about their relationships with Penn State, local law enforcement and Second Mile, and whether they had contributed to any of those entities. Several reported knowing Sandusky or his wife, while others said they had volunteered at Second Mile.

Many were current or former Penn State employees or financial contributors to the university. Some said their jobs require them by law to report suspected sexual abuse cases. When answering questions, prospective jurors were asked to consider not only their own status but also that of relatives.

Opening statements are expected to begin Monday, Judge John Cleland said, and the trial is likely to last about three weeks. Twelve jurors and four alternates will eventually be selected.

Prosecutors plan to call more than 50 witnesses during the trial, and the defense plans to call about 100, including Jay and Sue Paterno, coach Joe Paterno son and widow; former graduate student Mike McQueary; his father, John; and former university President Graham Spanier, among others. Defense attorneys said Wednesday their list will also include seven Sandusky family members. The case has shaken the university, raised questions about its response to the allegations and drawn criticism from those who claim Penn State put its reputation ahead of protecting potential child victims.

Spanier and iconic head football coach Paterno lost their jobs soon after Sandusky arrest amid criticism that they did not adequately handle the matter when allegations involving Sandusky arose years earlier. Paterno died of complications from lung cancer in January.

McQueary, the former graduate student, is considered to be a key witness in the Sandusky case.

Paterno apparently told the university athletic director, Tim Curley, but no one notified police.

Prosecutors said later that the McQueary incident took place about a year earlier than was originally alleged, causing defense attorneys for Curley and Schultz to argue that one of the charges should now be dropped. Both of them have pleaded not guilty, and their attorneys have said that prosecutors this case before (they) knew the facts. prosecution is preparing witnesses for their testimony next week, several sources close to the case said Tuesday. Victim 4 is expected to testify first, with Victim 1, who started the investigation by coming forward in 2008 and alleging years of abuse, to follow, the sources said.

McQueary and his father were told to be in town and ready to testify next Wednesday or Thursday, one of the sources said.

Cleland told members of the jury pool that jurors in the case will not be sequestered, saying he will trust them not to read newspapers or follow the case online.

As jury selection in the case began Tuesday, Penn State released a statement, saying, acts that Jerry Sandusky is accused of committing are horrible and if proven true, deserve punishment. university said it would not comment on the specifics of the legal case, but said it hopes that the trial answers we are all seeking and that legal process will start to bring closure to the alleged victims and families whose lives have been irrevocably impacted and that they can begin the healing process. of Sandusky alleged victims, including Victim 4, asked a judge to protect their identities at trial. However, Cleland ruled Monday that the alleged victims identities may not be concealed during the trial, although they will be protected through the jury selection process. CNN generally does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

Hospital sued over firing of employees who refused flu shots

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Erie by the against , which was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Beginning in October 2013, the hospital required employees to get flu shots unless they were granted an exemption on medical or religious grounds, in which case they were required to wear a face mask. facelift ohne op The suit alleges that six employees who refused to get flu shots due to their religious beliefs were fired, while the hospital granted medical exemptions to 14 others in late 2013 and early 2014.

Attorney said the plaintiffs were part of the Russian Orthodox, Independent Fundamental Baptist, Christian mysticism, Methodist or nondenominational Christian faiths. In such cases, the legal standard isn’t whether officials agree with the religious beliefs “or whether those beliefs are the recognized position or official doctrine of any particular religious organization or group,” she said.

“Absent proof establishing an undue hardship, federal law requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodations for sincerely held employee religious beliefs, even if some may consider those beliefs idiosyncratic,” she said in a statement.

Saint Vincent officials said in a statement that requests for exemptions are always given “careful and appropriate consideration.”

“We respectfully disagree with the EEOC’s position and characterization of how the employee claims outlined in its lawsuit were handled by the hospital,” the statement said.

Few clubs have both the fortune and wherewithal to win titles

Step your right foot through your arms to place it on the floor between your hands, your knee stacked over your ankle and your chest drawn forward. Place your left knee on the ground (or a blanket) and your left foot should lie flat (D). Inhale and reach your arms up (E)..

Celebs such as fashion risk taker Dwyane Wade, who attended Public School’s show with Gabrielle Union, and Kanye West are experimenting with skirts and leggings. That’s happening at the same time transgender issues are at the forefront. It looks like 2015 is shaping into a watershed moment in men’s fashion, signifying a permanent shift..

Few clubs have both the fortune and wherewithal to win titles.outletmk Chelsea is one of those clubs. Since the take over by Russian oligarchy in 2003, the Blues of London have won the league title twice. A host of players were sidelined with soft tissue injuries: hamstrings, groins, calves. By the end of the season, the playing list was reduced to the bare bones. The club lost its last seven games and finished 11th on the ladder..

In like manner, gatherings are gone to with sparkling part wears while at home we stay with easygoing garments. Some of the people lean toward happy with apparel while some favor style over solace. With everything taken into account we can say that distinctive people have diverse inclinations for apparel.

It is tight to the body. It is totally fabulous and fun. It’s not basic. Well, at the risk of sounding a little unoriginal, Coco Chanel in her day. Not entirely sure about the label these days though it is certainly innovative and I admire Karl Lagerfeld hugely. But the original Chanel was divine and her style was exactly the way I would love to dress: real individuality based on the simple, superbly cut, with a spark of something unexpected.

He on the 3 point line, there no one better than Michael, Brad said. He gets a little further, that kind of when it just turns into a turnover. Added: a learning curve for Michael and everybody gunning for him, and he knows that. N returning to the kitchen to go on with her work, the exhaustion against which Marie had hitherto fought successfully, overpowered coach factory online reviews her the moment she sat down; her heavy head drooped, oakley sunglasses frogskins her eyes closed in spite of her, and she fell where can i find cheap ray bans into a broken, uneasy slumber. Madame Duparc and her daughter, nike free 50 running shoe seeing the condition she was in, undertook the preparation of radar oakley the day s dinner themselves. Among the dishes which they got coach online factory store ready, and which they salted from the cellars on the nike air max light dresser, were two different kinds of soup one kind ray ban rimless sunglasses for themselves, made from fresh stock the other, for official coach outlet Marie and the nurse, made from old stock.

Family Fun Day ramps up to Hometown Hockey

Young people dressed in their skates and hockey jerseys smiled and waved for a drone video that will be played on Jan. 3, 2016 when Rogers Hometown Hockey hits Thunder Bay waterfront.

The ice rink was flooded with skaters and the energy around playing host to the broadcast is ramping up.

got a great turnout already. I say we seen thousands of people coming and going but for the Roger Hometown Hockey, we be seeing thousands throughout the weekend, said Thunder Bay events supervisor Kelly Rooney.

A few Lakehead Thunderwolves were skating around the circle in their jerseys as well, making an appearance to hype children up for the big event.

such a historic city for hockey players. For example, our good buddy Matthew Murray last night got his NHL debut with the Penguins, said Thunderwolves winger, Nathan Cull.

nice to give back and hopefully see a lot of these youngsters in the big leagues one day. Josh Todish and his son Emerson were among the families taking in the unseasonably warm afternoon. wholesale jerseys from china Josh said seeing the next generation rising with the hockey spirit was inspirational.

lived it (hockey) my whole life pretty much and Emerson started when he was about two and now he in a hockey league starting for the first time, he said.

brings me back to my childhood when we got to go out and skate and have fun and just hang out with family and friends and just get in the spirit of winter and hockey season.

Prime Minister Takes An Awkward Walk In Colombia PHOTOS

Oh, Stephen Harper, we just don’t know what to do with you sartorially anyway.

We appreciate that on your trip to Colombia you took a minute to kick back and enjoy the hot beach scene (obviously taking a break from important Summit of the Americas meetings).

But, Prime Minister, we’ve chatted about your fashion faux pas before. While this one doesn’t take the cake, it certainly has us scratching our heads about why you thought this was appropriate beach attire.

Presumably your trip to the seashore was spur of the moment. And we’d like to think you saw the ocean and couldn’t resist dipping your feet in (we envision you ripping off your tie, rolling up your pants to make clamdiggers and untucking your white dress shirt while running toward the water). But still: you represent this country and we’d like to start seeing you make some better “time and place appropriate” wardrobe choices. This photo op is just plain awkward!

Could one of the many people surrounding you in these images not have packed a bag full of shorts and T shirts for you to don “in the event” you decided to take in the sea breeze? What about sunglasses: you should really protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. canada goose women And sunscreen: we hope you’re wearing some the scorching Colombian sun cannot be good for your pale skin.

Just some things to think about for the next time you hit the beach.

Check out some other Canadian political fashion faux pas (and celebrations!) below. There’s also a slideshow of some highlights from Stephen Harper’s trip to South America.

Before any hipster resurgence, before any Movember movement, there was Jack Layton and his moustache. His outfits may not have been anything out of the ordinary, but the late leader of the NDP party is an excellent example of how to perfect one’s signature look. His moustache came to symbolize his warmth, sincerity and approachability, and made him one of the most recognized and most missed icons on the Canadian political scene. He’s shown here on the campaign trail in Kitchener, Ontario on March 29, 2011.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

In a “Royal Wedding” moment, Sophie Grgoire married Justin Trudeau, son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and now Liberal MP. The wedding, which happened in Montreal on May 28, 2005, was covered heavily by the media, and the newlyweds didn’t disappoint style wise. The bride’s vintage inspired gown and the groom’s dashing tan suit all added to the romance of the moment, particularly when they sped off from the ceremony in Trudeau’s father’s 1960 Mercedes 300 SL. The Trudeaus are the closest thing Canada’s got to the Kennedys, and the new couple carried off their most public moment in fine style.

Credit: CP

When the Trudeau Gregoire family sent their annual Christmas card in 2010 with a portrait of them decked out in Canada Goose jackets, the, err, fur started flying. Activist group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) slammed the MP for his “lurid” card, claiming the coyote fur used in Canada Goose outwear is acquired inhumanely. Trudeau defended his and his family’s choice, saying he was proud to support Canadian made products and, heck, it was “mostly just a Christmas card.”

Credit: CP

Talk about a power couple: Jessica Brownstein, a fashion stylist and heir to the Browns shoe retailer fortune, and Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and an entertainment correspondent for eTalk, married on October 30, 2008. Because the pair are regularly photographed for social columns, and what they wear is a popular topic, they tried to keep their Montreal wedding under wraps. Here is one of the few images leaked from their sartorially savvy big day they looked good tying the knot, even if none of us got to see.

Credit: Getty Images

It wasn’t what this west coast premier was wearing during question period that caused an uproar, but, ahem, what she wasn’t covering up. In October 2011, political analyst and former MLA David Schreck caused a flurry in the Twitterverse after he sent out a tweet commenting on her cleavage.

“Is Premier Clark’s cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?” Schreck was promptly called out by Twitter users who suggested his remark was sexist.

Clark, for her part, rebutted saying the suggestion her outfit was inappropriate is “unfair criticism” that dissuades young girls from entering politics.

Credit: British Columbia Government

Photoshop controversies are a regular occurrence in the style world either a model is missing a limb or a celebrity’s legs have been “thinned” out. But this style faux pas takes the cake: after some Parliamentarians reportedly spoke out against her “revealing” headshot (which showed a bit of cleavage), this image appeared online. As you can see, the pic completely edits out her dcolletage. And on behalf of the 29 year old Tamil MP we ask: what’s so racy about wearing a white scoop neck top, a green necklace and showing a bit of cleavage?Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos heads to his seat as (L to R) Peru’s President Ollanta Humala, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernandez and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper applaud, during the opening ceremony of the VI Summit of the Americas, on April 14, 2012, at the Convention Centre in Cartagena de Indias. Leaders of the American continent opened a two day summit anxious to expand regional trade, but dogged by controversial issues like contraband of illegal drugs and policy toward Cuba. Santos said it would be ‘unacceptable’ to hold another Summit of the Americas without Cuba. (LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images)

Will Johnny Manziel wind up a Dallas Cowboy

Since the Cowboys passed on Johnny Manziel in the draft in 2014, there has been endless speculation about whether or not he would eventually wind up in Dallas.

So does Jerry Jones finally get what he always wanted, Johnny Manziel with a blue star on the side of his helmet? The SportsDayDFW gives their answers, compiled from chats from this past season.

Rick Gosselin: I don’t think Jerry has ever gotten over his fascination with Johnny jerseys He publicly yearned for him for months after that draft. With the problems Manziel has had on and off the field in Cleveland, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys phoned the Browns and tried to get Manziel this offseason on the cheap. This team needs a young quarterback to develop and Manziel would be a surer thing in Jerry’s mind than anything he can find in the draft. And never underrate the marquee value of a player. Manziel would fit the profile of a player the Cowboys would want to promote. He’s local and it would get the fans off Jerry’s back about not preparing for the future at the quarterback position. He’d be quite the addition to the Valley Ranch circus. I wouldn’t rule out Manziel at this point. Jerry would perceive that as a safe move to upgrade the backup position. I’d be surprised if the Cowboys don’t pick up the phone and call the Browns this offseason and see what it would take to relocate Manziel back to Texas.

Tim Cowlishaw: There is baggage off the field and there are real issues on the field as far as what he can and can’t do. If you go after Manziel, your starter needs to be Kaepernick or someone more Manziel like so you can design an offense that works for both. Manziel can’t come in here and run the Dallas offense. With Manziel, is he really a backup quarterback just apt to sit here and learn as long as Romo’s playing? I think Manziel has played well enough to convince some teams he can play. They have to become convinced he’s not a liability off the field. Manziel progressed on the field this year for sure. However, he remains a bit of a wreck off of it. Would coming home help him in that regard or any elevate his demons to new heights? Cowboys have to figure that out.

David Moore: I find it hard to believe given all of the focus on this when you have this much talk on a guy under contract to another team. Certainly Cleveland, I think, it’s fair to say that Johnny Manziel’s brief, tumultuous tenure in Cleveland will come to an end this offseason. Clearly Dallas will be a team they will call and say, ‘We know you guys are interested. What would you guys be interested in giving up?’ I don’t know that it’s going to proceed much beyond there. If you invested in a first round pick and he wants to leave are you going to move him to where he’s wanted to go all along? You do if it’s still in the best interest of the club. I just don’t know. With so much that we’ve heard about this season and saw this season that this team was unable to win with a backup quarterback. So now you’re going to have to step back and look at the system that you’re running. Is it compatible with the backup quarterback? What are you going to do offensively? If you bring Johnny Manziel in here you’re running a different offensive scheme for your backup than you are for your starter. How is that going to translate if the starter is out? I believe it’s unlikely the Cowboys end up with Manziel, which won’t stop people speculating and swearing it will happen for the next five months. This scheme doesn’t fit Manziel’s skill set. The issue this season was that none of the backups could come in and execute this offense to the level needed in Tony Romo’s absence. Adding Manziel wouldn’t resolve that issue. Also, a backup quarterback, by definition, must be reliable, disciplined and maximize his time in practice with the very few snaps he receives. Does Manziel fall into that category?

Brandon George: Baggage never has deterred Jerry Jones from signing any player. Look at all the baggage that Greg Hardy brought with him, which trumps Manziel, and Jerry never shied away from it. Baggage won’t come into play. I don’t think Manziel is intentionally trying to get out of Cleveland. He’d be foolish to give up on that kind of money and, at the same time, lower his market value. Another team isn’t going to pay him nearly what he’s making now based on how much trouble he’s been for the Browns. He’s simply lacks maturity, accountability and intelligence. He’s part of this entitled generation. He didn’t study film in college and doesn’t know how to approach his job in a professional manner. He’s more of an issue than an answer for any team looking for a quarterback.

Jon Machota: With Manziel, Jones didn’t have much support within the draft room, so I don’t know why he’d have more support now. But when Jerry is involved, anything is possible. I can’t completely rule out the Cowboys trying to get Johnny, but I think it’s unlikely. You surely can’t be surprised about the possibility of Jerry Jones trying to get his hands on Johnny Manziel. I mean, that does seem like the perfect couple. I don’t know if Manziel would be a good fit for the Cowboys, but he’d certainly make headlines and that helps my business. You’d certainly see a lot of Manziel jerseys in AT Stadium. My biggest wonder would be how he’d mesh with Romo. Maybe he’d embrace learning from him. If Jerry doesn’t think those two can click, I don’t think the risk is worth it.

Babe Laufenberg: The last thing this team needs is to take on Johnny Manziel. There is enough controversy that swirls around this team without adding that circus. And look at the resume he is building in Cleveland. You always say don’t embarrass the team, the organization, or yourself. He has hit the trifecta. Cleveland forgot the one truism in life the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I see Johnny Manziel the same way I see Joseph Randle. Ultimately, he will break your heart. When he was partying on the bye week after specifically being told to watch his conduct, then lied to the team, he lost me for good. He comes with a “Caveat Emptor,” label on the back of his jersey. “Let the buyer beware.” I hear Johnny Manziel as a candidate to back up Romo and I laugh. If the guy can’t get himself ready to play as the starter, how do you think he will do when he doesn’t think he is going to play? I think the Manziel talk is overblown. Jerry gets on the radio and talks in generalities and risk taking and everyone assumes Manziel is coming here. Repeat after me Johnny Manziel is not coming to Dallas. Period. It is beyond me why anyone would want him. He needs to get his life in order and he needs professional help not a professional football team.

Kristi Scales: Are you implying there are distractions in Dallas such as clubs and nightlife? Hmmm. As for train wrecks, hasn’t this season been enough of a train wreck already, at least of terms of the offense being ‘challenged’ in terms of scoring points? I’m an Aggie, so I’ll always admire and appreciate what Johnny did for the school’s football program, but do you want to bring into your professional team someone who has lost the trust of his current employer (I’m referring to when he was benched last month by the Browns)?

Trump policies would help poor blacks

Is Donald Trump’s “law and order” campaign just code for racism? The media and Hillary Clinton sure believe so. The New York Times recently criticized him for supporting the deportation of people who have been charged with crimes and portrayed the aggressive profiling of terrorism suspects as racist and counterproductive.

The theme is echoed with Clinton attacks that Trump appeals to “xenophobic, racist, misogynistic” people.

High crime rates in urban areas are a result of many failed policies that give African Americans little hope for advancement and cause young black men to turn to gangs. pandora bracelets And on everything from education to jobs to directly lowering crime, Trump’s policies would offer a lifeline to people who have been losing ground for decades. Clinton’s policies will just exacerbate the problems. And no amount of debating points would change that.

On education, Trump strongly supports school choice. This would give inner city blacks a way out of horribly performing public schools. Clinton attacks charters and clearly opposes other forms of school choice, instead protecting teachers’ unions at the expense of students.

And who is harmed the most by illegal immigration? Who is most likely to suffer unemployment or wage reductions due to the added competition? Young, unskilled blacks and Hispanics. The biggest beneficiaries? Wealthy people who get to pay less for lawn care and housecleaning.

But crime is the immediate, life and death issue for so many people trapped in high crime urban areas. Too many come to physical harm, have their property stolen or lose their jobs as businesses are driven from their neighborhoods.

Clinton appears more focused on helping criminals, not victims. prison population by more than 50 percent and claims that won’t mean more crime. By contrast, Trump says the problem is a lack of police in high crime urban neighborhoods. He believes in making things riskier for criminals, not for victims.

Clinton has responded to the Black Lives Matter movement by calling for more restrictions on police use of deadly force. She has refused to support stiff prison penalties for those who knowingly cause bodily injury to police officers. But if you don’t believe the police are the problem, making their jobs more dangerous or difficult means police will be less effective in stopping crime in these high crime areas.

Clinton doesn’t understand that the most likely victims of violent crime poor blacks living in high crime, urban neighborhoods are the ones who stand to benefit the most from being able to defend themselves, and her gun control plan basically amounts to only letting whites, not minorities, get guns.

Or take something as seemingly innocuous as background checks on private transfers. Virtually everyone who fails a background check is someone who is legally eligible to buy a gun, so we’re not talking here about preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands. Law abiding minorities, particularly African Americans, are the ones most likely to be stopped from buying guns.

Clinton claims that background checks have stopped 2.4 million dangerous or prohibited people from buying a gun. Hispanics are more likely to share names with other Hispanics; the same is true of blacks. Because 30 percent of black males are forbidden from buying guns because of their criminal records, law abiding African American men often have their names confused with those of prohibited people.

Democrats haven’t served the black community well, and more of the same isn’t going to help. If African Americans are willing to listen to Trump, his logical arguments may have a chance of winning them over.

Hope Swinimer fights on

Hope Swinimer knew it was time to leave her home on Winnies Way in the tiny community of Seaforth, Halifax County, when she found a dead pigeon on her doorstep, torn with birdshot. A note wrapped around the little body like a shroud read, in jagged scribble: this. had known, five years earlier, it was time to move from her home in Eastern Passage when she realized her budding wildlife rehabilitation centre would only be taking on more patients. Outdoor cages began to creep inside as the guest room became a nursery. The rehab was growing and Swinimer needed a wilder place for the animals. She picked up and moved to Seaforth, where houses and farms are spattered along the Eastern Shore and the hills run down to the ocean.

ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE AUG. isn a little critter out there someone doesn hate. bought the house on Winnies Way, freer, better for the animals. Five years of growth later, the cramped feeling returned. Swinimer will try to rehabilitate any bird or beast brought to her doorstep, and this clashed with the rural sensibilities of some of her neighbours. She decided she needed space when someone, Swinimer never found out who, left the pigeon corpse.

As it happened, a nearby farm Swinimer had tried to buy when she first came to Seaforth went on the market. canada goose women She made an offer, and now she runs the Hope for Wildlife Society on four hectares of peaceful and remote land.

Swinimer is energetic, her sentences punctuated with gasping laughs. She almost always moving, naturally restless, never in repose. A squirming, hopping woman with piercing blue eyes crinkled at the corners. Swinimer is almost always smiling. on days she doesn have to. These are few; her tasks are many.

The farm two red buildings, a white house, a few wire enclosed bird pens, and a sprawling, fenced run for deer lies on a south facing hill, looking down at the Atlantic. Up the hill, past a roiling, squawking swarm of ducks, geese and peacocks, past a chain link enclosure that home to fat and serene Butterball, the groundhog, stands Swinimer white house.

Billy Joe the Canada Goose walks the yard at the Hope for Wildlife property in Seaforth while a tour is conducted in the background in late spring. (TED PRITCHARD / Staff)

It a grey day and cold blows over the lake speckled with birds. The house is old, as old as the rest of the farm, and the paint curls back from the grey wood siding. The cold seeps inside through the old farmhouse tired boards, but gets no further than the corners, thanks to the pellet stove radiating warmth.

Swinimer paces back and forth when on the phone. Right now, phone to her ear, she doing half laps of the kitchen.

People from all around Nova Scotia call Swinimer often, she says, after the Department of Natural Resources sends them her way. This time it raccoons. They come every night, says the woman over the phone. The neighbours feed them because they so cute.

Swinimer listens, speaks. Try rubbing castor oil on your back deck. It gums up their paws; they find the smell disgusting. Play music with thudding bass on a radio overnight. It doesn have to be loud enough to wake the neighbours. Shine a light in their ringed faces.

Swinimer pauses, smiles: not what you wanted to hear, was it? says kind but ignorant people often think of catch and release when nature creeps too close. At this time of the year, when the morning dew freezes and snow blows slowly south, catching the raccoons in a live trap and releasing them somewhere wilder and with less deliciously plump garbage bags, though seemingly an act of benevolence, would kill them almost as surely as a cake of poison or a bullet.

Without enough time to secure a source of food before the long freeze, and with local, established and territorial raccoons on their autumnal guard, transported raccoons will freeze or starve.

Swinimer urges the woman to scare the raccoons without uprooting them. me back and tell me how it goes. the phone on the kitchen table, Swinimer kneels down. Below her, on a worn dog bed pushed close to the softly hissing stove, lies a fox. Eyes closed and orange fur matted,the fox breath is quick and shallow. The diagnosis is head trauma from some unknown source. Swinimer strokes its fur, then gently lifts the fox and, with some difficulty, uncurls its legs, stiff as if from premature rigor mortis.

Little reaction, a twitch. She pushes its snout into a red clay bowl with a mixture of soft brown cat food and Boost, a supplement drink. The fox blows bubbles in the soup, coughing softly. It starts to lick without opening its orange eyelids. forgotten how to chew. the fox, named Susie, starts to show signs of recognizing its surroundings Swinimer says she can even be sure Susie can see or hear she might make it in the wild.

Swinimer carries the fox outside onto the grass and sets her down on four black mitten paws.

The fox toddles back and forth like a numb drunk, waving her small orange head slowly around, staring at nothing in particular. Swinimer will find out if this is the confused behaviour of a wild animal with partially deadened senses or the randomly firing synapses of near brain death when the results of a blood test come back in two weeks. Carrying Susie back into the house, Swinimer is almost resigned.

I don take a salary, says Swinimer of money raised for Hope for Wildlife. don take a penny and I never will. against the back of the molting house is a wood framed hutch with chicken wire. Grumpy at being woken up, a long, sleek animal with brown fur and a cream coloured face pops out of a wooden box, yowling and chittering. Just as quickly, it gone.

One of Swinimer roommates, Gretel is a pine marten, the curious and vocal cousin of the wolverine and the weasel. A tunnel leads from Gretel hutch to the warmth of the white house, where she has free range. steals socks, says Swinimer. measuring cups. November flies by, the mud freezes. The fowl beside the barn don seem to mind, honking and screeching through cold fog.

Outside a red building called the education centre, home to animals too injured or tame to thrive anywhere but in captivity, stand two volunteers wearing festive sparkling headbands topped with bobbing Christmas tree ornaments. Volunteers walk all around the farm, fading in and out of the fog, in preparation for today event. Hope for Wildlife is one of the many stops for Seaside Christmas, an event put on by a tourism association along the Eastern Shore.

Inside, Christmas music plays softly so as to not scare the animals. Swinimer spends the morning and afternoon talking to guests as they trickle in, telling different animal stories.

Oliver Twist, a barred owl, is an educational animal that a permanent resident at Hope for Wildlife and cannot be released because it lost a wing and has vision in only one eye. (TED PRITCHARD / Staff)

People alternately reach out to and cringe from bronze and gold Cornelius, the metre long corn snake. A blond boy in a hockey jacket befriends a yellow parrot named Topaz, who is twice the boy age. Normand, the one winged kestrel, pulls apart the body of a mouse, spreading flayed muscle and grey intestines across the surface of a flat rock until it looks like a sacrificial altar.

Many guests mention the Hope for Wildlife TV show. One woman tells Swinimer her family watches the show Filming for the fifth season began this past summer. Swinimer admits the show is little hammed up, but it brings money into the rehab centre and children from all over the country write letters asking about the animals. A volunteer tells me of meeting people in South Africa who first heard of Nova Scotia on the show, which airs in more than 20 countries.

There are wildlife rehabs as near as New Brunswick and as far away as Australia, where colourful songbirds and small macropods, a type of marsupial whose largest member is the kangaroo, are menaced by, among other things, house cats.

Cats are a huge killer of small wildlife, so Swinimer cat Taffy, orange and languid lives indoors. (Swinimer calls Taffy, a tom, calling him Taffy, who stoically shares the house with Gretel, the irate pine marten, says nothing one way or the other.)

In a lull between waves of visitors, Swinimer and the volunteers form a crescent around one of the televisions playing old episodes of the show. An adult brown bear the size of a dresser lies sedated on a metal table; a rubber gloved hand peels bloated, marble sized ticks from its half closed eyelids. The scene moves to men with blurred out faces carrying a bear sized box away.

Swinimer, who chased the bear through the forest with a net herself, says DNR blames her for giving the bear distemper. Swinimer disagrees.

NYC premiere of Rogen film canceled as threats fly

NEW YORK (AP) The blow that the hacking attack has dealt Sony is spreading beyond the entertainment corporation itself to theater chains and movie goers alike. And the financial toll is adding up too.

Threats of violence against movie theaters. The New York premiere of Interview canceled. Leaks of thousands more private emails. Lawsuits by former employees that could cost tens of millions in damages.

The fallout from the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack that began four weeks ago exploded Tuesday after the shadowy group calling themselves Guardians of Peace escalated their attack beyond corporate espionage and threatened moviegoers with violence reminiscent of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Department of Homeland Security said there was credible intelligence to indicate an active plot against movie theaters, but noted it was still analyzing messages from the group, dubbed GOP. pandora jewellery The warning did prompt law enforcement in New York and Los Angeles to address measures to ramp up security.

Those security fears spurred Sony to allow theater chains to cancel showings of the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy Interview, that has been a focus of the hackers mission to bring down Sony.

A spokesperson for Landmark Sunshine cinemas said the New York premiere of Interview, scheduled for Thursday night, has been canceled. Carmike Cinemas, which operates 247 theaters across the country, was the first to cancel its planned showings of the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

B. Riley analyst Eric Wold estimates that if box office and attendance revenue is completely lost for Carmike for Interview, that could cost the chain 1.5 percent to 1.9 percent of fourth quarter revenue not a major loss but if there is an event that happens in a theater, that would swell dramatically.

there is a lot of uncertainty that this brings into play for all exhibitors this holiday season, he said. question is whether or not moviegoers are willing to see another movie in its place or if this box office and associated attendance is just a loss. Co. analyst Mike Hickey said other chains are likely to follow suit and pull the movie.

have a hard time believing any theatre exhibitor would choose to show the movie on Christmas day, and risk the overhang of potential ramifications from a successful implemented terrorist attack from the hacker group or a random extremist that may have ancillary motivation, he said.

GOP also released a trove of data files including 32,000 emails to and from Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton in what it called the beginning of a gift. two former Sony film production workers filed lawsuits alleging the Culver City, California company waited too long to notify nearly 50,000 employees that data such as Social Security numbers, salaries and medical records had been stolen.

The filing follows another lawsuit this week from two other former Sony employees accusing the studio of being negligent by not bolstering its defenses against hackers before the attack. It claims emails and other leaked information show that Sony information technology department and its top lawyer believed its security system was vulnerable to attack, but that company did not act on those warnings. Sony potentially faces tens of millions of dollars in damages from a class action lawsuit, said Jonathan Handel, an entertainment law professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law.

In Interview, Rogen and Franco star as television journalists involved in a CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Speculation about a North Korean link to the Sony hacking has centered on that country angry denunciation of the film. Over the summer, North Korea warned that the film release would be an of war that we will never tolerate. will face retaliation.

The film was slated to hit theaters nationwide on Christmas Day. It premiered in Los Angeles last week.

But on Tuesday, Rogen and Franco pulled out of all media appearances, canceling a Buzzfeed Q and Rogen planned guest spot Thursday on Night With Seth Meyers. A representative for Rogen said he had no comment. A spokeswoman for Franco didn respond to queries Tuesday.

The FBI said it is aware of the GOP threats and to work collaboratively with our partners to investigate this matter. FBI director James Comey last week said that investigators are still trying to determine who is responsible for the hack.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said his department takes the hackers threats seriously and will be taking extra precautions during the holidays at theaters. The National Association of Theatre Owners had no comment on the developing situation. Neither Sony nor representatives from individual theater chains, including Carmike, responded to requests for comment.

Since the hack surfaced late last month, everything from financial figures to salacious emails between top Sony executives has been dumped online.

The nearly 32,000 emails to and from Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Lynton leaked Tuesday include information about casting decisions and total costs for upcoming films, release schedules for Sony films through 2018 and corporate financial records, such as royalties from iTunes, Spotify and Pandora music services. They include information about new electronics devices such as DVD players and cellphones. They also include budget figures for the Motion Picture Association of America, of which Sony is a member, and at least one email about a senior Sony executive who left the company. The emails also include banal messages about public appearances, tennis matches, home repairs, dinner invitations and business introductions.

Ein Gander mit einer anderen Allure

Paul Hollandsworth spielte Golf auf dem Red Wing Golf Course vor kurzem, als er auf die “weiße” Gans stieß, die andere dort gesehen haben.

Es gab eine Frage, ob die Gans, die ein paar blassbraune Federn hat, ein Kreuz zwischen einer Hausgans und einer Kanadagans oder etwas ganz anderem war.

Die Gans Stammbaum könnte Vogelbeobachter und Golfer stören, aber es scheint sicher nicht die Gans zu stören. canada goose schweiz outlet Er scheint zu glauben, dass er eine Kanadagans ist, nach Hollandsworths Geschichte.

An diesem Tag beobachtete er die weiße Ente und eine Kanadagans um die Zuneigung eines weiblichen Kanadas.

“Erst war das Schreien”, schrieb Hollandsworth. “Das Weiße und das Kanada, das versucht, die Frau zu überzeugen, die am robustesten war, etc., etc.

“Das Weibchen war zunächst geneigt, mit ihrer eigenen Art zu gehen, aber als das Gespräch zwischen den beiden Männchen erhitzter wurde, verlagerte sie, wie es Frauen tun wollen, ihre Liebe zum Weißen.

“Als er sah, dass er verlor, kämpften die Kanadier den Lärm und wurden kämpferischer. Die Entscheidung wurde abgeschlossen, als das Weiße in den See sprang, um das Weibchen zu verfolgen.

“Diese Entscheidung wurde lautstark durch das männliche Kanada protestiert, das dem nun liebevollen Paar um den See folgte. Er wurde so ausgesprochen, dass er unsere menschliche Abstammung sogar in Frage stellte, als wir am 16.Tee zogen.”

76ers 1st NBA team to land jersey deal with StubHub

76ers 1st NBA team to land jersey deal with StubHub

PHILADELPHIA (AP) The Philadelphia 76ers have become the first team in the NBA to put a sponsorship logo on player uniforms, striking a deal with StubHub for a spot on one of the hottest pieces of real estate available in sports.

StubHub, a website that connects ticket buyers and sellers, will have its logo appear on the front left of the jersey in 2017 18 for the start of a three year trial period. The patches will appear opposite Nike logo, and measure about 2 inches.

“We so tightly associated with the event going experience that it was natural for us to move aggressively and chase this opportunity,” StubHub President Scott Cutler said.

StubHub will appear in white lettering inside a blue rectangle for home jerseys; blue lettering inside a white rectangle for road jerseys; and red lettering inside a white rectangle for the alternate jerseys.Cheap Jerseys from china

The Sixers are set to display the jersey Monday morning in front of the National Constitution Center.

Logos appear on international and MLS soccer jerseys, and many athletes in individual sports wear their sponsors attire in competition. The NBA announced the deal last month and expected the move could generate at least $100 million annually. The NBA becomes the first of the four major sports leagues to allow the corporate sponsorship patch, a step that the NFL, Major League Baseball and NHL have yet to take.

“I always been jealous of the English Premier League teams. NASCAR figured it out a long time ago,” 76ers CEO Scott O said. “For some reason, the big four sports in North America have not. I think it an unbelievable opportunity.”

Major League Soccer teams began selling jersey sponsorships in 2007, and they generate more than $6 million annually in revenues.

“I think there a push to figure out new sources of revenue and the NBA seems to be a leader in that,” O said.

Adidas enters the final year of its contract as the NBA official outfitter next season. When Nike takes over, its logo will become the first on league jerseys, except for those of the Charlotte Hornets, who are owned by Michael Jordan. The logo of his Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike, could be on the Hornets instead.

“The numbers that have been run that track viewers eyeballs, the numbers are pretty aggressive in terms of where the placement is,” O said.

Commissioner Adam Silver said in April the sales can expand the league growth oversees by drawing companies who want to be involved.

“But there a reason this is a pilot program,” he said. “I mean, we listen very closely to our fans, and so we see what the reaction is.”

The WNBA has allowed teams to sell ad patches since 2009 and the NBA allowed Kia to advertise on the 2016 All Star game jerseys.

The Sixers and StubHub already partnered on a ticketing platform for next season that will blend the secondary and primary ticket options on one site. The Sixers will direct all buyers to its team branded experience on StubHub.

Lettres à l’éditeur

Je lis avec intérêt votre éditorial, Une ode à snowbirds. Mon mari et moi avons été snowbirds canadiens dans cette région pour les 23 dernières années; 21 de ces années en tant que propriétaires. Doudoune Canada Goose Homme Nous sommes reconnaissants de pouvoir passer six mois de l’année au cours de l’hiver au soleil dans cette belle région de Naples.

Dans nos 23 ans ici, nous avons vu de nombreuses améliorations aux routes, plages, paysage, et également assisté à la construction de milliers de maisons et de condos où les vaches broutaient une fois.

Comme les résidents du Nord de l’Ontario au Canada, nous sommes très familiers avec la ville de Wawa et de la sculpture d’oie du Canada qui est devenu une grande attraction touristique.

Dans l’affirmative, il serait unique d’avoir une sculpture similaire à Naples. Ma suggestion serait d’ériger cette sculpture aussi près que possible au bureau de l’impôt foncier dans le complexe comté de Collier gouvernement, en raison du fait que notre taux élevé d’avantages fiscaux de propriété tous ceux qui résident dans la région de l’année »et qui ont le avantage de la Loi sur Homestead!

Impôt à payer l’aide snowbirds en réalimenter plages, la construction et l’entretien des routes, l’aménagement paysager, les parcs, les écoles, les bibliothèques, etc., tous nécessaires pour construire une grande communauté.

49ers coach denies criticizing QB Smith

49ers coach denies criticizing QB Smith

Coach Mike Nolan during the the 49ers three day minicamp on Friday, May 2, 2008. His play’s been better at the position than what we’ve had at any point in the last three years.”

That three year time frame corresponds with the arrival of Smith.

Nolan tried to clarify his comments after practice Monday, saying he was talking about the improved play of 49ers quarterbacks in general and not O’Sullivan specifically. Nolan said King must have gotten mixed up during their phone conversation.Cheap Jerseys from china

“I could answer for him, but I know what I said and I know what I was thinking,” Nolan said. “I was thinking the same thing I’ve been telling you guys every day we’ve been out here.” King did not return an e mail sent Monday afternoon.

To soothe things over with Smith, the coach asked director of public relations Aaron Salkin to talk with the quarterback during the morning walk through.

“I didn’t tell him one on one. Aaron brought it to my attention,” Nolan said. “I said, ‘Will you make sure?’ Go mention to Alex the thing for me and I’ll talk to him later.”

It’s Lelie’s first and last chance to make an impression before the rosters are trimmed from 75 to the final 53 on Saturday. Asked if he was leaning toward keeping five or six receivers on the team, Nolan said: “I’m on the fence.”

That means Lelie is on the bubble. The apparent locks are Isaac Bruce, Josh Morgan, Bryant Johnson and Battle. Other candidates include Lelie, Jason Hill, Cam Colvin and Dominique Zeigler, who ranks third in the NFL with 14 catches during the preseason.

55 win over Bismarck St

55 win over Bismarck St

The Fargo Davies boys basketball team shed its “new kid on the block” tag when it qualified for the Class A state high school tournament for the first time a year ago.

On Saturday, the Eagles in their fourth season as a program earned “top dog” status with a 62 55 win over Bismarck St. Mary’s in the state title game at the Minot State Dome.

It is the first boys team state championship in school history.

“It is unbelievable,” said Davies senior guard Tanner Kretchman, who was named Mr. Basketball and senior athlete of the year following the game. “It is the first one in school history and words can’t really describe how great it feels.”
Cheap Jerseys from china
Kretchman finished with a game high 32 points and six assists for the Eagles (23 2).

The No. 2 ranked Eagles led 23 22 at halftime, but St. Mary’s took a 33 31 lead with 10 minutes, 27 seconds left to play when senior guard Darius Sparks connected on a 10 foot jump shot.

Following Sparks’ bucket, Davies tied the game four different times, but didn’t regain the lead until senior guard Andrew Kozlowski hit a 3 pointer with 4:52 remaining making it 48 47.

“It comes down to confidence in those situations,” said Kozlowski, who finished with 16 points. “It is hard to have confidence down the stretch, but my teammates trusted me with the ball there and luckily I came through.”

Davies never trailed after that.

Kretchman followed Kozlowski’s shot with field goals on back to back possessions.

“When you have two guys like Tanner and Andrew you always like your chances,” Fargo Davies coach Bart Manson said. “Andrew hit a big shot at the end and Tanner was huge as well. I’m going to miss those two next year. They made me look like a pretty darn good coach this season.”

Sparks finished with a team high 21 points for the No. 3 ranked Saints (20 5). St. Mary’s senior guard Ben Weisbeck added 15 points and 13 rebounds.

“It was going come down to one little run and who was going make that run,” St. Mary’s coach Brent De Kok said. “Unfortunately, it was Davies.”

Third place

Bismarck Century 72, Fargo South 58: Tyler Rudolph scored 10 points and added seven rebounds to help Bismarck Century claim third place.

Football team should acknowledge road fans

Thousands and thousands of Tech alumni and fans were tailgating and heading toward the stadium with no sign of Wake Forest black and gold in sight. I figured there must be some visitor lot where they were all coming from, or that local Wake Forest fans would fill the stadium later toward kickoff time. But, as I entered the stands, Grove Stadium looked a whole lot like Lane stadium. The ENTIRE visitor?s side was maroon and orange, save for the late entering Wake Forest fans in the student section. Two large sections of the stadium?s home side were also filled with Hokie faithful, and it was apparent that the home crowd was all but outnumbered. I knew Tech fans traveled well, but never had I seen this. Tech fans literally screamed their hearts out for the defense (which was on the field for most of the game) non stop for four quarters, and the Hokies pulled out a last second victory. pandora earrings But it is post game where I and the other fans around me felt slighted. As far as Tech fans traveled to cheer on the Hokies as a 12th man in such an overwhelming game, the entire team and coaching staff casually walked or jogged straight into the locker room. There wasn?t so much as a wave, helmet raise or step toward the still full visiting stands to acknowledge the crowd. As a college football fan since the age of seven, I?ve never seen that before. Road teams, especially when pulling off clutch victories, almost always salute their traveling fans in some form or fashion. He?s got a team of inexperienced young men that might not know better, but Beamer should. As they left the sidelines, Beamer, or someone on the coaching staff, should have grabbed a few jersey sleeves and told the guys, ?Hey, go salute all of these fans who came to support you.? It doesn?t take long to turn around from the sideline and raise a helmet. Although none of us are worse off without it, I know the thousands of Hokie fans sure would have appreciated it a bit more than hearing it in a coach?s blurb on local radio two days later. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually oriented language.

58 years in the Christmas business

58 years in the Christmas business

I consulted with Jim, a Christmas tree farmer friend of mine, to ask if he had any ideas for my December column. The first guy Jim thought of was Doug Kell, who has been a supplier to the Christmas business since the mid 1950s.

“He’s 83 years old,” Jim told me. “He used to be a sea captain out of New Jersey. To make money in the off season he’d drive up to Maine to buy Christmas trees, then he’d sell them back at home.”

Eventually, Doug moved to Maine with his family to run his growing company. Kelco Industries does much of the “backstage” work behind the pageantry of the holiday season. Doug invented and improved machines for farming, producing, and shipping Christmas trees and wreaths; he opened an art gallery and Christmas shop; and he flies his plane between his Milbridge factory and the tree farm he bought in Aroostook County.

“His energy level has always been higher than almost anybody I know,” Jim said.

A few days later I was walking through the multi building complex that makes up Kelco Industries, with Doug Kell as my guide. Doug is a colorful storyteller with a quick sense of humor. When I reminded him that I’d already heard some of his stories, he grinned.

“Ah. That means I’ve got to keep my lies to a minimum,” he said.Cheap Jerseys from china

The most striking part of my Kelco tour was the atmosphere heavily laden with the scent of balsam and the accelerating energy of a business on the threshold of crunch time.

“These are the Golden Girls,” he said, introducing me to a group of jovial women tucking balsam boughs into frames for kissing balls and table centerpieces.

“Most of them have been working here since the 1950s.”

The Golden Girls are only a few of the 50 year round employees of Kelco. The number grows to about 75 during the holiday season. I saw many of them sorting boughs, assembling decorations, taking orders, filling boxes for shipping. Though busy, they had time for a friendly hello to the boss.

“My employees are all part of my large family,” Doug said.

That attitude toward his workers has a history a small part of a very colorful history that goes back to his childhood in New Jersey.

Before the economic crash of the 1930s, Doug’s father had worked in construction. When the economy tanked, Mr. Kell took to farming.

“We raised food for ourselves, but also for some of the worker families. They’d give their table scraps to our pigs, and we shared our pork with them. That’s how things were.”

But Doug never liked farming, and he is a man who finds his own way. He got his first job on a fishing boat at age 15. Years later he got his captain’s license and spent decades leading chartered fishing trips all along the East Coast. But that wasn’t until after the Korean War.

Since he had always wanted to fly, Doug enlisted in the Air Force for his war service. His only A in high school, he said, had been in a class on aerial navigation. Though he never flew a plane during the war, his navigation expertise opened opportunities. Some older officers needed refresher training in navigation, so private first class Kell offered to teach them. That’s how Doug befriended so many officers including one who lent Doug his uniform so he could sneak a ride on a T 33. The plane crashed during takeoff and split in two. PFC Kell walked away unharmed and undiscovered.

“I got away with more things than I’m going to tell you,” he said with a laugh

Kelco produces their own wreaths, but they purchase many more so that they can distribute maximum numbers as freshly as possible. They’ll send about 25,000 wreaths in a two week period. One warehouse, about three stories high, was filled to the rafters with bins of greenery.

“We’ll use that up in about a week,” Doug said; “And we don’t waste a thing. All the extra gets turned into potpourri.”

In other buildings I saw machines of all kinds that Kelco both sells and uses. There are machines for making garlands, bows, wreaths, clamps and kissing balls, and there are gadgets for fitting trees into boxes for shipping. Many were either designed or improved by Doug. Though he had a year of college, most of what Doug has learned has been on the job and on his own.

“I’m a homegrown engineer,” he said.

He’s also good at thinking on his feet and makes decisions quickly. After his first date with his future wife, he told a friend he’d just met the girl he would marry.

“That’s how I make decisions boom like that.” They went on to raise six children.

Supplying Christmas machines and greens is challenging, multi faceted work. It requires that you change every year if you want to stay in business. At age 83, might Doug be thinking about retirement?

“I plan on having a big retirement party at age 100,” he said.

The bottom line is, he loves everything about what he does. “When it’s not fun anymore, I’ll leave.”Sen. Collins says she will not vote for Donald TrumpMaine has sliced the ranks of nurses who prevent outbreaks, help drug affected babiesTrial of father, daughter may explain how drug ring operated for 12 yearsMaine forest rangers battling three wildfiresAuditors advise dinging Emera $2M over customer billing system

65 Saint Dunstan’s Saints hockey team

65 Saint Dunstan’s Saints hockey team to be recognized Friday

The Saint Dunstan’s University (SDU) Saints team that won a Maritime intercollegiate hockey title 50 years ago will be recognized Friday in Charlottetown.

The team was 8 0 heading to St. with a chance to clinch the Maritime championship. There were no playoffs then; the team with the best record won the title.

“It was the most emotional game I ever experienced as a player,” said Gordie Whitlock. “It was a hostile environment. They had a small ice surface and chicken wire around it and it seemed like people were hanging from the rafters. It was going to be a tough game for sure.”

He said he admired the team for being able to clinch the title on the road under difficult circumstances.

“We had to be disciplined and X was a really tough physical team, but we kept working hard that game and we won 6 5 and won the championship.”

At nationals in Winnipeg they came from behind to defeat Sir George Williams 3 1 in the semifinal before losing 9 2 to the University of Manitoba in the final.

It was the second and last hockey championship for Saint Dunstan’s University, which had won the Maritime title in 1946 47.Cheap Jerseys from china

Whitlock remembers the support the team received from the university, students and professors.

“We felt comfortable in the rink and with the crowd behind us it seemed like teams coming in were down by a couple of goals before the puck was dropped,” he said. “One of the things that comes to my mind is that there were about 600 students at SDU at the time and 600 students were supporting the team coming to the rink and the professors also came out and supported us.”

Whitlock started skating for the SDU in the fall of 1963 after playing a few seasons with the Prince of Wales Welshmen.

“We had a good team at SDU when I started, guys like Dick Tingley were there, and were winning a lot of games in the league. But when Billy (MacMillan) came we were really building toward something.”

MacMillan was a star forward who came back home and to SDU after his junior career with St. Mike’s Majors.

MacMillan went on to play with Canada’s national team, winning a bronze at the Grenoble Olympics in 1968. He played with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Atlanta Flames and New York Islanders. He became an assistant coach with the Islanders, head coach and general manager with the Colorado Rockies and New Jersey Devils.

His play propelled the Saints to the title. He led the league in scoring and was an obvious choice as MVP. He and defenceman Vince Mulligan were first team all stars and Whitlock was a second team all star. SDU also had a hard hitting defence and the solid goaltending of George MacNeill.

“We had a good group of guys led by Billy. Vincey on defence was a heart and soul guy and another thing is we had 10 or 11 guys from the Island on the team and other teams had already started bringing in players from outside the region for their team,” Whitlock said.

70 percent of US now coated in snow

70 percent of US now coated in snow

New York New England is now taking the brunt of a powerful winter storm that left New York with nine inches of snow enough to slow it down but not shut it down.

As the storm moved past eastern Long Island on Wednesday morning, it was intensifying, blasting islands like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket with near hurricane force winds, which were creating large snowdrifts and dangerous driving conditions. The snowfall totals were expected to be as high as 25 to 30 inches in some parts of New England. “By tonight, it will be all over except the digging and the ice picking.”Home heating 101: six cold facts on staying warm this winter

“That is a rarity. It is way above normal,” Mr. Bastardi says.

School closings were widespread in eastern Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and eastern Massachusetts. Public schools in New York City, however, remained open.

The storm wreaked havoc with the nation’s transportation system, especially the airports. Boston’s Logan International Airport was open, but no flights were operating.Cheap Jerseys from china

On Wednesday morning, Amtrak said it had suspended service between New York and Boston because of damage to the overhead power system near Sharon, Mass. Commuter train service between New York and Connecticut on the Metro North Railroad was reduced and in some areas suspended.

New York City seemed to have gotten the streets cleaned up much faster than after the December blizzard. Sanitation trucks, equipped with plows, kept the main avenues plowed through the night. The city had made a “weather declaration” that made the traffic lighter than normal, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a news conference.

The city hired contractors to tackle the snow on smaller streets, where cleanup had taken days after the December storm. The city also deployed an extra 1,000 laborers to shovel entrances to the subways.

“Our goal was just not ‘get back to business as usual,’ but to have a more effective snow response,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

One effort, he said, included global positioning devices on the garbage trucks. This helped when one garbage truck got stuck, he said, and more of the devices will be ordered. “They sent ambulances when we needed help,” he noted.

Further north in Connecticut, many communities struggled to clear their roads. In Fairfield, Debbie Estock reported mid Wednesday morning that her block had not been plowed out of the 20 to 26 inches of snow. Ms. Estock, an editor at Yale Robbins Publications in New York, planned to work from home.

“I would think I’ll be to work tomorrow,” Estock said.

Although her road may get plowed, she probably won’t see much melting immediately, says Bastardi, who points out that all the snow on the ground keeps the air temperature cold.

The East Coast will get a break from the snow for about the next two weeks, Bastardi expects. In fact, by next week, rain will help to wash away some of the snow in New York and Boston, he says.

The next round of cold weather could begin later next week. He anticipates a major shot of cold air hitting the midsection of the nation by Jan. 20.

“It may stay below zero all day in Chicago,” he warns.

Although New York and the rest of the East Coast may not get another storm soon, he expects a new winter storm to pummel Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinnati in the next 10 days. “We have not seen a powerful Ohio Valley storm yet,” he says. “That could be the next area to be hit.”

How To Organize A Birthday Party At Home

The effervescence of the children is something to be seen to be believed. Your six year old has just finished his birthday party and the planning for the next year party has already started. The most important day for a child is his Birthday. The reverse counting has already started and so have parents fears of undoing the whole house for the large group of the guests. The arrangements should be the best as the host is your little prince / princess. Is thinking of the party, especially in summers, giving you the goose bumps? Don worry; here are some tips and tricks to make you look like an entertainment expert, without getting hot under your collar and hence giving your child the coolest party ever.

Food Rules: Plan your menu according to the age group of your child.canada goose If he is in the age group of 0 6 keep the food uncomplicated. Have finger foods such as French fries, Chinese toast, veg/non veg spring rolls, sponge cake jelly, pancakes, sandwiches and ice cream. All these things are such that you won have to sweat yourself in the kitchen and the children would be super happy. The drinks should be non alcoholic and easy to make preferably make them well before the arrival of the guests.

The other category of children teenagers are easy to handle as they can eat all sorts of meals and they enjoy the most if the venue is in a restaurant or an outdoor location like a park.

Decor Rules: Leave your house as it is; don over embellish it unless you are having some theme party. Since the most important part is the cake cutting and the eating is done in the dining room so the dining room furniture has to be decorated or shifted if need be. Hang a beautiful hand made lamp on your dining room table for giving some special effects to the party. Do not arrange the dining chairs around the table even if the children are less. The arrangements should be a buffet as the children like to eat when they sit together. The dining room chairs should be arranged in such a way that they can gossip or enjoy while eating. Since the children tend to spoil your expensive table tops so it is advisable to keep removable table pads under the serving dishes. There should be sufficient lights at different heights. Dim the lights for an indoor party as they may cause heat. If you are having an outdoor party, wet the concrete ground or lawns several hours before the party to lower the temperature.

The main area where the children are to be seated should be decorated the most. The rest can be comparatively less decorated.

Conversation Rules: Introduce all the little ones by their names to the other guests. It is better to listen than to talk in your own party. Ensure that everyone glass is full and the snacks are equally distributed, as children may hesitate to take a second helping. As children like to talk less and play more so be sure to arrange a few games for them. Detail some responsible person to make them enjoy, like an elder child. The food should be arranged while the outdoor activities are in progress.

In the end I would say that let your children enjoy the party in full swing and the parents should treat them this time without either of the twin burdens of sweat and stress.

Martin bounces Grassie from Safeway Championship

BRANDON West St. Paul’s Reid Carruthers survived the dangerous B side of the Safeway Championship to emerge with two new lives.

Carruthers clipped Granite’s Scott Ramsay 8 4 in a B side qualifier at Westman Place to advance to Friday night’s playoff round.

back to having two lives, Carruthers said. in the same spot as (Fort Rouge’s Mike) McEwen and (Charleswood’s Jeff) Stoughton and all of the other big dogs who have qualified . We’re a good team. We may have put ourselves against a wall by losing our second game. wholesale jerseys from china But we’re still alive and we’re Final 8. will face Stoughton, his old skipper, in the first game of those playoffs.

excited, I wouldn’t want to play anyone else, said Carruthers, who won the last two Manitoba titles at second for Stoughton. I manage to beat him and beat Mike and the oother top seeds, I’d have a great feeling if I make it to the Brier, right? So, you always want to play the best. qualifying were Granite’s Matt Dunstone, Stonewall’s Jared Kolomaya and East St. Paul’s Evan Martin.

Dunstone eliminated West Kildonan’s Daley Peters 8 3; Kolomaya bounced Fort Rouge’s Kyle Foster 9 3 and Martin downed Pinawa’s Richard Muntain 8 6.

feels good, it’s the first time in four years, said Kolomaya, who will play Deer Lodge’s Braden Calvert. had a few games against Calvert this and I thjink it’s 2 1 in our favour so hopefully, we can keep it going. will play Carberry’s Kelly Marnoch and Martin will take on McEwen.

Earlier, Deer Lodge’s Sean Grassie paid the price for passing on a draw to the eight foot in an extra end against East St. Paul’s Evan Martin on Friday afternoon. With Martin’s shot rock frozen to a Grassie rock in the back 12, Grassie chose to hit and all three rocks rolled out.

In the 12th end, Grassie’s attempted draw to a Martin shot rock was wide and heavy, so Martin emerged with a 9 8 victory, bouncing Grassie from the event.

don’t know, I could have played the draw (in 11), said a despondent Grassie, the No. 5 seed. had a nose hit a little on the high side to pick it out, so yeah, probably the draw was the shot.

a tough way to lose the game. We had a lot of chances to win and it’s never easy to lose the way we did it. the other games on the afternoon draw, Carruthers stayed alive with an 8 2 victory over Granite’s Trevor Loreth in six ends; Foster bounced Neepawa’s Kelly Robertson 10 6; and Dunstone eliminated Pembina’s Dan Birchard 8 2.

In the A side qualifiers, Calvert clipped Pinawa’s Richard Muntain 9 6; McEwen sunk Kolomaya 8 1; Stoughton beat Peters 8 4 and Marnoch downed Ramsay 10 7.

feels good to be in the Final 8, Calvert said. started playing good at the end of that game again, so we know we can play with these guys. It’s exciting . I didn’t have draw weight today and I’m gonna have to work on that for the next game. The guys kept making shots for me, even though I was struggling a little bit and we managed to pull out a tight one.

pretty special. You look at the company we have with us in that Final 8. You have McEwen and Stoughton and Marnoch. It’s pretty special to know that you’re one of those teams, for sure.

The reigning Canadian junior men’s champion qualified for the Final 8 of the Safeway Championship on Friday morning.

Deer Lodge’s Braden Calvert clipped Pinawa’s Richard Muntain 9 6 in an A side qualifier at Westman Place.

Fort Rouge’s top ranked Mike McEwen, Charleswood’s second seeded Jeff Stoughton and Carberry’s Kelly Marnoch also qualified.

Hund Care Products

Der er masser af hunde pleje produkter på markedet, der er naturlige alternativer til syntetiske produkter. Hvis du elsker din hund, og jeg gætte de fleste hundeejere gør, du sandsynligvis ønsker at forkæle ham med kun de bedste produkter, såsom naturlig hund sæbe og shampoo, PET senge, og loppe afskrækningsmidler. Heldigvis er der nogle virksomheder, der virkelig appellerer til vores hunde venner ved at give nogle ekstraordinære hund pleje produkter, der fremmer gode hunde helbred.

Ikke alene har mange PET senge kommer med gåsedun påfyldning og bløde fleece dækker, men nu er mange hundeejere køber kæledyr varmepuder til de kølige nætter. Din hund vil sandsynligvis ikke ønsker at komme ud af sengen, hvis du forkæle ham med en varmepude, men de fleste ejere er enige om, at deres hunde er det værd.dcanadagooseonline Hvis din hund sover udenfor i et hundehus eller i garagen, kan du virkelig hjælpe ham til at sove godt ved at give en varm seng med en komfortabel madras.

Hertil kommer, ikke overse betydningen af ​​gode naturlige loppe afskrækningsmidler, der vil holde de irriterende critters i skak. Der er intet mere skærpende til en hund, en frakke fuld af bidende lopper. Du kan hjælpe ham ved indsæbning hans pels regelmæssigt, anvender loppe frastødende, og, naturligvis, yde tilstrækkelig mad, vand, og motion.

Hund Care Products til din lodne venner

De fleste hunde-elskere kunne ikke drømme om at tilbageholde de allerbedste pleje for deres hunde. Dette kan betyde, at du får lidt crazy hengive ham med de bedste renseprodukter, gourmet behandler, og bed tid indkvartering, men mere end sandsynligt, vil han virkelig sætter pris på din indsats. Hvis du elsker din hund i stykker, kan du tjekke hund pleje produkter online, på mange online forhandlere.

Their names were being read aloud

Their names were being read aloud, as the names of the war dead often are: Keith Haring . Kenneth G. Harper . Charles T. Harper . “Ah, the language of handbags,” he cries. “Your handbag says as much about you as the car you drive: it’s intensely personal. And while a woman’s choice of handbag is probably something that most men don’t consciously notice, other women clock immediately.

You can do this five different ways(1) Ask open ended questions that really get the other person talking a lot. How was your day/weekend/week? What are your hobbies? What do you think of this town? If there is one wish you could wish for, what would it be? The last one might really get them thinking. Don’t limit yourself to just talking about the weather.

But what is truly extraordinary is the humility that shines through. Almost every runner hugs a friend or a stranger they meet on the course and says: couldn have done it without you. Is truly the magical bond of running.. Grills: For hardcore grillers, the outdoor cooking season never ends. So if you’re in need of an upgrade, and just think what you could do with six burners rather than just four, strike now while the sales are red hot. Sears has gas grills for up to 50 percent off.
replica handbags
The difficulty in finding and keeping talented people is having a catastrophic impact on many businesses and industries throughout the world. In addition to those retiring, surveys show one out of every three people plan on quitting their jobs this year. The greatest threat employers face is losing their best and brightest to the competition.

“It’s difficult to investigate a case like this because there’s so many patient rights to privacy.”After reviewing the home health care worker’s report, detectives said they noticed other incorrect information.”Calvin had fallen down and burned himself a week and a half before, and the home health care worker did not document those injuries,” Reeve sad. “If he was there, let’s say the 25th, why didn’t he make note Calvin had a huge gash on his face and the skins on his legs were peeling off from the severe burn he got over a week before that.”In addition to what police call inaccurate reports by the VA worker, Reeve said the worker has a “disturbing” background.”He has a pretty significant criminal history of breaking and entering, burglary, he’s been charged with domestic violencecharges when he was younger, but significant charges,” said Reeve. “You would think that you wouldn’t take a person like this and send him into people’s homes.”But Froats said background checks for most federal jobs go back five years, and the employee in question has no known criminal history during that period of time.Reeve said he “feels sorry” for Coleman because he wasn’t getting the treatment he should’ve been getting.”These are our veterans, people who have put their lives on the line to protect our country, and they deserve better,” he said.Coleman was the oldest of seven siblings, his sister said.

Will Hillary Clinton run

Will Hillary Clinton run for the Democratic nomination unopposed

Washington Hillary Rodham Clinton is now 100 percent certain to run for president, up from 98 percent, sources from her nascent campaign tell Politico. She came to that decision right after Christmas, and plans to announce her campaign in early April.

Was there any doubt that former Secretary of State Clinton would run? Nope, at least not in the past several months. Methodically, carefully, she has been building her team and lining up nfl jerseys And now, perhaps, the biggest question is whether any Democrats will make a serious run against her for their party’s nomination.

Martin O’Malley, who just left the governor’s chair in Maryland, has long been preparing to run. But he is holding back. Ditto Vice President Joe Biden, who has long wanted to make a third try for the Oval Office. Last week, he told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos that “there’s a chance” he’ll run, but he’s seen as ready to run only if Clinton doesn’t.

So far, Senator Warren insists she’s not running, and her actions bear that out. But Senator Sanders isn’t seen as a major threat to Clinton the way Warren would be.

For Clinton, there’s no reason to announce anytime soon. Polls show she’s the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination, without any formal announcement.

“It makes no sense to announce what she’s doing now,” a longtime Clinton confidante told the New York Daily News. “There’s no advantage for her to become the lightning rod of the Democratic Party. I would not pick a date: I would try and stay out as long as I possibly could.”

The sooner Clinton announces, the sooner President Obama faces the label of “lame duck” and the sooner she returns fully to the campaign spotlight, with all the intense scrutiny that brings.

Besides, this past weekend showed that the Republicans are giving political reporters plenty to write about and that Democrats may well be better off sitting back and letting the opposition display its internal divisions. Between Sarah Palin’s rambling presentation and Donald Trump’s musings about 2016 at the Iowa Freedom Summit, plus the sight of four other possible GOP contenders at a Koch brothers event in Palm Springs, Calif., the Republican Party is giving us a rerun of the messy 2012 nomination process that ended with the Democrats holding onto the White House.

Not that Clinton can sit back and assume anything. The GOP field has some new faces that make it stronger than the 2012 field, starting with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Soon enough, apparently, Clinton will announce her candidacy, and the reality of another presidential campaign will hit her.

The next question is whether there will even be any Democratic primary debates. After all, if polls continue to show her with a massive lead against the rest of the Democratic field, what’s the point?

In fact, there may be a point. After four years as secretary of State and a two year hiatus from public life, she will be rusty. True, Clinton won’t want members of her own party attacking her, but she may need the practice. After all, the eventual Republican nominee won’t go easy on her or the Obama record, which she will have to defend, more or less.

History will weigh heavily on Clinton, who came into the 2008 cycle as front runner, only to lose the nomination to Mr. Obama.

This time, Politico reports, “the Clinton team knows it can’t campaign with the swagger of a presumptive nominee because the air of inevitability was so damaging last time around.”

But there’s no Obama this time around. And some Clinton advisers are already talking running mates. Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Tim Kaine of Virginia top early speculation, according to Politico. Other names include Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julin Castro, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is running for US Senate.

The catering business is tough

Energy, TransportsEnergy companies in the S 500 fell as crude oil slipped for a fourth day. Noble Energy Inc. Tumbled 8.2 percent after Israel’s High Court blocked a proposal to regulate the natural gas industry, a ruling that will complicate plans to develop the country’s largest fields.

The catering business is tough, with the details of preparing food off premises and on site for hundreds of people often times mind boggling. It is not easy to cater to an event of 400 people, much more if you start to do thousands, some 60 miles from your home (what if you forget the sauce?). Successfully running a small catering business takes much more than a passion for cooking and a knack for preparing tasty dishes.

The mall is becoming a destination shopping area, seeing an increase in out of state shoppers with the upscaling of its tenants. Some of the more upscale shopping areas in and around the mall include Brooks Brothers, Michael Kors, Microsoft and Jos. A. replica handbags

Competition, prices will be driven downward, Wohlers said. A company and technology are potentially disruptive, you are going to see changes in the industry. Said in May that BMW, Nike and Johnson Johnson are among its development and strategic partners.

Sometimes the more innovative a solution is, the harder it is to convey to a potential buyer. If you have a new technology or your concept is complex, use illustrations and demos to show clients what it’s all about. People tend to remember what they’re shown more than what they’re told, and if you can find a way to let customers and the media actually use your product or service, recall goes up..

Your goals for converting your hobby into a business can spell the difference in the level of success that it can generate. If you want your craft business to generate or supplement your family income, then you have to get serious and start treating it as a business. Read the article Your Hobby into a Business.

But changes will always happen, some will make you happy and others will haunt you. And there is one change that is starting to haunt me now! After I gave birth, I gained weight and I lost that slender body with those curves. Ha! I’m starting to miss it now and at times like this I begin to feel a little sad on how I look today.

“I hate what happened. What happened was wrong. Flat out,” Harbaugh told reporters after Wednesday’s training camp practice. But it never hurts to try these pieces on. Five years ago, I bought a Lida Baday caramel leather jacket with a peplum waist at 70 per cent off from Milli. I am still getting compliments on it.

Calories in Ciroc Vodka

Calories in Ciroc Vodka

Enjoying a night on the town leads to many choices, including the type and brand of alcohol to consume. If you favor vodka, Ciroc is a brand that might be in stock at your local bar. Ciroc vodka has a caloric content comparable to other spirits, including whiskey and gin, making it lower than beer or wine, albeit in a smaller serving size. To avoid dramatically increasing your caloric intake, keep your alcohol consumption low.
canada goose bird
Taking Your Shot

The flavor of Ciroc vodka dictates how many calories a serving contains. A 1.5 ounce serving of unflavored Ciroc has 97 calories. The same size serving of the amaretto flavor contains 96 calories, while the coconut flavor has 94 calories. A 1.5 ounce serving of the red berry flavor contains 91 calories, and the peach flavor contains 96 calories. If you enjoy any flavor of Ciroc in a mixed drink, remember to count the calories of the drink’s other ingredients.

Can A President Really Fix A Bad Economy

Can A President Really Fix A Bad Economy

President Obama’s problem is not unusual. Every president gets the blame when times are bad. “If there’s one issue over which a president can lose an election, it’s the economy,” says Stephen Weatherford, a political scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Presidents can influence fiscal policy, if they have the support of Congress which Obama lacks at this point. But even when presidents can persuade Congress to go along, there are limits to how much they can influence the economy as a whole, Weatherford says. They can’t force firms to hire workers or banks to lend money, for instance. Nevertheless, presidents always receive either more credit or blame than they deserve for the way things are going. “Expectations are high for the president too high and unrealistically high,” says George C. Edwards III, a presidential scholar at Texas A University. That’s a political reality every modern president has understood. “There’s such an exaggerated view of what they can do,” says presidential historian Robert Dallek. President Taft said that “people think the presidents can make the grass grow and the skies turn to blue. It’s simply out of their reach.” Here’s a quick survey of how presidents have responded to economic challenges in recent decades. Scroll down to see how three key economic indicators changed during each administration.

President Obama’s problem is not unusual. Every president gets the blame when times are bad.

“If there’s one issue over which a president can lose an election, it’s the economy,” says Stephen Weatherford, a political scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Presidents can influence fiscal policy, if they have the support of Congress which Obama lacks at this point.

But even when presidents can persuade Congress to go along, there are limits to how much they can influence the economy as a whole, Weatherford says. They can’t force firms to hire workers or banks to lend money, for instance.

Nevertheless, presidents always receive either more credit or blame than they deserve for the way things are going. “Expectations are high for the president too high and unrealistically high,” says George C. Edwards III, a presidential scholar at Texas A University.

That’s a political reality every modern president has understood.

“There’s such an exaggerated view of what they can do,” says presidential historian Robert Dallek. President Taft said that “people think the presidents can make the grass grow and the skies turn to blue. It’s simply out of their reach.”

Here’s a quick survey of how presidents have responded to economic challenges in recent decades:canada goose parka

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953 1961

Two recessions on his watch help Democrats build up congressional majorities in midterm elections that lasted for decades after. Eisenhower didn’t want Republicans to continue to be known as the “party of Depression,” but he brushed aside calls from his own advisers in 1957 to support stimulus measures. He vetoed public works projects he believed would take years to get going and opposed what he called “slash bang kinds of tax cutting.” Eisenhower told his chief economic adviser, “I realize that to be conservative in this situation can well get me tagged as an unsympathetic, reactionary fossil.”

John F. Kennedy, 1961 1963

As a senator, he opposed tax cuts he worried could be “dangerous” by inflating the deficit. In the White House, however, JFK proposed major cuts to income tax rates. Deficits were not caused by “wild eyed spenders,” he said, but slow economic growth and recessions. He believed short term growth would be sparked and revenues increased by cutting tax rates. His proposal to lower top income tax rates significantly would not be enacted until three months after his assassination.

Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963 1969

After seeing through JFK’s tax cuts, Johnson increased spending in two ways through his Great Society domestic programs, such as Medicare, and the escalation of the Vietnam War. Johnson was warned revenues were needed to finance both “guns and butter,” but he worried that support for Great Society domestic spending would drop if he called for a tax increase. He did push one through in his last year in office, but by that time deficits and an overheated economy were set to worsen inflation well into the 1970s.

Richard M. Nixon, 1969 1974

Having seen up close how voters reacted when Eisenhower didn’t do much to pull the economy out of the trough, Nixon tried everything he could think of to prime the pump. He implemented wage and price controls, cut payroll taxes and devalued the dollar to boost exports. He also leaned on the Federal Reserve to goose the economy in the run up to the 1972 election. This all helped bring about a huge growth spurt, but the reckoning was soon at hand due owing to oil price shocks and rising inflation.

Gerald R. Ford, 1974 1977

In his first address to Congress, Ford called inflation “public enemy No. 1.” His WIN buttons for “whip inflation now” were soon widely mocked, and the focus on inflation may have been the wrong move for an economy soon to enter a recession. Ford moved to slash federal spending and also proposed the first income tax hikes since 1968. He soon backed off on the latter idea, pushing for tax cuts instead. Congress balked at cutting spending and cut taxes more than Ford had wished. By 1976, the year Ford ran unsuccessfully for re election, unemployment was down and inflation had dropped by half from two years before. But because he kept changing positions in reaction to Congress, Ford received little political credit, writes Princeton University historian Sean Wilentz in his book The Age of Reagan.

Jimmy Carter, 1977 1981

“Stagflation” the combination of inflation with slow growth and high unemployment had become a concern during Ford’s presidency but came to dominate Carter’s time in office. He succeeded in enacting a $20 billion stimulus package in 1977, but inflation rose every year during his presidency. Paul Volcker, the Fed chairman Carter appointed in 1977, began raising interest rates to choke off inflation, but this also had the effect of dampening growth. Carter’s fiscal conservatism he had hoped to bring down federal spending as a share of GDP from 23 to 21 percent did not sit well with more liberal Democrats who dominated Congress, so his ability to enact fiscal policies proved limited. “My reading of Carter was that he never really got on top of economic policy,” Weatherford says.

Ronald Reagan, 1981 1989

The Fed brought prime interest rates above 20 percent early in Reagan’s first term, helping to wring inflation out of the economy but also triggering recession. In 1982, monthly unemployment figures averaged 9.7 percent, helping cost the GOP 26 House seats that fall. “Reagan was below 40 percent in the polls in 1982,” says Edwards, the Texas A scholar. “There was no narrative that was pleasing to people when unemployment was high and times were tough.” Reagan’s major economic remedy was a massive tax cut package enacted during his first year in office. He did raise taxes his second year to address deficits, writing in his diary that this was “the price we have to pay to get the budget cuts.” But promised spending cuts never really happened, causing deficits to balloon. Still, the initial package of tax cuts and Reagan’s acceleration of Carter’s policy of deregulating helped bring about a long period of economic growth, as Dallek notes in his book on Reagan. Bush, 1989 1993

The national debt tripled on Reagan’s watch, so Bush, his former vice president, soon made deficit reduction a top priority. In 1990, he crafted a budget with Congress that lowered the deficit in part by raising taxes. Many analysts say that was the right policy, but politically it was a betrayal of Bush’s “no new taxes” campaign pledge, costing Bush support among Republicans in Congress and in the 1992 primaries. His general election chances also suffered because of a recession and a widely reported incident in which he appeared to not recognize what a supermarket scanner was. “Bush was seen as out of touch on the economy,” Edwards says. “He was just saying we need to continue the course and things would be all right. Indeed, things did get much better, but the better the economy got, the worse the press reports got.”

Bill Clinton, 1993 2001

Estimates about the size of the deficit as Clinton took office proved much lower than the reality. Clinton pushed through a major deficit reduction package during his first year in office, which included roughly $250 billion each in spending cuts and tax increases. The package received no GOP votes in Congress, and Senate Republicans also blocked Clinton’s $16.3 billion stimulus package in 1993. The tax hikes helped cost Democrats their Eisenhower era House majority in 1994. Congressional Republicans in 1997 did reach terms with Clinton on a budget package that helped wipe out federal deficits for three years. history.

George W. Bush, 2001 2009

The dot com bubble burst just before Bush took office. Soon after, he sold Congress on the first in a series of major tax cuts. Economic growth continued during most of Bush’s time in office, but the country slipped into recession in 2007, caused by the sudden drop in the housing market. The following year, the collapse of the financial markets led to a major bailout package for the banking industry. Job growth, which was weaker under Bush than under any other postwar president, had come to a halt. The national debt, meanwhile, had doubled on Bush’s watch.

Canada Goose saksøker løpet påståtte kopier av sine parkas

Canada Goose saksøker løpet påståtte kopier av sine parkas

TORONTO Et velkjent yttertøy produsenten fakturering seg selv som en Canadian suksesshistorie saksøker en forhandler i løpet av varemerke krenkelse, og anklager den for å gjøre shoddy kopier av de karakteristiske Canada Goose parkas.

International Clothiers Inc. har bevisst utformet en logo og plassert den på jakker å etterligne Canada Goose Arctic Program design varemerke det, det er påstått i søksmålet.

Canada Goose Inc. innlevert en påstand i slutten av forrige måned ber den føderale domstolen for å stoppe International Clothiers fra å bruke sine Canada Weather Gear og Super Trippel Goose logoer, eller noen forveksling ligner mark.

Det sirkulære logo er det som skiller en Canada Goose jakke fra andre, sier selskapet.

Canada Goose er stolt av, og har blitt kjent for, design og produksjon av sine klær produkter i Canada, og sikre at de er av høyeste kvalitet, det skriver i påstand.canada goose norge butikker

International Clothiers har solgt slike jakker siden desember 2009 med ikke bare en lignende logo til Canada Goose og plassert på samme øvre høyre del av ermet, men flere andre funksjoner som for eksempel utseendet av lommene, påstår Canada Goose.

Alle som gjør det svært minner om en Canada Goose jakker, men av dårlig kvalitet, skriver selskapet i sin sak.

Mens Canada Goose er en Canadian suksesshistorie, står det, International Clothiers er en produsent og forhandler av lav til middels kvalitet klær produkter, de fleste av disse er ikke gjort i Canada, påstår yttertøy selskapet.

Påstandene har ikke blitt bevist i retten. En uttalelse fra forsvaret har ennå ikke blitt innlevert, men internasjonale Clothiers kunne ikke nås for kommentar.

Canada Goose er ennå ikke hevde et bestemt beløp i erstatning, som den skriver i søksmålet at så langt bare internasjonale Clothiers vet hvor mye penger har blitt laget av den påståtte overtredelsen.

Canada Goose selv har solgt mer enn $ 225 millioner i jakker og tilbehør mer enn 600.000 varer på tvers av Canada siden 2005, skriver det i rettsdokumentene. Produktene er solgt i mer enn 200 utsalgssteder over hele landet. Det avslørte også det har brukt $ 2,000,000 siden 2005 markedsføring Canada Goose produkter i Nord-Amerika.

International Clothiers har vært klar over at Canada Goose objekter til sin Super Triple Goose jakke, men har ikke stoppet noen av sine villedende handelspraksis, Canada Goose påstår.

Selskapet har også noen ganger publisert trykte annonser å fremme sine jakker som Canada Goose produkter, men har ikke gjort noe mer enn beklager og ikke fraråde kunder fra å tro at de kjøper Canada Goose jakker, det er påstått i søksmålet.

I tillegg påstår Canada Goose at internasjonale Clothiers Super Trippel Goose jakke er i seg selv en misvisende benevnelse. En uavhengig laboratorium analyserte fylling og fant at gåsefjær og ned utgjør om lag én prosent av materialet, mesteparten av dem var faktisk duck fjær og ned.

Søksmålet ble innlevert på internasjonale Clothiers på 31 januar og de har 30 dager på å sende inn en erklæring i forsvaret.

International Clothiers eies av Fairweather Ltd, som nylig nådd en avtale med amerikanske kjeden Target Corp å slutte å bruke Target navn.

Target (NYSE: TGT) hadde innlevert en varemerkeinngrep krav mot Toronto basert Fairweather, som også driver en gruppe av klær utsalgssteder i Canada under navnet Target Apparel.

Target, kjent for å tilby designer mote samarbeid på rabatt kjedepriser, planlegger å åpne sine første canadiske butikker i 2013. Fairweather også eier varehusene Les Ailes De La Mode i Quebec.

reasons not to give up on BYU’s season

There is no doubt that Kyle Van Noy is a game changer. His impact on games can be found throughout his career so far. Based on his past accomplishments, fans expect him to block a kick, intercept a pass or cause a fumble at any time to change the momentum of a game.

Van Noy leadership and play on the field will allow BYU to keep any remaining games on the schedule close. Even though he has been constantly double teamed this year, he has still racked up stats and is second on the team in total tackles. With only nine games (or possibly 10 if BYU makes a bowl game) left for Van Noy in Provo, BYU fans should sit back and enjoy watching one of the best defensive players to ever wear a Cougar uniform.

After last year’s defense put up one of the best performances in school history, many expected this year version to be good but not great. lifting facial sin cirugia precios The rush defense is again stout, and the passing defense hasn been as bad as many fans expected after the injuries suffered in the defensive backfield.

Granted, there have been some defensive breakdowns as evidenced by the big plays given up to the Utah offense in their last game but the defense is still only allowing an average of 20 points per game.

As long as the offense can start scoring points, the defense will keep BYU in most games. Plus, suspended linebacker Spencer Hadley should return to the team in time for the stretch run as the Cougars work toward bowl eligibility.

The offensive line has had ups and downs through three games this season. It looked abysmal for much of the game during the loss to Virginia, and after some changes leading up to the Texas game, the line looked like it would be able to block anyone en route to school record rushing yardage.

The line came back to earth a bit in the loss to the Utes, but the true capability of the offensive line is probably somewhere in the middle. If the line can find a happy medium between the good and the bad, it should help the offense improve. If it can consistently be at the level it played at during the Texas win, the offense should have no problems at all.

While most fans will point to the offense as the main reason for the two losses so far this year and they would be right this offense has shown the capability to be explosive.

The new offense that Robert Anae has installed is undoubtedly fast, which may or may not be leading to some of the problems early this season. The offense also has shown that moving the ball shouldn be a problem if it can cut down on the self imposed miscues such as dropped passes and penalties.

Against Virginia, the offense first touchdown was scored on a 68 yard drive that only took 1:26 off the clock. Later in the same game, the offense drove 92 yards in just over two minutes to take the lead. The Texas game followed with an amazing offensive output against some talented athletes, even if the Longhorn defense is suspect so far this season. Even against Utah, the offense seemed ready to break out at any time.

The Cougars have traditionally been known as a passing offense, but so far this year, the rushing game has been one of the bright spots on the offensive side of the ball. Currently, the rushing offense is ranked eighth overall, with an average of more than 305 yards per game.

The Cougars are also currently on pace to have two rushers eclipse the 1,000 yard mark, which hasn ever happened at BYU before. It may not be what the fans are used to, but it could still be an exciting offense to watch if it can continue to rack up huge chunks of yardage.

Assuming that Williams is able to return to the field after his horrific injury scare that happened in the second half of the Utah game, Williams combination of speed, size and explosiveness will help the offense score points and keep opposing defenses guessing.

If Williams is on the field, it will require defensive coordinators to game plan for his skill set, which should allow the BYU offense to find other plays that should allow others players to contribute and move the ball better as the season continues.

Taysom Hill has struggled passing the ball so far this season, completing only 35 percent of his pass attempts for 564 yards (188 yards per game average). BYU quarterbacks in the past have been known to throw that many yards in one quarter.

However, Hill isn as bad as his stats so far this season appear. The first games at Virginia and at home against Texas were marred by torrential rainstorms which is not to make excuses for the bad passing stats but he has shown the ability to get the ball downfield with his arm strength. He also is one of the best athletes on the team and can either scramble to gain yards or extend the play when opposing defenses apply pressure.

If Hill can get a little better accuracy on some of his throws, the offense should start to click sooner than later. If he can move his accuracy to even just 50 percent completions, the offense will be fine. In addition to Hill being more accurate, he will benefit from fewer dropped passes and better blocking from the offensive line.

So far this season, the kicking game has been pretty consistent compared to last year. Place kicker Justin Sorenson appears healthy after missing some game time last season due to injury. Sorensen mechanics on both kickoffs and field goals also look better so far this season.

He did miss his first field goal of the season in the loss to Utah; other than that, he has been perfect on both field goal attempts and PATs. Junior punter Scott Arellano has had a decent season so far as well. With the exception of the one blocked punt against Virginia, he has provided help in the field position battle with seven of his punts inside the 20 yard line and an average of 42 yards per punt.

An even better thing about the kicking game this season is that both of the kickers appear to have the confidence of the coaching staff, which couldn be said for the majority of last season.

Even with the struggles so far this season, the roster is filled with proven playmakers. Some of these players include the previously mentioned Hill, Van Noy and Williams. Others include Cody Hoffman, JD Falslev and Adam Hine.

Hoffman has been hampered by a hamstring injury but is still the leading receiver on the team. Falslev and Hine haven been featured as much on offense but have impacted games on special teams, including long kickoff returns in every game that have been negated by penalties.

Both players almost changed the outcome of the game against Utah last week on special teams; Hine returned a kickoff for a touchdown that was called back due to yet another penalty and Falslev returned a punt deep into Utah territory that the offense wasn able to capitalize on.

If the Cougars can stop getting penalties on these special teams plays, one of these plays could really turn around a game or the season in general.

This item on the list will be the one that is probably the most argued by the fan base. Judging by some fans reactions on social media and message boards after the loss to Utah, the coaches are one of the main problems with this team. Complaints ranging from play calling to some of the specific coaches on the staff have been questioned this season.

However, I think that while the coaching hasn been perfect by any stretch, it also hasn been overly terrible either. The defensive side has been pretty good overall under Mendenhall and Nick Howell. If the offensive coaches can continue to work with the players and make adjustments to tailor the offense to Hill strengths and gave him confidence with short passes before opening up the playbook for more complex schemes, this team could still have a pretty good season that could potentially include some big wins for the program and another bowl game.

Cha Cha Slide Dance Steps

Avez-vous déjà regardé Dancing with the Stars avec ces beaux costumes, de la romance, et la musique infectieuse Cha Cha et visualisés vous danser à ce rythme hypnotique? Cha Cha Slide, aussi appelé le slide Casper, a été inventé par M. C, un DJ de Chicago en 1996. La ligne de danse a été créée comme une séance d’entraînement aérobie pour Total Fitness Bally. Comme la danse est devenu un hit avec les membres de gym, M. C a enregistré Cha Cha Slide: L’album Slide originale qui a été publié le 19 Septembre 1996.

La meilleure partie pour un novice désireux d’apprendre les pas de danse de Cha Cha Slide est que la musique vous guide.moncler jacket Et je veux dire tout à fait littéralement, puisque les paroles de la chanson Cha Cha vous dit exactement ce qu’il faut faire. Voici quelques étapes de base qui guideront tout en dansant au rythme de la musique de diapositives.

Ceci est une étape réelle latine Cha Cha Cha connu comme un carré de jazz ou une boîte de jazz. Traverser le pied droit sur la gauche et pas en arrière avec le pied gauche. Maintenant, l’étape vers la droite avec le pied droit et un pas en avant avec la gauche. Vous pouvez également faire des roches mambo.

Turn It Out ou Allons au travail» à gauche dans Grapevine Right Avec tactile

Faire un léger virage à votre gauche tout en renforçant la droite avec le pied droit. Maintenant traverser le pied gauche derrière le droit et l’étape sur le côté avec le pied droit. Appuyez ensuite sur le pied gauche à côté de la droite.

Claps à la main Clap

Clap vos mains à temps pour les battements de la musique. Certaines personnes préfèrent se promener tout en faisant leurs coups

Criss Cross Jump Apart, Jump and Cross

Aller en gardant les pieds écartés. Maintenant sauter en traversant le pied droit sur la gauche.

Faites glisser vers la gauche Slide Gauche

Étape sur le côté gauche avec le pied gauche, tout en faisant glisser le droit de toucher à côté gauche. Dans une partie de la piste, la musique vous demande de reverse les étapes de diapositives.

Faites glisser vers la droite Slide Droit

Étape sur le côté droit avec le pied droit tout en faisant glisser à gauche pour toucher à côté droit. Maintenant renverser les étapes de glissement

Combien de temps pouvez-vous aller Twist Bas

L’étape classique limbes où vous penchez en arrière vers le sol tout en se pliant vers le bas, aussi bas que vous pouvez aller .

McGehee thrilled to be back in Bay Area

After watching the market explode over the course of the offseason’s first six weeks, the Giants finally struck in recent days, bringing back two of their own and trading for a third veteran. The moves allow manager Bruce Bochy to start picturing the way he will use Sergio Romo at the back end of the bullpen, where Jake Peavy slots into the rotation and where Casey McGehee will hit in the order next April.

For Bochy’s boss, however, the offseason remains about what happens in the coming weeks.

General manager Brian Sabean said Saturday that while the Giants have had talks with right hander James Shields, they have not negotiated with former Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer, and have no plans to engage the biggest name left on the market. Sabean was thrilled that he was able to put McGehee at third base before the holidays, but he remains on the prowl for another left fielder, and he’ll have a conversation with his boss, team president and CEO Larry Baer, to find out how much remains in the budget for that spot, and possibly for another starter.

“We’ve got some limited financial flexibility still left, and we have to decide how best to utilize that,” Sabean said on a conference call to announce the McGehee deal. “We are engaged in conversations as we speak that may or may not get curtailed, or we may move on to other things.”

The future is a little less murky after the deal for McGehee. Sabean liked that the 32 year old came on a one year deal that will likely pay him around $3.5 million next season, saying the price point fit the Giants’ budget.

“I’m relieved that third base is spoken for,” Sabean said.

McGehee, a Soquel native, was more than relieved. He was thrilled to be sent home, saying the Giants “jumped off the page” when he and his wife, Sarah, looked at trade options in the hours after the Miami Marlins dealt for new third baseman Martin Prado.

McGehee has ties all over the Bay Area. He grew up a fan of the game more than either Bay Area team, but said he idolized Will Clark and Matt Williams while playing in Soquel and for the Monterey Magic travel team. wholesale jerseys His parents still live in the area, along with nieces and nephews and many of his closest friends, and he said it will be “really, really special” to share the next step of his career with them.

“I’ve found myself just walking around with a smile on my face,” he said. “I couldn’t be more happy to be in the organization that has had the success it has had, but also it’s a chance for me to get back home.”

It’s been a long journey for McGehee, who was so far off the MLB map two years ago that he had to go play for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Japan in 2013. That year boosted his confidence, taught him how to make adjustments and instilled in him an appreciation for “what it means to put a big league uniform on.” The journey also taught him that a ballpark shouldn’t affect his game, and McGehee is well aware that he doesn’t hit for much power (four homers last year) these days. He said his focus is on the middle of the field, and he works to just keep the line moving and not give at bats away. Those traits jumped out to Bochy, who said McGehee could alternate with Brandon Belt in the five six spots in the order but could also hit fourth behind Buster Posey at times.

“He’s just a great fit for us with what he can do with the bat,” Bochy said. “I thought he did a great job protecting (Giancarlo) Stanton for the Marlins down there. He’s a guy that puts the ball in play and uses the whole field, and he really has become a very smart hitter.”

The Giants zeroed in on McGehee early last month when it became clear they might need a Pablo Sandoval replacement and talks came together quickly Friday after the Marlins made other moves. McGehee mentioned Sandoval’s connection with Giants fans and his production, but said it would be foolish to try to fill the Panda’s shoes.

“There are some things he does better than I do and some things I may do better than he does,” McGehee said. “My job is to go in and find my niche within the team and what my role needs to be and pave my own way, not try to pick up where Pablo left off.”

The swap leaves the Giants without a significant power source at the corner, but while Sabean would like to add a powerful right handed hitter in left field, pop is not a prerequisite. Sabean pointed out that the Giants won last year’s World Series while going long stretches without home runs.

“You don’t have to have power in the National League to win games or a playoff spot or the World Series,” he said. “The best thing we can do is put together a strong and capable lineup and power will take care of itself.”

Some other assorted thoughts and notes, starting with Sabean last quote. The Giants lost 32 homers when Sandoval and Michael Morse left, and at the moment their replacements probably project for about 10 to 12. Sabean said the front office believes there are other ways to bridge the gap, starting with players who already are in the lineup.

Belt, if healthy, certainly should double his 2014 total (12); remember, he had nine homers before he got hurt on May 9. Some on the staff have long believed that Brandon Crawford (10 last year) can jump up to the 15 range and Andrew Susac (3) should provide additional pop out of the backup catcher spot. With this roster, can they fully make up for the losses of Sandoval and Morse? No, but it probably not quite as big a deficit as it appears on paper.

(Also, Madison Bumgarner could hit 13 homers next year and make this all a moot point. Who knows what that dude is capable of.)

Bochy seemed to be leaning toward something like this as his current normal lineup, assuming a righty is on the mound:

Sabean said that during conversations with Bochy, it was clear how much it meant to the manager to have Sergio Romo back. were going to sorely miss Romo because of what he gives us, and he gives us an experienced closer side by side with Casilla, he said. The Peavy deal the chord, Sabean said, partly because it only a two year deal. ended up being a perfect fit, instead of getting involved for more lengthy contracts, Sabean said.

That led to the obvious question: More lengthy contracts, like a James Shields?

visited with Larry (Baer) before the call and it going to take some more conversation to see where we headed, not only short term but long term, Sabean said when asked about pricey pitchers.

The Giants appear to still be in on Shields, but the current group of five starters is making nearly $70 million next year as is. Sabean did make it clear that they out on Scherzer and they were never in on Scherzer.

Finally, an odd and ominous note: Asked about Marco Scutaro, Sabean said that trainer Dave Groeschner will have some sort of announcement next week about Scutaro status, which is unusual for this time of year. There are 40 man roster implications at play here because the Giants still need to re add Romo and Peavy, and those deals are done and will be announced early next week. What a combination. Mack with the pitch, Casey at the bat. Mack was able to see his dad homer in person before heading home with his mom. They phoned Casey after the game to congratulate him. hit, daddy! Mack said.

will be split between CBS and NBC

NEW YORK Thursday Night Football is expanding. Both CBS and NBC will broadcast the NFL Thursday night match ups, with each televising five games, the league announced on Monday. The Thursday Night Football package will grow to 10 games in 2016 and 2017 from eight games in 2014 and 2015.

The NFL Network will continue to simulcast the games being aired on CBS and NBC.

CBS and NBC will pay a total of roughly $450 million in fees for the broadcast game schedule,wholesale nfl jerseys a person with direct knowledge of the deal said. Since each network will get five games, the cost comes out to about $45 million per Thursday night telecast.

The broadcasters offset these steep licensing fees through ads, TV subscriber fees and other sources of revenue.

The NFL isn finished extracting revenue from Thursday nights. The league is going to sell streaming rights to the games separately, rather than including them in the deal with CBS and NBC.

NFL is in active discussions with prospective digital partners for OTT [digital] streaming rights, the league said. deal announcement is expected in the near future. YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook are some of the logical possibilities for a streaming partnership. The NFL worked with Yahoo to stream one game last fall.

are continuing to make Thursday Night Football bigger and better, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

Goodell added that the league is looking to expanding with a digital partner for what will be a unique tri cast on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms.

Canada Post streik eller lockout mulig denne helgen

Canada Post streik eller lockout mulig denne helgen

TORONTO bedrifter advarer folk over hele landet om suspensjon av posttjenesten hvis arbeiderne på Canada Post gå til streik eller stenges ute denne helgen.

En rekke selskaper, inkludert TD Bank (TSX: TD), Virgin Mobile og American Express, har fortalt kundene ikke kan forvente regninger i posten i tilfelle av en arbeidskraft avbrudd. Noen oppfordrer sine kunder til stedet betale sine uttalelser på nettet, over telefon eller på deres lokale bankfilial og unngå utsendelse i utbetalingene på grunn av potensielle forsinkelser.

Organiserte arbeidere på Canada Post er i en lovlig streik eller lockout posisjon som fra lørdag hvis en avtale ikke er nådd. Den kanadiske Union of Post Workers (CUPW) sa det helt ikke har tenkt å treffe picket linjer lørdag.

Den siste dagen for postlevering ville være torsdag om en arbeids avbrudd oppstår denne helgen på grunn av Canada Day ferie på fredag.

Lederen for den kanadiske Federation of Independent Business sa at enhver handling vil skade små bedrifter som er avhengige av posttjenesten for å levere fakturaer og betalinger til andre bedrifter.canada goose outlet

Det er noen små bedrifter som vil uten tvil bli tungt rammet av noen arbeidsstans, sa Dan Kelly, president i gruppen, som representerer mer enn 109.000 medlemmer.

Det som bekymrer dem mest, er pakkeforsendelser og penger som blir bundet opp i posten. Det er den primære måten for bedrifter å betale hverandre.

Canada Post og foreningen har vært i forhandlinger siden desember for sine 50.000 leverings og anlegget ansatte.

The Crown aksjeselskap sier det fremmet nye kontrakter sist lørdag, men har ennå å høre et svar fra unionen, som må utstede en 72 timers varsel før du går ut i streik.

Tirsdag CUPW ba om en to ukers utvidelse for å gi dem mer tid til kontraktsforhandlinger. Canada Post avslått forespørselen.

Union president Mike Palecek sa forbundets viktigste spørsmålene er med Canada Post beslutning om å tilby nye medarbeidere bare innskuddspensjon og det de kaller en to lags regulativ for urbane og rurale post bærere.

Canada Post ber oss om å selge ut våre fremtidige kolleger ved å godta en to lags system for å gjøre det samme arbeidet, sa han. Det er uakseptabelt for oss.

Canada Post sa innskuddspensjon vil bare gjelde for innkommende arbeidere, og legger til at de to sidene også ikke kan bli enige om innleie av vikarer og deltids levering ansatte for kvelder og helger.

Vi ser virkningen at usikkerheten forårsaker i våre anlegg, sier Jon Hamilton, en talsmann for postgangen.

Mengden av post, mengden av reklame mail, er antall pakker allerede fallende. Mange av våre kunder har allerede satt beredskapsplaner på plass måneder siden og har vært på vei bort fra Canada Post.

Hamilton sa en arbeidsstans vil resultere i tapt virksomhet i en bransje som det allerede er følelsen klem fra andre leveringstjenester og veksten av elektroniske betalinger og digitale flygeblad.

Vi forstår våre kunder har virksomheter til å kjøre, og vi har prøvd å gi dem så mye forhåndsvarsel som en kunne,» sa han.

Selvfølgelig vi håper at vi kan få en avtale og fortsette å operere, men når kundene er ute etter som sikkerhet, og vi kan ikke gi det, de trenger å gjøre andre planer.

Rivals Purolator og UPS sier de er forberedt til å gå inn hvis en Canada Post arbeidskraft avbrudd oppstår.

Canada Post leverer omtrent ni milliarder brev, pakker og flyers i året, tjener nesten 15 millioner boliger og en million forretningsadresser.

Den siste arbeids avbrudd i Canada Post skjedde i 2011, da det var 10 dager med roterende streik, etterfulgt av en nesten to ukers lockout før Ottawa påberopes tilbake til arbeid lovgivning.

French republican calendar

The creation of the calendar

In 1793, the National Convention’s Committee of Public Instruction created a subcommittee, chaired by the mathematician Charles Gilbert Romme, to create a new calendar. cheap canada goose Other members were Louis Lagrange and Gaspard Monge, also mathematicians; the scientists Antoine Franois Fourcroy, Guyton de Morveau, Joseph Jrme le Franois de Lelande, and Joseph Lakanal; and the poets Marie Joseph de Chnier and Philip Franois Nazaire Fabre d’glantine.

Romme presented the results, first to the Committee of Public Instruction and then to the full Convention, in September of 1793, and the Convention issued a decree on October 5th that made the calendar official. Each following year was to start at midnight of the day of the fall equinox, as observed at the Paris Observatory.

Months and days

A year was divided into 12 months of 30 days each, with five epagomenal days, six in leap years. Each month consisted of three dcades, or 10 day weeks, with days named Primdi, Duodi, Tridi, Quartidi, Quintidi, Sextidi, Septidi, Octidi, Nonidi, and Decadi (“First Day”, “Second Day”, etc.). Every Decadi was to be a rest day. Fabre d’glantine named the days and months as follows[1]. Note that every Quintidi was named for an animal, and every Decadi for a farming tool.

Justice Department approves Anheuser

approval of its acquisition of SABMiller. business to Molson Coors as previously announced as part of the agreement. That means Budweiser would continue to compete with Miller beer in the United States.

The merger with the maker of Miller Genuine Draft, a deal valued at about $107 billion, had raised concerns that a single company would control too much of the beer market. The combined company would have about 31 percent of the global beer market, according to Beer Business Daily.

AB InBev also owns Corona, Stella Artois and Beck’s. Earlier this year, it acquired craft beer maker Breckenridge Brewery, following its purchase of craft brewers Goose Island and 10 Barrel Brewing Co., as the popularity of craft beers has grown. lawmakers and independent breweries had expressed concern that a combined AB InBev and SABMiller would have too much influence over the distribution system, with the ability to squeeze out smaller rivals.

The agreement with the Justice Department requires AB InBev to notify the agency’s antitrust division of any potential craft beer acquisitions for the next 10 years, and prohibits the company from certain practices that discourage beer distributors from selling rival craft or imported beers. The European Union’s regulator gave approval in May, conditional on the sale of practically the entire SAB beer business in Europe.

Il Verdi di Trieste è il primo teatro

Il Verdi di Trieste è il primo teatro a portare sulla scena la straordinaria avventura della Tereshkova, all’epoca ventiseienne, che, a bordo della navicella Vostok 6, compì 48 orbite intorno alla terra, rimanendo nello spazio per tre giorni. Il lavoro preparatorio è cominciato cinque mesi fa, con contatti diretti intercorsi tra il governo italiano e quello russo. Una trattativa riservatissima ma proficua, che oggi sfocia in un lavoro patrocinato addirittura dall’Esa, l’Agenzia spaziale Europea.

5En 1935 1936, alors que Jamet est un des premiers à se lancer dans la fabrication de mts de tentes en acier, plusieurs exploits sportifs médiatisés contribuent à renforcer la notoriété de son entreprise. Il fournit d’abord les tentes de la mission Coche dans le Hoggar en 19356 qui réalise la première ascension du Garet El Djenoun (2300 mètres, montagne des génies) et découvre les sites rupestres du Hoggar. Mais c’est surtout la première expédition franaise sur l’Himalaya qui jette un coup de projecteur sur Jamet. moncler giacca vendita

Naturalmente ne fanno le spese gli Stati con alto debito e male amministrati. Da noi i btp non fanno ancora temere, ma d’altra parte non si poteva pensare di piazzare in eterno decennali all’1, e bot a rendimento negativo BBB ! Il primo problema da risolvere ora è quello dei crediti deteriorati, ma non certo con le cartolarizzazioni. In assenza le Banche cadranno una ad una come i tasselli del dòmino messi in verticale quando cade il primo.

Diciamocelo un po chiaramente: quanti possono essere certi che nessuna loro foto os circoli incontrollata nel web? Anche se non le avesse diffuse un vostro partner, come fate a essere certi che nessuno se le sia copiate in una chiavetta dopo averle trovate frugando nel vostro computer incustodito? Per non parlare degli apparecchi rubati e violati. O, ancor pi banalmente, di quelli portati in riparazione (tazza di caff Mac luccicante, disastro irreparabile): la prima cosa che fanno quasi tutti i tecnici informatici quando mettono le mani sul vostro pc copiarsi tutto il materiale stuzzicante che avete. Per condividerlo con amici reali o virtuali.

Semplice, perchè le imbarcazioni sono iscritte alle Capitanerie che non hanno il Pra, è tutto cartaceo. Non c’è un archivio elettronico sbotta Tonellotto e dunque non avendo questa possibilità incaricano noi per questo lavoro. Il direttore dell’Hannibal non è arrabbiato del lavoro in più per la Finanza, è sconcertato dal metodo: Siamo sempre stati disponibili con le forze dell’ordine, ospitiamo le navette della capitanertia, vengono i Carabinieri e siamo contenti di collaborare.

Marques garanties à vie qui vous Outfit De la tête aux pieds

Quand une marque affirme que son produit est protégé par une garantie à vie, il est pas vraiment parler de votre vie. Pardon. Au contraire, ils signifient la durée de vie du produit (quel qu’il soit). doudoune goose canada L’usure normale? En général non couverte. Mais si votre veste de Canada Goose tombe en morceaux, ou dans le cas de Bogs chaussures, vos bottes tout simplement ne se sentent pas bon, les chances sont grandes que si vous l’envoyez ou le prendre à la boutique ils vont prendre soin de toi.

Garantie: “La garantie à vie North Face couvre les défauts de fabrication de matériaux et de fabrication, quel que soit l’âge du produit, mais il ne couvre pas l’usure normale L’usure est un dommage qui se produit naturellement et inévitablement à la suite d’une utilisation normale. . Peu importe avec quel soin vous utilisez, ou comment bien prendre soin de votre le produit North face, elle finira par commencer à montrer l’âge et l’usure. des exemples courants d’usure qui ne seraient pas couverts par la garantie à vie comprennent des couleurs fading, écorchures sur le fond des emballages ou aux poignets / poches de frotter lorsque vous marchez et la ventilation générale des matériaux au fil des ans “.

FIFA 16 videospil til at omfatte womens internationale teams for første gang

Den næste udgave af Fifa videospil-serien vil indeholde kvinders hold for første gang, når det lanceres senere i år, er det blevet annonceret.

Udvikler EA Sports bekræftet tilstedeværelsen af ​​12 nationale kvinders sider i FIFA 16 med anhænger indsendt til YouTube.

Nyheden kommer som den sportslige organ, der lægger navn til spillet står friske beskyldninger om korruption efter anholdelsen af ​​en række af sine medlemmer.

Den canadiske spil studie, som betaler Fifa til at være en eksklusiv partner i at bruge navnet i gaming titler, har afvist at kommentere om krisen omkring fodboldens styrende organ.

Fifa præsident Sepp Blatter er blevet kritiseret i fortiden for bemærkninger om kvindefodbold.billige canada goose I 2004 foreslog han kvindelige fagfolk bør spille i strammere kits for at øge sportens popularitet.

Festival adjudicator ser magt musik til at forbinde

Jennifer Farrell husker konkurrerer i musikfestivaler, da hun var yngre, og hun ved de nerver, der til tider kommer med disse forestillinger. De er utroligt modigt at udføre, siger hun. Jeg husker ryster i mine støvler på mine egne festival erfaringer.

Som den vokal dommer på dette års New Glasgow Music Festival, Farrell siger hun holder dette i tankerne, når mærkning forestillingerne og gøre bemærkninger til deltagerne.

Når kommentere forestillingerne Farrell er forsigtig med de ord, hun bruger. Jeg ønsker ikke at sige noget, der kan skade eller ødelægge dem og bo hos dem i lang tid. Jeg håber, jeg sender alle væk med noget positivt at tænke over. Jeg giver dem masser af forskellige tilbagemeldinger til at tage ind og arbejde med.

Mens hun siger, at hendes mening er et informeret, baseret på hendes år i ydeevne og studere musik, hun minder også sangerne, at hendes synspunkt er kun én. Jeg håber, de huske på, at mit perspektiv er blot én. Det arbejde, de gør med deres lærere dag ud og dag ind er vigtigere.

Farrell er en stemme lærer ved Sø- Conservatory of Performing Arts i Halifax, og hun studerede musik på Wilfrid Laurier University i Ontario. Hun tjente derefter sin Master of Music grad og Doctor of Musical Arts på University of British Columbia. I to år var hun en stemme instruktør på Mount Allison University i New Brunswick, før du flytter tilbage til Halifax, hvor hun voksede op.

Hun har sunget med mange faglige canadiske ensembler og har også optrådt som solist med flere kor, symfonier og orkestre i BC. Farrell, som er en sopran, har også udført med musica intima, en internationalt anerkendt kammerkor. I det østlige Canada har hun været gæstesolist med National Youth Orchestra of Canada, Opera Nova Scotia, St. Cecilia serien og Les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada. Hun er også dømt alle alderstrin, fra under otte til voksen rekreative. Faktisk hun virkelig nydt at arbejde med en under otte gruppe denne uge, da de holdt hænderne og dansede Penguin Ball sammen for for børnene at have en følelse af vals rytme, og for at fejre deres resultater. Det var sjovt, siger hun. Det var et af højdepunkterne (af festivalen) for mig.

Farrell er betaget med hvad hun har lyttet til denne uge i New Glasgow. Jeg har hørt fantastiske sang. Jeg er altid imponeret over niveauet af talent, der kommer ud af Pictou County.

Mens hun sommetider vittigheder, at det er i vandet her, hun krediterer de lokale musiklærere. Niveauet af undervisningen er konsekvent høj kvalitet.

Og hun siger at beslutte, der modtager første, anden og tredje sted er udfordrende, ofte som opdele hår, fordi eleverne er så godt forberedt. Farrell siger sangerne hun hørt i denne uge har det grundlæggende mestrer og har sunde stemmer.

Når jeg får gåsehud lytter til nogle af disse unge mennesker synge, det er et magisk øjeblik. Der er en udveksling af energi, og det er så vidunderligt og helbredelse.

Farrell har stor ros til arrangørerne, frivillige og publikum i New Glasgow Music Festival, som hun beskriver som venlige, hjælpsomme og organiseret.

Mens hun altid godt taget sig af som en dommer, hun er imponeret over, hvad hun har oplevet i Pictou County. Det gør det lettere som en dommer kommer ind, for at have en enorm støtte netværk. Samfundet har været meget venlige. Lærerne, pianister og frivillige har alle været enorm.

Hun er især begejstret publikum deltagelse. Jeg tror, ​​jeg har set større publikum fremmøde. Jeg er imponeret over, hvor mange medlemmer af fællesskabet kommer ud for at høre forestillingerne.

Farrell siger det gør en forskel for de udøvende kunstnere. Det bringer et andet niveau af engagement til deres resultater, siger hun og tilføjer, at der er en udveksling af energi mellem en udøvende kunstner og et publikum. Performance energi og magi kan ske i denne indstilling.

Her føler jeg mig som samfundet sætter livet på pause, så børnene kan få den bedste festival oplevelse. Det er virkelig sirlige at føle.

Familien nat del af festivalen, der fandt sted torsdag aften, var noget nyt for Farrell, da det er noget, hun aldrig har set på andre festivaler. Det er meget unikt. Jeg synes det er en ganske fantastisk måde at lukke festivalen.

Hun forklarer, at hun mener, konkurrence er vigtig, fordi konkurrerende er en del af det virkelige liv, men tilføjer, at hun mener en musikfestival bør også være en fejring af talent, musik, fællesskab og støtte af kunst. For at afslutte med en koncert som den med at fokus er virkelig en fest først og fremmest.

Hun siger musikken er så vigtigt i vores liv, af mange årsager. Det forener os i vores menneskelige erfaring, vores fælles menneskelige følelser, og har virkelig helbredende kraft.

En af de vigtigste årsager er jeg har en stærk tro på sin helbredende kraft, og det er en måde at forbinde på tværs af grænser, plads, kulturelle forskelle siger hun. Det hjælper os til at opleve en følelse af medfølelse og forståelse for hinanden, og hjælper os udtrykke følelser vi måske ikke føler sig fri til at gøre på andre måder. Det er en energi frigivelse og en energi boost i ét. Det hjælper os til at nulstille, i en måde, og fastholde vores følelse af balance i vores liv og i vores kroppe.

Under festivalen, en lille pige sang en test stykke kaldet Jeg Wishing ‘, og Farrell siger budskabet i sangen vedrører hvad musik kan være.

Sangen ønsker om en verden med mere kærlighed, fuld af forståelse og en verden, hvor vi alle omsorg for hinanden. Den effekt af musik er en af ​​de måder, der forbinder os.

Hun mener, at magt af musik er noget, der kan ske med sangere og musikere gennem hele livet. Tør jeg siger, at de har en lykkeligere eksistens (med musik i deres liv).

but no drinking at public places

but no drinking at public places

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday ruled out banning wearing of bikinis on the state beaches, a day after a minister in his government advocated such a measure, but said drinking of liquor in public places will be prohibited.

government does not favour banning bikinis on the beaches. But it should not create indecency, Parrikar said while responding to queries about PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar demand to ban swimwear on beaches.

bikinis should be banned on Goa beaches, Dhavalikar had said in comments that would not have gone down well with hordes of foreign tourists who flock to the shores of the coastal state every year to soak up the sun.

should not allow girls with bikinis to enter public places because it very difficult to control people who arrive in Goa from different states. By the time a victim reaches the police, it is too late. It is better to control such type of activities on the beaches, he had said.

Dhavalikar, whose Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party is an ally of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, had said even Chief Minister Parrikar was in favour of such a ban. CM knows it very well what I say. He has already started taking action against massage parlours. He will take up this issue (banning bikinis) in a different way to stop this nonsense, he said.

Dhavalikar had earlier drawn flak for his remarks that young girls going to pub in short dresses was against Goan culture.

As Dhavalikar comments drew criticism from various quarters, Parrikar said no explanation has been sought from the minister. have not sought any clarification from him. It is his individual viewpoint, the CM said.

Parrikar, however, said drinking in public places, including beaches, will not be allowed. cannot drink on the beaches. If you want to drink, do it in restaurant. You can drink on the road. Sometimes fights break out on the road after drinking and we can take action against anyone. But if the fight is in the bar, we can suspend the bar licence, he said. Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent.

Il etait un peu l’equivalent du Normandie

Il etait un peu l’equivalent du Normandie de Sogestran qui petait de partout . Un soir on etait a la CIM , il y a eu un orage et la foudre a frappee les reservoirs a terre : quel spectacle ! . Le France etait la aussi .. Il faudra qu’on réalise le même type de performance que contre l’Ukraine, sinon on sait que ce sera très difficile Mais on a hâte d’y être. Ce sera un grand test pour nous. On connaît les forces et les faiblesses de nos adversaires, on n’aura pas la possession, mais on devra presser, resserrer les espaces.

It must be admitted from the outset that Native Americans are peoples about whom we can have nothing to say that is not totally fatally contaminated by Eurocentric patterns of thinking. The vast body of ‘objective’ data, scientific or literary, that purports to evidence indigenous Americans almost invariably constitutes a mirrored reflection of our own psychic demons instead. For ‘knowledge’ is a matter of interpretation, which is in turn a property of the subject who assumes it, not of the object itself.lancel brigitte bardot

Vassilaki (ed.), Byzantine Icons. Art, Technique and Technology, Herakleion, 2002, 163 9; P. Grotowski, ‘The Legend of St. Each screen introduces several film actors who soon merge into three shifting personae: father, mother and child. Through carefully measured picture editing, sound sampling and music remixing, the three characters interact in a microcosm where they hear each other but don’t listen, look but don’t see and share relationships that are simultaneously distant and intimate. SOMETHING BETTER looks at the space of communication between individuals and expresses to what extend our relationships to others are constructed through mirrors of ourselves..

Pour commercialiser un médicament, la plupart des pays développés imposent aux fabricants des contraintes très strictes, afin de protéger les patients susceptibles de participer aux expérimentations. Ainsi, il est interdit de tester un médicament sur un enfant ou une femme enceinte quand ils sont en santé et ça reste très difficile quand ils sont malades. Du fait de ces difficultés, la recherche sur les médicaments est compliquée et coûteuse.

Mais en raison du caractère fédéral du pays, le rôle prépondérant et indisputé d’une seule capitale de mode n’existe pas en Allemagne :Düsseldorf est traditionnellement reconnue comme capitale de la mode allemande, berceau du salon Igedo crée en 1949 et resté pendant longtemps le plus grand salon professionnel de mode au monde (aujourd’hui appelé Collection Premiere Düsseldorf). Cette position, qui concerne surtout l’aspect industriel du secteur, Düsseldorf l’a acquise alors que le pays était scindé en deux. Depuis la chute du Mur et surtout depuis les années 2000, Berlin lui dispute indiscutablement la place d’épicentre de la création de mode.

Will England fans turn to Australia

Will England fans turn to Australia or Wales in Rugby World Cup battle

LONDON: They crushed a nation’s World Cup dreams, but are the Wallabies about to become English crowd favourites at Twickenham?

The Wallabies Wales clash at England’s home of rugby presents a conundrum for fans as they face the choice between the team who knocked them out of the World Cup or their enemy neighbours.

Coach Michael Cheika has warned his players to prepare for a sea of Welsh red when the teams clash in the last pool match on Saturday night wholesale jerseys from china (Sunday morning AEDT).

The winner will finish at the top of the pool of death and lock in a quarter final clash with either Scotland or Japan on a more favourable side of the path to the final.

Wales coach Warren Gatland said the shackles were off now that his team had qualified for the next stage of the tournament.

But Wallabies captain Stephen Moore says Australia won’t temper its intense approach as it aims to remain unbeaten.

“You never know, do you? It’s a strange dynamic,” Moore said when asked if English fans would support Australia.

“Our motivation has never been to see anyone to knock anyone out of the World Cup. Our motivations are for our own reasons and for making our own people happy.

“There were a hell of a lot of people in the stands in Wallabies jerseys with smiles on their faces we’re thrilled with the support we’ve got over here and we can feel that.”

Wales assistant coach Robin McBryde wants to turn England fan Prince Harry to the dark side and get him to wear Welsh colours at Twickenham.

“It would be nice to think [England supporters will switch to Wales],” McBryde said.

“Seeing as the World Cup is this side of the world, it would be nice if we can get behind one of the home nations.

“Both my sisters have English partners and I have a brother in law from England, so it’s not too much to ask, I don’t think.”

Cheika will assess battered and bruised bodies and Michael Hooper’s potential suspension before deciding on a lineup to play against Wales.

Winger Rob Horne remains with the squad and is being given every chance to prove his fitness after a suspected partial dislocation of his left shoulder.

It would be easy to wrap players in cotton wool with a play off spot secured.

But beating Wales will be just as crucial given the differing paths to the final that will arise depending on results.

A loss would see Australia face two time champions South Africa in the quarter final.

The alternative is playing against either Scotland or Japan before advancing to a semi final contest against the Springboks.

“The most important thing this week [is not getting caught up] and the environment we’re operating in is sudden death,” Moore said.

“You can’t afford to look back for a moment. We’re firmly focused on the Welsh Test and anything less than the preparation we had last week isn’t going to be good enough.

“That’s my role and the senior players’ role drive that through the week and do those little things that contribute to performance.

“It was sudden death last week and it still is. Cheik doesn’t talk about winning or losing, it’s more about the performance.”

The Wallabies have won their past 10 Tests against Wales and are unbeaten in matches between the countries since 2008.

The Wallabies and presumably Wales are pushing history aside to try to get the upperhand in the World Cup battle.

And Australia are building their title run on defence, conceding just two tries in their first two matches.

Wales ran in eight tries in their first match against Uruguay, but have relied on Dan Biggar’s boot for the majority of their points in wins against Fiji and England.

Will Democrats like Chuck Schumer help scuttle Obama’s Iran deal

The political problems that President Obama may have selling the Iranian nuclear deal were emphasized quite well yesterday when New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is set to succeed Harry Reid as leader of the Democratic Caucus in the Senate,endorsed legislationthat would essentially require the president to submit whatever deal is finally reached by the June 30 deadline in the framework for approval by Congress:

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer,wholesale nfl jerseys from china cheapjerseyskt8t one of Capitol Hill’s most influential voices in the Iran nuclear debate, is strongly endorsing passage of a law opposed by President Barack Obama that would give Congress an avenue to reject the White House brokered framework unveiled last week.

The comments Monday by the Democratic leader in waiting illustrate the enormity of the task ahead for Obama and his team: While there’s no guarantee that Congress would ultimately reject an agreement with Iran, there’s an increasingly bipartisan consensus that Congress should at least have the ability to do so.

His comments came as the White House press secretary was panning the legislation, which was written by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R Tenn.) and would allow Congress to vote to suspend the lifting of sanctions. A committee vote on the measure is planned for next week.

Schumer is a potentially decisive figure in whether the Iran measure will eclipse veto proof support in Congress, given his expected ascension to the Democratic leader’s job in 2017 and the diminished influence of indicted Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who recently relinquished his position as the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations panel.

Within the Senate Democratic Caucus, a dozen senators have either co sponsored Corker’s legislation or indicated they could support it. That would put the measure one vote shy of a veto proof majority. On Monday, three more Democratic senators Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri left open the possibility of voting for it, according to aides. Their support, however, could hinge on whether Sen. Ben Cardin (D Md.), the new ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, is able to negotiate concessions that alleviate concerns the bill could derail any agreement.

Capitol Hill aides in both parties on Monday said it is not clear what changes Democrats will seek. The bill would give Congress 60 days to review the Iran framework by freezing sanction relief and allowing lawmakers the ability to formally disapprove or approve of the legislation. One possibility is to clarify that the legislation governs only congressional sanctions rather than ones that originated from global agreements or the White House.

With no co sponsors publicly backing away from Corker’s bill in recent days, Democratic supporters said they have detected a shift in rhetoric from the White House. They pointed to Obama’s comment to The New York Times over the weekend in which hesuggestedfinding a legislative compromise “that allows Congress to express itself but does not encroach on traditional presidential prerogatives.”

“I read what the president said last night, looking for a way to work with Congress on that. They are now in a realistic position: That Congress is going to weigh in,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D Va.), who co wrote the bill while making technical consultations with the White House. He called Obama’s tone in that interview “just a recognition of the reality of the situation” on Capitol Hill.

But White House press secretary Josh Earnest declined to entertain that possibility, telling reporters on Monday that the White House sees no way to reconcile Corker’s bill with the president’s mission of finishing Iran negotiations before Congress votes on anything.

“It could potentially interfere with the ongoing negotiations,” Earnest said, insisting that Congress wait until after the June 30 deadline for a final agreement before voting on the legislation.

Such a delay appears increasingly unlikely, however. Corker said he plans to hold a committee vote on April 14, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R Ky.) vowed Monday that the full Senate will consider the bill shortly after that.

Over in the House, the bill also apparently has a high level of support among Democrats, including possibly enough to constitute a veto proof majority. If the bill survives in its current form and President Obama does veto it, then that would set in motion an entirely different set of political calculations for many of these Democrats, including the possibility of whether or not they would be willing to hand their president such a significant legislative defeat on an important matter of international relations. Of course, the president could decide the sign the bill into law and allow the negotiations in Switzerland to continue with this legislation hanging over their head. Assuming a deal is reached at some point, then the bill would set in motion a complicated set of requirements that would have to be met for Congress to formally disapprove what has been agreed to, a vote that would also require Democrats who are presently voicing support for the bill to be willing to hand a defeat to the leader of their party on the international stage.

Party loyalty isn’t the only thing that is likely to guide these Democrats on Capitol Hill, of course. Although there hasn’t been any significant polling since the framework agreement was announced, polling has consistently showed that the American people are strongly opposed to Iran possessing nuclear weapons, and strongly in favor of maintaining sanctions and other nonmilitary means in order to ensure this. Additionally, of course, one cannot discount the influence of Israel in this situation and the fact that Americans who support Israel are likely to be lobbying their representatives quite actively when this issue comes up for a vote. At its most basic level, many of these legislators will have to make a choice between loyalty to a Democratic president and the will of the voters.

The open question, of course, is what impact legislation like this would have have on the negotiations themselves. Corker and other supporters of the bill say that it would enhance the bargaining power of the negotiators because they would be able to blame the inability to get congressional approval on their rejection of certain Iranian demands or insistence on enhancing other terms of the already announced framework. Given the difficulty in reaching even the framework agreement that was announced last week, though, one has to wonder whether a position such as that would cause the Iranians to agree to further concessions or become more recalcitrant about agreeing to anything, especially since it’s already well known that the hardliners in the Iranian government are just as skeptical about the idea of any agreement at all as many Americans are. It’s also unclear how trying to renegotiate the terms of the framework agreement would impact the other parties to the negotiations, especially Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and China. If the United States ends up being alone on a ledge insisting on a harder line toward the Iranians, with possibly only the French backing us up, then the entire negotiating process could collapse and we’d be back at Square 1.

Will Canada’s Tories copy Trump and Theresa May

At first glance it appears a wave of conservatism is sweeping the United States and England.

For our neighbour to the south, a current poll shows Donald Trump tied with Hillary Clinton. And across the pond, Brexit eked out a victory and the new Conservative PM Theresa May likely won’t call an election before 2020.

Let cover first. May isn Margaret Thatcher and Trump is no Ronald Reagan. wholesale nfl jerseys The shift to the right in the 1980s, which included Brian Mulroney tenure here, is the conservative movement glory days.

They print t shirts with Reagan line is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem And you can order bumper stickers with Thatcher oft quoted zinger that the trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people money. They cultural icons in the pushback against big government.

Don expect any lipservice to small government and self reliance from Trump and May however. While Trump goes on about immigration, trade (from a protectionist perspective) and building the wall, there little fiscal conservatism. He even called himself king of debt this past May and proclaimed love debt but you know, debt is tricky and dangerous, and you have to be careful and you have to know what you doing. Yeah, you certainly do.

And while May inherited a Conservative government that, after five years of coalition governance, now holds a fresh majority mandate with four years left, she doesn appear eager to unleash any plans to shrink government either.

As John O writes in the latest issue of the UK magazine The Spectator: plainly wants Britain to move from a free market philosophy that restrains government to one of government activism, economically as well as socially. likely do this, O explains, through methods like picking winners in business and appointing worker and consumer advocates to corporate boards.

Don expect any bumper sticker statements from Trump or May on the merits of free markets. They seem to want people relying on government as much as ever. They just want them reliant on a government run by them rather than their opponents.

If Canada next Conservative leader wants to be a true blue Tory, she or he had better avoid this approach. It certainly wasn Stephen Harper He was all about small government bona fides like lowering the debt to GDP ratio. And when he did get interventionist like prolonged stimulus funding and boutique tax credits much of the Canadian right purists grumbled from the side lines.

But there are reasons why our Tories might want to head in this direction (as much as I wish they wouldn The first is it a winner. At least right now. Trump near total absence of fiscal conservatism clearly isn hurting his prospects. And polls place the UK Conservatives as more popular under May than they were under David Cameron in the lead up to the Brexit vote.

Then there the sad fact that this is just where we at culturally. Fewer people want to be told personal and financial responsibility matter. Justin Trudeau brazenly campaigned largely based on the moral virtues of running multi billion dollar deficits. And the people handed him a majority.

Articulate core conservative values like Reagan? Or mimic the protectionist, activist route? It the choice our next Tory leader faces. The path they choose could chart the direction of the party for years to come.

At first glance it appears a wave of conservatism is sweeping the United States and England.

For our neighbour to the south, a current poll shows Donald Trump tied with Hillary Clinton. And across the pond, Brexit eked out a victory and the new Conservative PM Theresa May likely won’t call an election before 2020.

Let cover first. May isn Margaret Thatcher and Trump is no Ronald Reagan. The shift to the right in the 1980s, which included Brian Mulroney tenure here, is the conservative movement glory days.

They print t shirts with Reagan line is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem And you can order bumper stickers with Thatcher oft quoted zinger that the trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people money.